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  2. Hi .. it’s a FB drive and can’t include NB. Sorry about it bro
  3. Dear Desertnauts A quick heads-up for tomorrow's drive. We'll meet just after exiting the ADNOC gas station in Qudra, turning left into the parking area in front of the Spicy restaurant. The convoy will be short and sweet: @Haitham Khattab in Second Lead @Jessica Lambert at #3 @KAMALIO at #4, and @JeromeFJ in Sweep. We'll tune into Channel 4 before taking off. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Have a great night.
  4. @varunmehndirattai vote for the ko2, 33”. I believe better to stick to this size than going to 34”. on 34” you are 1” closer to need regearing which will affect your performance. i have seen some cooper tires getting cracks in side walls. Your jeep have enough power to handle the KO2, so if i was you i would choose them over geolanders.
  5. Congrats @Hisham Masaad, very well deserved. See you soon on sand.
  6. Thanks @Frederic. My Favorite area in UAE, looking forward to this drive🚘
  7. @Jessica Lambert@Haitham Khattab@Ignacio Quindós@Salim Akhtar@Zed@Anoop Nair@Gok Krish@Lawrence_Chehimi @Srikumar and Waitlisted members: @Imran Kashif @Beide Worku@Daniel Rodas@salah2u Thanks for signing up to this drive ! For those who have been in Sweihan before, you can already have an idea of what you can expect For those who have not been in Sweihan before, i am sure you will love the terrain and what it has to offer. The nearest petrol station is the ADNOC in Nahel: https://goo.gl/maps/zcvKzs4rustZpZNF7 There is another one in Sweihan itself as well: https://goo.gl/maps/NjTGFBtCcCgKjLjm6 I will be posting the convoy order by Saturday, so stay tuned and hope we can all stretch our legs coming Sunday in the sand !
  8. Thank you very much brother @Simon Dawood for your advises. I am going with lifting and spacers to improve my experience just like yours. I'll be abroad for 2 weeks. Let's meet on the sand to try my evolved pajero when I'm back 💪
  9. a bit late, but congrats Dr. @M.Seidamlooking forward to join your drives again as the season started.
  10. fast-paced run! that got my attention :-d. Looking forward to see you guys again.
  11. @Rizwanm2, the convoy order was @Mohamad Anwer, @Waqas Parvez and @Islam Soliman. Waqas took a different line and exited early, ended up at the bottom at the same time as Mohammed Anwer and driving away from the dune, whilst Islam is still following Mohammed’s line. sometimes what we see can be deceiving
  12. Hi @Rizwanm2 I have video of this but I can't upload here because no option to upload
  13. im confused here.. why 2 cars at the bottom when someone is doing side slope. 😵
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