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    • On 10/9/2017 at 6:44 PM, Gaurav said:

      Too sad to hear that Toyota quality has gone down so much, as people swear by Toyota reliability and utmost quality.

      Maybe it could be the just one-off case so don't give up and lose hope. In my eyes as a first response report a formal written complaint to the dealer, and if the response is not favorable or satisfactory then report to consumer rights.

      same opinion...

      they might have succeeded in selling you a previously spec'd car from their stock and by your review this really seems to be a one-off case... these cars are mass produced and have been here for a while now and imagine all those who bought have experienced the same!?

      like barry said, you should send all these messages to toyota in japan or file a complaint with video/proofs of the faults and misunderstandings they caused to the consumer rights.

    • ...and if you dig a little deeper, you will find that all of these so-called Toyota-approved "accessories" are rip-offs of genuine Toyota parts made in China by unskilled laborers.  

    • Al Futtaim is adding a lot of local accesories; so called “Toyota approved”. I had a 2015 Land Cruiser, and the navigation unit (local added accesory by Al Futtaim) was replaced twice in the 24 months I owned the car.  After the 2nd replacement, it had again a problem; a message every 2 minutes that no satellites are found. I am sure, this would not happen with a Toyota sourced nav.

      My wife has a 2017 Rav4, with the leather option. This leather is also added locally. Via the vin number I found that the car was shipped with cloth interior from Japan. Its not a big deal if the quality is the same, but the local added leather Is definitely not the same quality as original Toyota leather. These local added seats look great but are terrible hot when the sun shines; so hot that you burn on it. I had many cars with leather seats before, but this platic leather is way hotter than other seats I am used too.


      i think personally that Toyota cars are great; but Al Futtaim is briging the brand down by adding local sourced accesories.

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      www. youtube .com /watch?v=elk3pK6A8ns

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