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Autonomous Car Parking in Dubai

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When you visit any shopping mall in Dubai, you must have noticed that it takes a considerable amount of time to find a parking spot and then walking from the parking lot to the inside of the mall. This problem can be fixed with autonomous parking which will not only make things convenient for the driver but also help save over $1 billion.

Talking about the parking spaces, Andy Stevenson, Future Mobility Director at Mott MacDonald mentioned that the autonomous vehicles should arrive soon as there would be a need of about 10,000 new parking spaces in Dubai’s new and existing shopping malls.

Stevenson further discussed that there should be a balance between the parking space and the time it takes for the visitor to park the car. By introducing drop-offs and autonomous vehicles, the need for additional parking space will be reduced by 40 percent saving around $1 billion (AED 3.65b).

Moreover, another research carried out by University of Toronto revealed that since with autonomous car parking the driver exits the car before the car is parked, there is no need for the door to be opened once the car has been parked. This means that more cars can be crammed together to save space. 

Are you excited for autonomous vehicles? Do you think they are better compared to the regular vehicles present in the market? Do share your opinion with us.


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Who and where they will bring the key after parking or shall I wait for them to do circles

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