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  2. desertdude

    Cars you've never seen before

    Wasn't this what the original Bat mobile based on by Barris
  3. desertdude

    Peugeot E-legend

    So now mustang being rebadged as Peugeot in Europe?
  4. Welcome to Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  5. The number of accidents on the roads of Ras Al Khaimah has significantly been reduced, thanks to the installation of the new and advanced radar systems. From May to July 2017, approximately 2,285 road accidents were recorded in Ras Al Khaimah while the recent observation from May to July this year, revealed that this number has been reduced to 1,750 accidents which is 23.4 percent less compared to last year. Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Humaidi, director of the central operations of RAK Police stated that this reduction in the number of accidents is due to the new radar systems. He further mentioned that additional traffic patrols have been positioned on key places including Qussaidat, Nakheel, Corniche Al Qawasim, Old Ras Al Khaimah, Mohammed bin Salem, and the roads near the Airport. He also pointed out that with the installation of these radar system and high technology cameras, the number of traffic violations has reduced as well. The amount of road causalities has dropped too following the new amendments to the traffic rules and regulations. Although the new rules seem to be tough for some, they definitely ensure the well-being and safety of every driver. Share your thoughts with us on this new development and tell us how beneficial it is for the residents of UAE.
  6. treks

    Dubai Based Careem Quits Turkey Market

    You are being overly optimistic thinking a taxi ride costs a billion Zim dollars. I have relatives there, and according to them, taxi rides could cost upwards of 10 billion dollars for rides under 5 km. If you could find a taxi that had fuel in its tank, that is. To put this in perspective, consider that the biggest bank note (Zim dollars) in circulation in that country (when I was last there, about 2 years ago) had a face value of 100 trillion dollars, and they came with expiry dates- usually about three months from the date of issue. According to the local economists, Zimbabwe's hyper-inflation rate was then so high that it could not be calculated, but those that have tried seemed think it was somewhere in the many-billion percent range when the currency was scrapped about two years ago. US dollars is now the official currency, but more than half of the country's population can go for months without seeing a foreign currency bank note. So now, people barter home-bred chickens and backyard-grown vegetables for taxi rides- if they can one with fuel in its tank, that is.
  7. shadow79

    Supercar transporter crash in UK

    some arabs might be pissed as usually they don't have insurance there....
  8. not only in dubai its common in all areas they steal batteries, car parts, light bars, stereo , basically anything from customers cars or any car thats collecting dust....
  9. shadow79

    US specs CARS

    private buyers through copart and other auction sites buying cars only by looking at pictures there its also not what everything you see is real...have seen guys buying cars with intention of fixing and selling and in the end after wining the bid and waiting 2 to 4 months when the car comes they are missing engine gear but in pictures its there...
  10. Following the rise of robberies in Dubai’s industrial areas, the police have issued a warning stay alert against car thefts. The official announcement was made on Dubai Police Twitter account warning the drivers to not leave their vehicles unattended if the engine is running. Just a week earlier, Dubai police arrested four men who were caught stealing car batteries. According to the Al Bayan report, the gang specifically targeted two locations including Jebel Ali and Qusais industrial areas. On inspection, the thieves confessed to their crime and revealed that they sell the car batteries at a half price to make money. Have you been a victim to such a situation before? What action do you suggest the Dubai Police should take to prevent thieves from stealing cars and other equipment?
  11. Recall

