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    http://www.thenational.ae/uae/uae-motorsports-enthusiasts-advocate-test-for-vehicle-safety Motorsports enthusiasts are advocating a centralised testing centre to ensure modified ­vehicles are safe, adhere to ­emission and noise limits, and comply with the law. “I feel the best way to regulate the registration of modified cars is by having a vehicle testing centre, just like any other vehicle would have to go through,” said Kamui Mahtani, 27, a Dubai ­resident from Japan who owns a modified Honda S2000. “The major difference is that it would also check each of the components that have been modified and its safety.” For instance, the power output of a vehicle would be checked and compared with a standard vehicle. Brakes would be tested to calculate if the car has sufficient stopping power to match the engine power, he said. “Suspensions, wiring and every component of the vehicle would be checked in detail for safety,” he said. “Making sure the car is not too loud is also very important.” Adnan Khalil, who has had work done on his Honda Accord since 2009, agreed. “There should be a separate section for modified cars ­because after-market modifications both should be safe and legal,” said the 29-year-old, who is a sales consultant at a used car workshop in Dubai. “A lot of people don’t understand what’s legal and what’s not, and a lot of car modifications aren’t safe.” In Abu Dhabi, 6,630 vehicles were impounded last year because of modifications that increase vehicle noise.
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    Recovery Gear Below is the most comprehensive list of all commonly used off-road gears and basic recovery tools - this is the stuff everyone needs and it has to be easily accessible at all the time, while driving in off-road terrain (Sand and Rocks). MANDATORY KIT AIR COMPRESSOR Bush Ranger Black Max, ACE @ Festival City. Also available Pro Air, Max AirII at different price points. ARB Air Compressors from ARB Abu Dhabi (call up and order, will deliver C.O.D) Chinese stuff at Dragon Mart - if you're feeling lucky. Other compressors at Carrefour/other Hypermarkets or car accessory shops are not really recommended. RADIO / WALKIE TALKIE Motorola, allegedly 20 mile radius, from the small Sabka shops Dhs.325 Dragon Mart, higher output (will fry your ears), cheaper, clearer. TOW ROPE / SNATCH STRAP Bush Ranger heavy duty tow (dhs.200 or so) or Pro snatch kit (Dhs500+) from Ace Viking rope from Robbie's Garage (to the left of Times Square, Shk Zayed Rd) Dhs265, I think. Kinetic Rope from International Trading Co. Opposite Everhot Water Heater - Al Qusais. SHACKLES Are available at ACE, 3.0 T to 4.75 T very reasonable rates, make sure you get the shackles with the screw and not the pin-type shackles. SAFETY FLAG - available from shops that sell Quads, alternately use Fishing Rods fastened with a bolt to the spare tyre rig, also available is the FireStik range at Robbies which is very expensive but very neat and professional). You may also want a gutter-mount for the same (if your vehicle has a rain gutter). SHOVEL Fancy chome-plated stuff rom ACE or other accesory shops - expensive & of debateable utility. Bushranger tri-fold shovel with its own cover - about as expensive, easier to carry. Regular construction shovel from a hardware or construction material store - Dhs.25 and much more effective but not so compact. Fiskars super-lightweight camping shovel. Most expensive but is also lightest (you want to carry sand, not metal!). I recommend this, but this is very budget-sensitive. BASIC FIRST AID KIT Available at all pharmacies, auto kits available at ACE and some specialized offroad joints, you can also put one together yourself or your vehicle may have one supplied with it. Should contain: Gauze (Large, Medium & Small sizes) Sticking Plaster & Adhesive Strips (Band Aid variety) Surgical Cotton Surgical Spirit/Antiseptic Basic medication/ointment for minor cuts and bruises Burnaid other burn treatment Scissors & Forceps Cotton Buds BASIC TOOLKIT + FIRE EXTINGUISHER + JUMP STARTER CABLES + USABLE STEPNEY HYDRAULIC JACK & STRONG WOODEN PLATFORM/PLANK (or HiLift Jack base) An alternative is the very expensive and equally heavy but neatly packaged Exhaust Jack Series II (dont buy Series I) from ACE, its