Honda accord..Power steering pump leakage

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Hi Sidhan,

Thanks a lot for the info.

Anyone know a good Honda specialist in Dubai itself (preferably Al Quoz area) as I was told it is not safe to drive it for a long distance as the pump could be permanently damaged, or worse, the leaking oil could cause a fire.




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Quick and cheap fix - Pour a bottle of Lucas Stop Leak into the reservoir, turn the steering wheel fully left to right and back again a couple of time and the leak will be cured. It really is miracle stuff. I've used it a few times on leaky steering pumps and leaking steering rack seals when the customer didn't want to spend the money to replace the parts.

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i was also having a same issue 3 years back , i have Honda Accord 2010. whn i came to know that, i rushed almost everywhere even in Honda Service they said, approx cost will be around 5000.

i found one guy in shj ind area 15, main road  just nearby Khan sahab building. he advise me to change the power steering pump with new accord model but same shape. so i he fitted 2013 model accord American accord and sinc now i have no issue, no leakage nothing. 

and it's cost me just 950 with steering pump+labour charge 😎😎

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