    2007 - 2008 Bentley

    ANNOUNCEMENT Safety Recall Campaign Statement: Solar sunroof repair Bentley Continental Flying Spur April 2007 and October 2008 In coordination with the UAE Ministry of Economy — Department of Consumer Protection, and in line with the directives of the Ministry of Economy, Al Habtoor Motors announces Safety Recall Campaign for the Bentley Continental Flying Spur April 2007 — October 2008 which will begin effective immediately. United Arab Emirates, September 2016. Al Habtoor Motors exclusive distributor of the Bentley Continental Flying Spur in the UAE release the following statement: Following communication with Bentley Motors Limited, we have started Safety Recall Campaign affecting the Bentley Continental Flying Spur from April 2007 to October 2008. Solar Sunroof - On the vehicles Fitted with a solar sunroof, there is potential for the glass panel not to have been sufficiently bonded to the sunroof frame. In very rare cases, the glass panel can come loose during the journey putting road users behind the car at risk. There are 18 vehicles in the UAE in this campaign. No accidents have occurred or have been reported due to this presumed failure, as such, no damage or injury resulted. However, in the interests of delivering the highest standards of Bentley quality and customer care, Al Habtoor Motors will begin contacting customers with affected models to inform them about the situation and give instructions on the next steps. For further clarification, customers may contact the Al Habtoor Customer Care Center on 800HABTOOR from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sunday to Thursday. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and thank our customers for their patience and understanding. Ministry of Economy Hotline No: 600 522 225
  12. Frederic Nuyttens

    What do you listen to when driving?

    Radio 2 is indeed not too bad, the rest is just horrible to me. I just plugin my phone or USB stick and happily switch over to some: * Wilco, Johnny Cash, The Triffids, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, etc.. for a proper Route 66 feeling. * Air, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Sigur Ros, for ambient, electronica, late night driving. * Eighties Pop Classics to sing out loud and wake up in the morning ow yeah.. and Radiohead.... non stop
  13. Welcome to Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  14. This is a good move to keep visitor traffic out of Fujairah traffic and connect them directly to khor fakkan road
  15. Gaurav

    US specs CARS

    Only two words - "STAY AWAY" OMG, that's really disgusting.
  16. Gaurav

    What do you listen to when driving?

    Good sense of humor Barry, I do get lifetime ban now, lololol, as the way I listen to Radio is always hopping channels to dodge the talk and commercials to find a good music of any language. I even sometimes listen to Iranian Arabic and Russian music as they do play nice numbers sometimes. My last resort is my flash drive that has tons of songs which I have already listen million times.
  17. shadow79

    US specs CARS

    they only way to do a fix is if find out what really happened to it...have seen import cars with chassis damage which was patched up and then had a light damage on the other side so it wont look as bad to be sold...
  18. Sidshk

    What do you listen to when driving?

    Mostly wind and road noise
  19. PAIS

    US specs CARS

    What is the main drawback to buy US specs cars in UAE? Is there any way to fix it if bought?
  20. Last week
  21. Gaurav

    Peugeot E-legend

    So finally you are giving up on petrol for just 456 hp.....! eeeewwww Barry Jokes apart, this looks like a Camaro and Mustang mashup.
  22. I don't listen to anything- none of my cars have working radios.
  23. Gaurav

    Women in Motorsport

    Wow, she was really nice with handling and cornering to the perfection.
  24. Obviously carburetor fm would be the first choice but it's not always possible here with the modern cars. Radio Mirchi sneaks in a close second 😉 Im loving Radio 2 on 99.3, all classic hits. No Justin Bieber or Beyoncé or any of that stuff. If there's a connection I'll stick the iPod in and listen to some NWOTHM but that's not always possible for a connection. So what do you listen to when you're in the car? If anyone says the Kris Fade show please be aware it's a lifetime ban according to Carnity rules.
  25. "The driver suffered minor injuries. However, there was a large diesel spill from the vehicles, which is why the road has been closed for a long period of time." Damn those diesel supercars 😂
  26. Let's show some love for the ladies in Motorsport. Heres Michelle Mouton racing group B in the SWB S1 Audi Quattro. Listen to that glorious noise! I think it's sad she retired when group B got banned. Fantastic pilot.
  27. Barry

    Peugeot E-legend

    Ok ok, its only a concept at the minute but I love the retro futuristic styling based on the 504 coupe. What you really want to know is that it has 456 BHP and 590 lb/ft of torque. This is the car that would make me want to go electric.
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