upwards of Dhs.800. A Hi-lift jack is something a lot of people like to carry prominently like some sort of badge, but this is of doubtful utility in our really sandy terrain. Very useful in Wadis etc. DEFLATION KIT Valve remover for tyres - most tyre shops Dhs.10/- Pen-type pressure gauge (marked in PSI, not LbFt) - Dhs.25/- most car accessory shops. Other gauges are also available, the pen-type stuff is considered good. Use trusted brands like Milton, PCL, ARB, Victor, Rolson or Monkey grip. 4 Spare Tyre Valves to replace any lost while deflating. CAN FOR ADDITIONAL FUEL FOR LONG TRIPS Available from Ace Hardware, good for long distance trips where you are not sure about the petrol stations on the way, very handy in places like Liwa. YOUR VEHICLE SHOULD HAVE RECOVERY POINTS - FRONT AND REAR. OPTIONAL ADDITIONS Collapsible water can from ACE (Dhs.35 or so). Cool box with ICE (also useful for medical emergencies) and fluids of your choice (for more guidance, ask Kash). Cargo Net & Elastic Tie-downs to keep things securely fastened. GPS - Make sure it can store way points, record a track and pay the track back in reverse. Miscellaneous stuff that you should never need, but would want to keep handy - tire sealant gel/foam/goo, radiator leak-stopper (powder that you pour into your leaky radiator), exhaust leak fix (for small leaks, not cracked exhausts), flashlight, etc from ACE. Just to be on the safe side, one small 5 litre fuel can (Dhs.25 from any petrol station) and a manual siphon hose to borrow fuel from others (15-20 bucks). Duct Tape, Insulation Tape, Bush Knife/Pen Knife & Plastic Zip Ties. For camping trips - collapsible chairs/tents/sleeping bags/lanterns/BBQ kits/use your imagination. Small bottle of concentrated liquid Camp Soap or Dettol Hand Sanitizer + lots of Kleenex/tissue rolls. Working gloves to handle hot stuff in the engine bay + cloth/cotton waste. AAA or IATC Assistance as a sort of insurance for major breakdowns. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you need assistance or further information.
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    @DJSTORMTROOPER A Prado is very capable as is and has all the under body protection it needs, only you night want to protect the bumpers with a skid plate which is about 8 mm thickness, the lesser is better. You may also install a 2 inch lift kit just to improve the approach and departure angles. The only other thing I can think off is a button to switch of the airbags and disable the ABS/TCS instead of having to remove the fuse and add it after every drive. Have you ever driven your Prado off-road or are you planning on mods even before you have taken it out for a ride and feel. Heavy metal bumpers would be a no from my side. They might only look good but are heavy and can really add serious weight to your car, with the power to weight ratio your car will offer you lesser power per kg on your ride. Besides passing metal bumpers on your 4x4 when passing at RTA is a huge problem and you would either have to keep your stock bumper stored somewhere on invest in a new one every time you want to pass the car. As opposed to skid plates which are bolt-on applications and can be removed at any time. Just my 0.02 cents.
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    That is wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to start. It's basically the same as having a broken exhaust. Some exhaust gases are released before they get to the silencer which is what creates the noise. RTA will fail you for it. The police will fine you for it. There's the risk of fire hazard because of the hot exhaust gases being released under the car instead of out the back. You could end up melting the petrol tank or setting fire to the carpets inside with the heat. There's also the danger of exhaust gases getting into the passenger compartment and poisoning everyone. A guy and his girlfriend died in England in a similar manner a couple of months ago. Here's the story, http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-essex-39339063 Theres full information on the U.K. car forums if you want to read the full story but the guy had done more or less the same as you're suggesting. If you want more noise, get a proper exhaust system. @Gaurav can recommend a shop that custom built a system for his Pajero.
