2014 Ram 1500 SLT - Owner's Review

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24 minutes ago, sertac said:

i already like this one;

But i need time for this kind of purchase. I am in the middle of getting married process. I couldnt even getting daily. I need to arrange myself as money wise and time wise. I dont have any time for anything, last 10 days i couldnt find time to go to Al Tayer for arranging things for Focus. Life is hard 😅

If you think life is hard now, wait until you're actually married. That's when the real trouble starts...:grin:

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Well... I'm thinking of getting hitched in the near future as well. That is why I'm not going for any kind of trade in option at the moment; unless its a straight up exchange for a 2014 2500 or Power Wagon. 

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