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  1. There is nothing comes close to BRAND FFFFF NEW Cadillac. Its amazing when new, and it age's quiet faster in interiors and other maintenence issues, so i suggest buy cadillac brand new or else dont buy it.
  2. Is second row captain seat come as GCC option in GCC spec model? If yes then you can source that in spare parts shops in shj at BMW road, much cheaper than dealer price. If its only option in US specs then its tough to source, as in scrap you will hardly get anything for 2008 model, if its older you might get lucky easily.
  3. Get the CKPS Crank position change, often time if everything is fine with engine, spark plug, regular service then main culprit is CKPS for fluctuating (negative) gas mileage.
  4. checking wheel alignment is first step. also check the wheel bearing.
  5. yes check the fuse. if its not fuse then the reprogramming should help get a pro to do that for you. check the connection if its broken or not.
  6. try the car polishing/waxing and keep the car covered.
  7. Like roswel said, first fuse, then relays, then loose connection, then the interior light fixture bulb/lamp.
  8. AXA and RSA are one the best insurance provider in Dubai. Compare price and go with them.
  9. Its actually speaking 4 hrs job. In slow speed mechanic tops 1 full day.
  10. Also check the steering rack and stabilizer if its leaking or weak???
  11. Check the suspension system (coils and shocks) they might need replacement component due to age of the car and kms driven.
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