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New Maliha-Khor Fakkan Project Most Likely to be Completed in 2019

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UAE is planning a new road project called ‘Maliha-Khor Fakkan’ which is expected to complete in the second quarter of 2019 and will significantly reduce the trip time when traveling both inner cities and going out of the city.

The Maliha-Khor Fakkan project is a 5.5-kilometer-long road which will link the Sheikh Khalifa Road E84 with Dibba-Khor Fakkan-Kalba E99 road as well as the Sharjah-Maliha E102 road. The project is worth Dh150 million and includes four lanes, two in each direction along with a 360-meter tunnel as well. With the completion of this project, the traveling time is expected to reduce by more than 40 percent.

We believe this is an excellent step to improve the traffic condition of the country and would like to hear your opinion as well.


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This is a good move to keep visitor traffic out of Fujairah traffic and connect them directly to khor fakkan road

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