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  2. Great job @JeromeFJ and @Islam Soliman exploring Al Hiyar area, I always have this area in my mind to go and check out as long ago, we use to drive in this area and long forgotten. Is this the similar area you have explored? These waypoints must be 10+ year old.
  3. Thanks @Luke K P for the well written summary. few imp things you forgot to mention is : 1. Congrats self for 50th drive with @Carnity ! You are one of a great team sprit members I have come accross! Keep it up mate! 2. Thank you for keep the chai ready while fixing the pop out it felt luxury to see the cups with chai ready for everyone💥.3. Thank you for sweeping us and the your help with couple of refusals and popouts! @Emanuel You were a perfect SL with right distancing all times and very well driven as you continue to build the relation with your new beast:) @Andrew John Melvill Was pleasure again to see you and how you are stepping up your level with everydrive✌️! @Mahmoud Taha - Been very long and am glad you enjoyed the first time experience to Double bowl and Gafteen bowl:) @azad that was a quick fix and am happy you managed to pick it up where we left last drive ! Well done!:) like you all, i too thoroughly enjoyed the drive and again, Thank you for being on time✌️. See you all soon in sands!
  4. It was, but too bright sun, same color, almost useless)))) Ps. Today I took my teramont 2023 for car wash, for sale photo, it has hard proper bumper
  5. And yes, that part, which Mark said was not mine , actually is some useless or not? cover under the fender, maybe for thermo or sound isolation? Modern production..facepalm
  6. BTW I was super happy to get 2 photos of my car in the same location.. looking west will with full moon setting, and looking east at the huge sun rising this morning. What a combo!
  7. Another super fun drive into nahel! Great leading @DP1011and @Emanuel... 5 minutes after departure we arrived at the double bowl ready for some sidies. I was quite surprised at how different the terrain felt from just two weeks ago as it hasn't rained. We got some quick loops in before yeilding that playground to another convoy and went in search of more bowls 😎 Lots of switches and and ridges led to our first of two popouts. F1 pit lane precision on the fixes...Teamwork got the jobs done quickly and we moved on to yet more play areas. Last big bowl of the day we discovered @DP1011 had left his number plates as an offering to the desert... A quick search of the last 5 mins driving but didn't find it. As we headed to the exit we spotted three gazelles running across the dunes, and a group of black and white camels.i guess sacrificing his number plates for his first two wild animal sightings in nahel was worth it! We covered around 50km in total before exiting.. at end of inflation my thermometer was reading 47 degrees... Maybe we have to start even earlier...?? Great driving by all and hope to see you all again soon. I'll try to load some videos to Instagram tonight. If we're not buddies on there yet, add me so I can tag you in the footage!
  8. Thanks @DP1011 for another great Nahel drive, double bowl entertained again, but the flowing dunes with multiple criss crosses all at a good pace was fantastic. Cheers all and enjoy the afternoon.
  9. Last week
  10. Sorry lads, woke up to find out about a domestic matter I’m needed for. Enjoy and we shall meet again soon! 🥲
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