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  2. Toyota Land Cruiser - Awesome reliability, cheap maintenance, better resale Chevrolet Tahoe - New Tech and features, more safer, more powerful Now you pick and choose what you need or value more.
  3. 1956 Austin A40
  4. 1977 Chevron B38
  5. Sauber C36 - 2017 Formula 1
  6. thank you very much for making me a part of this wonderful trip. You guys are awesome... soo looking forward to next one already... hope to see you all soon...
  7. I have been using icar registration services for the past few years and find it reasonable and convenient to do so instead of doing it myself.. the number I have is 0556600799
  8. Hi All, I have lift Kit for Jeep JK for sale. Brand New - Still in original Packing - Fox 2.0 Shocks - Performance IFP - Rubicon Express Springs & Lift Kit - Pro-Comp Steering Stabiliser - Imported from USA Price AED 5500/- (Market price over AED6K) Please PM 050-8566459 Thanks
  9. I came across this on the interweb. I don't know if it's any use to anyone but it's interesting. Full specification on every car ever built. Dimensions, capacities, performance, fuel economy etc.
  10. Yes I meant the Henry is the daddy for cleaning cars. It comes with attachments. The little tiny car vacuums aren't up to much.
  11. 1931 Cadillac 355a
  12. Welcome @ging Try this website, all black and decker products are well built and carry a 1 year warranty.
  13. @manums We all missed your company buddy. We will post the pics and videos once we have concluded the trip. Stay safe.
  14. Thinking of big family 4x4 for sometime now and hung up on Chevrolet Trailblazer Z71 2012 model (100,000 dhs) vs Toyota Land Cruiser GXR 2010 model (100,000 dhs). Which one and why? please gelp guys
  15. do i need to tell? 🤣
  16. Thanks Rahimdad, it's not available in UAE, any other good option, please help barry is for a car not home
  17. Ford Capri 3.1 RS
  18. The Henry is the daddy of all vacuum cleaners
  19. Exciting to see this @Rahimdad bro. Its a new information as well. Im in India and I cannot be a part even if i wanted to join. Cant wait to see the exciting photographs and reports.
  20. Hi @ging Although I have not used it myself and prefer a complete vacuum and blower when I get the car leaned at the service stations, somebody had recommended the Black and Decker series to be one of the best in car vacuums. The below link might also help you to make up your mind. Hope this helps.
  21. I am glad you joined Mujtaba, now I will be able to guide you through some dunes which are meant to play in, Something i believe you have been looking forward to.
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