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    For me it was quite a challenging drive as the drive terrain had been raised quite a few notches up, plus it was a drive at night. Full credit to our trusted marshals to get us all through such a beautiful terrain and give us at the end, a complete sense of accomplishment. Had a couple of dual pop outs (LOL) ...and I need to learn to keep a better control on the speed at which I drive.. for me the best part of any desert drive is to see the sun rise and take in the vastness and tranquility of the desert. It gives me a sense of inner peace something which is very hard to describe. My Pajero struggled to get to the top of iftar bowl and the reason was mainly that the tiptronics system was up shifting the gear automatically once the speed crosses 50 km/h. Need to find a way either to override it or learn to ensure that in an uphill climb that I don't cross the 50 km/h mark. The possibility of having a higher tire pressure than usual (after the multiple pop outs) might have further hampered the climb. But it was Rahim bhai 's experience that managed to get us to the top of Iftar bowl. The view of the desert from that point was something that I can explain in one word.. Breathtaking. After the drive I stopped at a nearby tyre shop to get the sand out of my tires and that's when I realised that one of the rear tyre had suffered major internal damage due to the multiple pop outs. So will be now hunting for better suited off-road tyres. Thank you @Gaurav and @Rahimdad for helping us raise the bar in off-roading. Cheers!!
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    @BENNY THOMAS I would take @Asif Hussain advise. If you are going for Gulf News Fun Drive it is over 200 Kilometers divided in to 9 sections, the first 4 sections is to keep everybody interested and fairly easy. The real fun begins from section 5 onward and it gets only tougher and tougher as you go through. The new Explorer does have low overhangs and a lot of computers and I would never recommend these vehicles for a Gulf News Fun Drive, if you plan on retiring after the Section 4 of a Gulf News Fun drive and head by road for the rest of the way than it should be OK. Light off-roading should be OK as well, but the desert is an unknown terrain and things can get very ugly very soon. I would always recommend that you have one car for your family and a simple but proper 4x4 for your off-road use.
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    So it was time for the Grand Iftar. It is such a treat to see so many off-road enthusiasts gathering in 1 spot to celebrate the opening of the fast. For me it's never been about the destination, but all about the journey, it's not about where I can reach, but about where we go as a team. Thanks to @Gaurav Bhai for a wonderful lead and congratulations to all who were able to follow. Upon arrival the love cooking station was soon setup and I would like to thanks my wife and her sister for keeping ready so much food and specially the tea. Thanks to everybody else for their contributions as we discovered we had to have a second serving. As we broke fast together and refreshed ourselves with the tea we were off to the top. Gaurav Bhai was the first one up, as I was on the climb I heard the Rav4 had made it to the top. I was glad to reach the top to be greeted by the aight of the Rav4 on top. This joy was short lived as the next thing we saw was Saleem walking towards us and we had the Rav4 with the radiator taking a hit in 2 places. Everything till then was as planned. Thanks to the extra food from all to be able to fill in again while the M-Seal did it's trick. Around mid night we headed out and inflated at the closest Adnoc pump. The prize was well deserved by both Ahmed and Basel, but Basel took the honors. Thank you all for every contribution which made this drive so memorable.
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    Hi I am very much in guys. Regards Srikumar 055-9567471
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    I had been on drives before with another 2 Clubs but had the most enjoyable one with Carnity members last Friday. Thanks to all members, it didn't feel like it was my first drive with Carnity. As posted by Gaurav, the Iftar Drive was really once in a year opportunity. Hundreds of cars gathering in the desert was quite a sight. With good food and super company, the drive was fun. Thanks to Gaurav for the driving tips and for leading us, to Rahim Bhai for the food and to Saleem for keeping us entertained.
