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Anyone enjoy reading?

Maybe many of you won’t be into this but I love books by Irish authors, particularly non fiction and history, not really into fiction stuff at all. Have quite a few lying around. Anything non fiction and history at all, I love learning about how the world was.

I love biographies and autobiographies too. 

I was always told when you finish a book, get another but the price of books here are insane. 

Would anyone be up for book swapping? I’ve finished this many times.  I’ll make the first offer with this for exchange with another biography. 


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Currently reading Death Dealer by Rudolph Hoss. The longest serving Komandant at Auschwitz who helped realise the final solution. Unfortunately all my shit is in ebook form. 

Next will be Crash At Corona by Stan Friedman 

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@Barry, I'd gladly take you up if I still had my book collection. I used to own a used book store as a side business, but reading, and particularly reading paper books went out of fashion here. I sold my entire stock (app. 160 000 books- all non-fiction) to a variety of local collectors and sellers on Made some good money, but I miss every single book I ever owned; it took a lifetime to collect them all, but I just did not have the space to keep them all when I gave up the shop. 

I only kept my astronomy books (about 2 000), and I won't give any of those up for any amount of money. 

As for current reads, I am now reworking my way through Dervla Murphy's travelogues. She is Irish, and one of the best travel writers I know.    

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