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  2. Like New 2014 Lx 570 Gcc Gulf Spec
  3. Welcome to Carnity. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  4. Hi Guys... Currently having ASX 2013 with 71k Km odo. Now I am planning to change the car in next couple of months. Kindly suggest, what may be other options,. My range is 35 to 40K dh, with max. 80K km driven. how is KIA Sportage vs ASX? I like sportage by its looks, price vs features availability....but here on Carnity, i read some negative comments about Sportage (mileage, durability, customer service by authorized dealers etc) So how do you rate Sportage vs ASX overall?? and what may be the other options in this range?? Rav 4, CRV....?? and what else???
  5. Wow @shadow79 @Asif Hussain I dint know those facts, now am assured am getting advice from the elite :), looking forward to meet all of you Benny Thomas I asked them about the coupons and they simply replied that they don't have such coupons Now
  6. thanks very much for the info..yes will get skid plates done initially.. thank you rahimdad for the info thanks
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  8. @benny @BENNY THOMAS for your above question @Rahimdad will reply YES!!! But I will give you short brief what is he... @Rahimdad - Rahimda is superman in desert, we always see him with colourful Tshirts with superman on his chest.. we trust all his move and learn from him in every drive and which will never end with his end less knowledge... I would like to mention one more genius we have with us @Gaurav - Gaurav Bhai has wealth of off-road knowledge.. both of them don't stop sharing us their knowledge when we go for drives.. @BENNY THOMAS join us for drives with your Jeep Asif
  9. @MrTwister I wanted to know if after the tuning did the upshift problem in 1st gear tiptronic go away? Appreciate your feedback as I called up Chip Centric today and he said he is not sure if the upshift problem would go with the chip tuning.
  10. Rhaim bhai is the superman of offroad he leads as well as sweeps and is one of most capable driver i have seen in living memory mashallah..hats off you you sir...
  11. Thnx @Rahimdad tats a relief to know, do u go offroading as well?
  12. Amazing trip report Rahim bhai, you actually made me feel as if I have attended the drive. Too sad to hear another issue with Saleem's RAV4 and this time even more bad to see it going back on top of recovery truck after the drive. Really long learning curve. I fully support Rahim bhai decision as SAFETY is paramount in any of our drives and slight negligence or disobedience can cause major threat to other cars and drivers, let alone the inconvenience and delays. It was so amazing and proud feeling that all of Carnity senior driver's have now graduated to support the drive independently. Big round of applause for Srikumar, Basel and Asif bhai for all the wonderful support and effort - well deserve. It was good to see Malav joining back after long time with two of his friends and also nice to hear that Mr. GMC climbed the faya from front - good achievement.
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