Hyundai Nexo - Hydrogen powered car

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The Hyundai Nexo hydrogen powered car


Pretty decent looking everyday driving car, no mad outlandish futuristic styling, and I think that matters. Most people don’t want some mad futuristic thing, they want a car they can drive every day. 

So, Hyundai seem to be making a big push on this car now. 


Look at that interior though, so 2006,


So how do y’all think this hydrogen technology will go?

I love the idea behind it. Split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Store the hydrogen and release the oxygen into the atmosphere. When you burn the hydrogen, it takes the oxygen back out of the atmosphere and turns back to water. As clean as clean can be. 

But.... it takes a lot of energy (electricity) to split water. If fossil fuels or the current nuclear energy is being used to split the water, it defeats the purpose. Wind is unreliable. Solar energy is the only real solution and that’s only available during the daytime. 

Then we have to add the fact that hydrogen is explosive as heck. Remember the Hindenburg anyone? It’s dangerous to transport and store. Do you really want some of the “mentally challenged” people who can’t even fill their own car to be in charge of what is essentially a bomb on wheels? One venture into the wrong lane without indicators and the hydrogen “pop” could wipe out everything in a 500m radius. 

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Sorry but I don’t buy into it. 

Point 1, any fuel tank is never safe. And I for one would never trust a carbon fibre tank. Carbon fibre is strong but it’s only as strong as the resin holding it together. Have you ever seen a carbon fibre panel after a crash? It explodes into thousands of tiny shards. It’s basically glorified fibreglass.

Point 2, it is clean but it’s not clean to produce. Yes hydrogen does burn clean as I already stated but, it’s the current process of manufacturing hydrogen that is unclean. What’s the point of a clean fuel if you make pollution to create it?

Point 3, exactly, there is no infrastructure. Where are you going to go to fill up your hydrogen car? Do you want to have to drive 100 miles to the nearest station every time? Inconvenient is the word. People want to fill up on their commute home, not travel to do it. What if you run out? You’ll need a recovery truck to get back. 

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