Pajero small parts - where to get?

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Hi all.

As mentioned on the other thread, I just got a used Pajero 2014. I'm looking now to get the 'small small' stuffs fixed. Any idea where I can get the below pictured parts? Will these be available in retailers such as Divya?

  • Rear passenger side 'roof grip handle' (seriously, I had to google what these are called). Right part that attaches to roof is broken, so it's just hanging there waiting to fall (or picked like a low hanging fruit by my daughter)
  • Plastic clips that holds those brackets under the step-board (they are the round plastic ones as I compared it with the other step-board which had all these fixed)
  • Back cover for the third brake light (not pictured here). Clips are broken so its taped (thankfully only the scotch type and not duct tapes...) by the previous owner





Any leads will be greatly appreciated.



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@Keithryan for the roof handle and the brake light clips you can check with any of the spare part shops in Sharjah that has the Mitsubishi logo displayed including Divya. For the clips for the side step, that is a common problem, you can find it at any of the small spare part shops, they have it for something like AED 1/- each. Very cheap and easy fix.

All the sops are on the First Industrial Street in Sharjah, I have just marked a shop as per the Google Map link below to help you get there.

Hope this helps.

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