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  2. White Nissan Sunny 2014 Well Maintained
  3. Jeep Wrangler 2001 Model Manual Gear / V6
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  5. Honda Civic 2004 - Blue - Basic Option
  6. Audi Q7 Model 2008 - Very Clean

    Audi Q7 Model 2008 - Very Clean
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  9. Ford Edge 2009 In Excellent Condition - V6
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  14. 2016 Nissan Altima / Mid Option
  15. For Sale 2006 Bmw Z4 , 6 Cylinders

    For Sale 2006 Bmw Z4 , 6 Cylinders
  16. Volkswagen Gti Turbo 2009 - Full Option
  17. Toyota Yaris 2007 | White Colour
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  19. Honda Civic 2007 Immaculate Condition
  20. 2008 Audi Q7 3.6 L Quattro 6 S-Cylinder For Sale
  21. Vw Phaeton 3.2 , Full Option , V6 , 2004 Model
  22. Off road mass stop?

    Hello again, I have been planning to get a taste of some sand and won't change my decision from going for some dune bashing this Eid. But I don't know where to go. My preference is that where can I stop and watch other patrols and land cruisers make it to the top of a hill. I want to know a spot, not a route, just a spot. Like the one in the picture below. Don't wanna go deep into the desert.
  23. Family outing with BBQ


  24. Family outing with BBQ


    Greetings all, count me in please see you all
  25. Hi all.

    Hi guys, Alf over at U-Fix-it garage pointed me towards this place. Looking around a bit and it seems pretty nice. I have an older 2006 CTS-V1 that has been modified a bit. Mostly suspension and rear end, long tubes and high flow cats plus tuning. Total list of things changed is KW Var 3 coils, 5 lug conversion, 2010 Camaro SS rotors, poly bushings, poly cradle mounts, new drive shaft, LS7 clutch setup, wilwood master cylinder, long tube headders into high flow cats and a H pipe, new head lights, short throw shifter, I also run a Ford 8.8 irs rear end with DSS axles, tuning, cold air intake tube I built and various other little changes. I do a very good portion of my own manitenance whenever possible. I also own a tech 2 if anyone needs it. -Byron Click the link below to a high quality exhaust video with DB meter reading.
  26. Toyota Corolla 2012 , White Car
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  28. Screenwash in engine oil

    Recently got in a car with jammed front left caliper don't thought much just greased the retaining bolts opened the cylinder cleaned it with fresh break oil and fixed it was good only for a drive then again I see smoke and the disc glazing red upon further inspection saw atf oil in the break master cylinder had to put in a new cylinder and bleed oil from all 4 cylinder's the customer was like OK where do they put this red oil then...had to explain him where to put what and how to check oil lvls and conditions....
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