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  • 1-to-1 Desert Driving Course

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    1,000 AED (Promo offer)
    Before: 1,500 AED
    33% OFF - Offer Ends Soon

    Self-drive your "stock" 4WD in desert, "safely"

    "Never get stuck for long / damage 4x4"
    "No experience, gears & mods required"
    "No more fear of the unknown"


    UAE's Highest-Rated Desert Courses


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    Breaking bumpers
    Getting stuck for hours
    Damaging Transmission or Engine

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    1,000 AED (Promo offer)
    Before: 1,500 AED
    33% OFF - Offer Ends Soon

    Did you know?

    Stock 4x4 is far more reliable in desert.

    You can drive in sand with zero damage.

    You can enjoy off-roading, all year long, including during peak summers.

    You don't need larger tires or expensive suspensions for recreational off-roading.

    Knowing your 4X4 features and its gearing is the real key to stuck-free desert driving.

    Learning offroading will also make you twice as safe on the road.

    Over 1,500 Sold Across Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

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    1,000 AED (Promo offer)
    Before: 1,500 AED
    33% OFF - Offer Ends Soon

    Here's the right way to learn desert driving, guaranteed for life.

    Off-road Driving Courses from Beginners to Advance

    🌟 Unleash Your Off-Road Passion with Exclusive one on one Desert Driving Courses

    Discover the true capabilities of your 4WD or AWD for safe off-roading without straining or harming your vehicle. Benefit from decades of expertise as we guide you through the most effective techniques for driving through sand dunes with ease, using the right skills, knowledge, and practice.

     Immerse yourself in the thrill, freedom, and pure excitement of desert driving across the stunning landscapes of the UAE.

    🚙 Experience the Joy of Off-Roading in UAE's Pristine Terrains

    Get ready to leave crowded camping areas and avoid the common pitfalls of novice drivers getting stuck for hours. Gain the confidence to venture further with your loved ones, free from the fear of getting lost or stranded. If you don't achieve this after our course, we'll refund your fee in full.

    Our courses are meticulously designed to blend fun, freedom, and the sheer excitement of off-road driving, allowing you to uncover new places and witness the untouched beauty of the desert.

    🏜️ Master the Art of Desert Driving with Confidence and Safety

    At Carnity, our approach surpasses traditional driving lessons. We begin by instilling in you the mastery to drive through challenging sand dunes with complete confidence, skills, and safety. Next, we challenge your skills with a real desert exam, ensuring you're fully prepared to explore the desert terrain with friends and family.

    Our seasoned experts provide comprehensive guidance, equipping you with not just the basics of off-roading but also insider tricks and techniques that ensure your off-road experience is not just safe but truly unforgettable.

    Let the desert be your playground, where every drive is a celebration of fun, freedom, and the thrill of discovery.


    Explore and Enjoy Off-roading in UAE

    Are you a 4x4 owner? Explorer? Hiker? Camper? Off-roader?

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    1,000 AED (Promo offer)
    Before: 1,500 AED
    33% OFF - Offer Ends Soon

    Then Carnity Desert Driving Courses are perfect to provide you with the best knowledge, drive experience and skills to enjoy your 4x4 safely to explore the beauty of this vast land of desert.

    Our real-life experience is based on training hundreds of off-roaders every week, so we know what you need when you are off-roading in UAE Sand for the first time. Our passionate Marshals are always equipped and excited to show you the true capabilities of your stock vehicle.


    We offer 6 different types of off-roading courses from professional to recreational purposes.

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    1,000 AED (Promo offer)
    Before: 1,500 AED
    33% OFF - Offer Ends Soon


    1) Learn to drive your stock vehicle, without any modifications.

    2) Learn from expert offroaders with decades of UAE desert experience.

    3) Learn to explore the beauty of real desert dunes to go beyond everyone else.


    🎁 Perfect Gift: Give the gift of adventure to someone special and create unforgettable memories together.

    🌐 Social Status Boost: Impress your friends and family with your newfound desert driving skills and confidence.

    Save Your Time: Learn essential techniques efficiently and get on the road to adventure in no time.

    🛡️ Be Safe, Be Confident: Gain the skills and knowledge to navigate challenging terrains easily and confidently.

    😌 Stress-Free Learning: Our expert instructors ensure a relaxed and enjoyable learning experience, so you can focus on having fun.

    🌅 Experience a Beautiful Feeling: Witness stunning sunsets, starry nights, and the beauty of nature like never before.

    💰 Good Value: Get more than just a course—invest in a lifetime of thrilling adventures and unforgettable moments.


    Join us and discover the joy, freedom, and excitement of desert driving! Book your spot now!


    Learn From Expert Offroaders

  • Select Your Course









  • How it works

    • You must hold a valid UAE driver's license.
    • Your 4WD or AWD vehicle should have a minimum of 8 inches of ground clearance, along with front and rear tow hook.
    • Book your course and send us your two preferred timings, from the booking confirmation email.
    • You can also select the choice of Marshal, after completing the payment process.
    • All courses can be availed on any weekday or on weekends including Fridays or Saturdays.
      • Summer Timings:- 6 AM - 10 AM or 3 PM - 7 PM.
      • Winter Timings:- 7 AM - 11 AM or 1 PM - 5 PM. 
    • All courses are 1-to-1 sessions designed for one person only.
    • No passengers, friends and family allowed.

    Course Validity and Guarantee

    All Desert Driving Courses are valid and protected with

    • 1 Year validity from the date of purchase.
    • And with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.


    • Dubai (Al Lisaili or Qudra Desert)
    • Abu Dhabi (Sweihan or Al Khatim Desert)
    • Sharjah (Maliha - Fossil Rock Desert or Tawi Nazwa - Pink Rock)



    Experts & Marshals

  • All Courses are backed with a "UNCONDITIONAL" Money back guarantee


    You can request a full refund after availing the course - without giving any reason.

    "30-Day Money Back Guarantee"

    🔒 Risk-Free Exploration

    🌈 No Fine Print, No Gimmicks

    🌐 Committed to Your Satisfaction

    Dive into the world of desert driving with assurance and seize the opportunity to master new skills, elevate your off-road game safely, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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