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  2. Even your old P38 had Harman & Kardon woofers in every door, which once again if you can't find the right woofer you buy a couple of them on the cheap from the LR scrappy and fabricate a box for them. You'll need an amp to run any extra woofers/ speakers which you can ditch anywhere example under the seat. Or you can buy an active shallow sub enclosure which has a built in amp.
  3. Welcome Mujtaba your name is added to the list. Looking forward to seeing you next week.
  4. Since there has been a lot of buzz and so many people want to learn the art of driving in the sands, I am posting this absolute newbie desert drive. When : 27 January 2017 at 7:30 am Where : Adnoc Petrol station on Maliha/Kalba road. GPS Coordinate: Level of drive: Absolute Newbie. Plan: Drive followed by breakfast. What to bring along: Breakfast, water, liquids, smiles and stories. Approximate finish time : 11 AM Note : Drive level can be changed if we have no beginners in the desert to suit the level of the convoy. List of participants: Rahimdad Gaurav Karamullah Mujtaba
  5. This seems like a genius idea buddy, now I know why in Mustang there is no sub woofer I can see but Shaker speakers are so loud and thumping it can vibrate the car in half volume, and that also has similar 4 speaker setup but really fat speakers you can make out from the enclosure.
  6. This is the factory fitted sub box on a Disco , mounted on the rear gate, just so you get what I'm talking about And the shallow subwoofers
  7. Gaurav what you can do is fabricate a thin enclosure for your rear door and install one of those new slim woofers, they are not more than a couple of inches deep
  8. Serck in Sharjah do all the ally radiators for local racing teams, so hit them up
  9. Hi my name is Mujtaba and I would like to know how do I join the group and participate in the upcoming event on the 27th of Jan 2017 kindly advice
  10. Thanks @ameen for more detailed input, anyone knows from where to get these all aluminum performance radiator? @desertdude I have changed that two core OEM with 3 core copper+brass radiator 3-4 years back from dolphin and still has always this borderline heating while pushing. Though this car was not on full time offroad so never bothered to dig deeper in the past.
  11. Ameen your story some what sounds like my swb pajero scenario, no space for sub woofer and amp. Living on driver door and rear speaker since 7 years. If you find some good quality solution please let me know.
  12. There's also another group of Guys going out Every Saturday and sometimes having Spontaneous Drives. It's and their WhatsApp group Because it's not conflicting it's drives with other Clubs which mostly go out on Fridays, hence a complete Mix
  13. Just a thought, off course not as educated like above but make a visit to deira naif market and these shops sells and install everything on auiod expertise. They can actually advise you better based on what is available in local market and what can actually fit in your car.
  14. Moonlighting as a Producer, Mixing and Mastering engineer I can fill out pages on this subject, but I'll keep it short and sweet. Since I don't know your car type, or what kind of music you prefer to listen to, I'm going to keep it generic to get a good overall balanced sound. Technically one speaker cannot produce the entire frequency range of the sound spectrum. So assuming you have a regular sedan, I would say get a decent set of tweeters in the front, placed at ear level, usually the A pillars, And for the doors ( assuming your doors have only a single speaker and don't have low range [bass] encloures built it ) get the speaker with the widest frequency range, between 12Khz to even 60Hz would be good. All this info should be available on the box or the website of the speaker in the form of a frequency response chart. Keep the speakers within the power output range of the head unit. Don't go too low or too high. ( Like your headunit will say 50w x 4 ) That means you can connect 4 speakers of 50w and be OK. Speakers too low can get blown out or distort the sound badly at higher volumes and speakers too high will mean you will really have to pump the volume to be able to listen at a decent level. As for brand any of the popular and known brands should be OK. Since its a Kenwood headunit I would say go for Kenwood speakers and they could be better matched with the headunit. Pioneer is another good make for DIY car audio.
  15. mazda3

    Not really BMW initated. Pontiac Cutlass Supreme had a HUD way back in 1988,
  16. sorry I have kenwood head unit instead of oem, I think bought for 500 dhs 2 years back that comes with usb and bluetooth and now I am thinking of upgrading the speakers. You are right after the head unit change output improved susbstantially, and now I like to spend little bit more to make it even better.
  17. Start with the head unit first, you could have the best speakers in the world but if they are receiving crappy audio from the source, they will still sound like crap. And similarly the headunit also cannot do anything of you are going to be playing crappy encoded low bit rate mp3s on it. So go in that order. If you have good source material and good Playback even half decent speakers will give you a good result.
  18. Which is the best brand and model car speaker that can be loud and clear without the sub woofer and amplifier. I dont have much space in my car but I want to upgrade my car audio system original speaker to nice grade powerful speakers. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  19. Relax rahim bhai, I was just joking. I don't have tiida. But it's a good initiative from your side.
  20. @ameen bhai you are most welcome to bring your Tiida to the meeting point and join one of us for the ride, we will drop you back to your car on return.
  21. Nice guys, can I bring tiida too.....?
  22. Copper is better in removing heat faster, but aluminium get half as thin than aluminium (by keeping same strength), so resulting in more space in the tube to run more coolant faster. All of the performance radiator are full aluminium, incl the tank at the top and bottom to sustain higher psi pressure.
  23. Mazda3 has HUD, woaaaahhhhhh. It's a BMW initiated feature. Def complain to dealer and let them fix it.
  24. I have had a Ford Explorer on one of my trips and it went everywhere with us with just one small stuck and with a little pull he was out in no time. So yes a Ford Explorer is a capable off-roader for the type of terrain we will be taking on. I will make sure to start it on an easy track just to give you a feel of the sand. As your comfort level increases I can take you through some small to medium dunes so that you can enjoy your ride and discover more about your ride and improve your skills. Looking forward to seeing you @wingnut
  25. Absolutely yes, just to make sure that it's in stock state and you haven't added any body kit (that might be a bit of concern).
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