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    • the atf oil is toyota t4 if you put any other oil then you are shortening the life of the transmission

      and the engine is 2az fe which should run fine if you put any good quality 10w40 oil but keep in mind that it's a timing chain driven engine just change it on or before time and all will be good 

    •  if its a 4 cyl engine then the gearbox will need around 4.5 liters of atf oil and if its a 6 cyl then it should take 5.5 liters of atf oil

      it needs a special atf oil toyota atf W/S which should be 45 per liter and around 145 to 160 per 4 liter tin gallon

      the lower sump gasket should be for 45 or 50 and the gear filter around 145 to 155

      the labour should be around 130 to 160 for fixing the filter and replacing the oil

      the oil needs to be changed every 45 to 50k and filter tossed at every alternating change if you do towing or off roading then the oil needs to be changed at every 30 to 35k


    • this includes oil and the filter? i went to Fasttrack and they said about 450, i feel this too high

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    • Look up what oil is recommended in the owners manual. If you don't have one you can find one online.

      Also not 100% sure if it was this generation of Camry but these things had a manufacturing fault where yhe engine would burn a lot of oil. I'm talking something like a liter for every 1000 kms. There was a service advisory on this where Toyota would fill up your oil seal the cap tell you to drive 500 or 1000kms and then recheck the oil and if it was burning oil they would fix tue problem for free. So look up if your Camry falls within those years

      Oops. A liittle looking around and it seems your Camry falls in that category. I would keep my eyes on the oil level like an eagle 


    • Hi guys I just purchased 06 camry gcc spec made in australia.i want to change engine oil and transmission oil as previous owner maintained from dynatrade and I guess they are using total oil.I was wondering if I change to toyota atf type t4 transmission fluid will it damage the tranny and what oil visco do you recommend and brand.I saw lexus oil 5w40 full synthetic.is that ok to use.I have only 100kms left for next oil change.dont know which oil to use as the dubai temperature I heard it hits 45 -50degree.just confused and any recommended garage.plus any thing to consider ehile changing transmission oil shall I buy crush washer or anything else to buy etc..

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