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    Although it's not too bad, but hard to differentiate in the video as per mic volume. Things worth checking are all door, windows and sunroof beading is intact and not broken or loose. Second do you have any sun deflector installed on any window or something install on roof to produce this hissing noise? Thirdly check your tire to choose good quality quieter HT tires as they also add the humming noise on highway.
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    You guys must be kidding me. Actually, the automotive industry has taken care of this long time back. Drivers just aren’t using the mirrors correctly. Most people adjust their mirrors such that they can barely see their own car in the mirror, and leave it there. Essentially, this causes a huge overlap between the side and center rear view mirrors, which is unnecessary. By spreading your side mirrors you lose no information about what’s behind you, but pretty much eliminate your blind spot to your sides. This new method is recommended at most driving schools, including the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina. Steps to readjust: Place the center mirror to show the whole rear-view window or at least as much of it as possible. Make sure you seat properly and aim the rear-view mirror without moving your head from the straight forward position. Lean your head to the left until your face is almost touching the glass, and adjust the left mirror. While still leaning, your mirror should be far enough such that you can barely see the side of your own car. Almost at 90 degrees from your car. Lean your head to the right until your head is over the center divider, and adjust the right mirror. Similarly, your mirror should be adjusted far enough such that you can barely see the side of your own car. Re-evaluate. The idea is that there should be a small overlap between your side mirrors and the center rear-view mirror. If there is no overlap at all, then bring the mirrors slightly closer in. When sitting straight up, you should not be able to see your own car. Now, you should have basically no blind spots. It takes a little getting used to, but you basically rely on your center rear-view much more than before. When a car leaves your center rear-view mirror, it should be immediately visible in your side mirror.
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    If above doesn't work or you actually need to dig deeper by yourself or with some mechnanic you trust follow the below video for Shift lock Solenoid and faulty wiring resulting in exactly same behavior as you are facing. Good luck and like it please.
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    You should not have suffered so much for so little stuff man. Every AUTO car has shift lock release button close-by for emergency in case of battery failure then that brake swithc might not work. And always those shift release lock has some simple procedure to by pass that shift lock. PLeas find attch below two fix: One is to open the shift lock rlease button small plastic cap and insert any screwdriver which is atleast 10 cm long and you can release that lock. More than likely it seems fuse in engine bay must be blown, check and change that fuse. If you dont have same 15 AMP fuse then you can replace with neigboring fog light fuse and get it change befor the foggy season arrive. It cost 2 AED. If my solution fix your problem, please like post. Thanks.
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    Hi Ren 13 , I just want you to know something I have done to my Xterra : Installed a levelling kit costing about AED 500 then ended up having to spend a little more on adjustable camber bolts . As Barry had suggested please have the front and rear aligned ( if the rear are alignable ) if you increase the height you will move the CG( Centre of Gravity ) up hence there is a need to have wheel spacers . One of the desert fox suggested 1 inch out for every 2 inch up . Go out for a couple of drives offroad see if it meets your requirement the n stick with if you feel that you need better suspension then please buy new springs and shocks that will give you lift and better suspension ( Initially going for total suspension change might throw you off as the ride will be stiffer and will be very noticeable on-road ). Please make sure you have adequate under chassis protection like bash plates , if your Fortuner has additional body kit please remove them as they will be removed by Desert ! Just my 02 Fils ! Some of the most important tools and kit to be carried during your off-road trips have been mentioned by our Master Desertfox Rahimdad in the following post : Drive /Ride Safe! Slick72
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    Welcome @malav1210 and your friends... remember to carry 2 way radio Motorola MT777
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    @malav1210 thank you for joining with your friends. Please ask your friends to register themselves on Carnity.
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    Appropriate post for an offroad enthusiast who got their license today
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    Make sure you get a proper 4 wheel 3D alignment done afterwards. A guy came to me a while back after getting a lift done at a monkey shop, complained that the car was unstable. The problems was massive positive camber like in the picture below. A lot of these people are good at swapping parts but when it comes to setting up, adjustments, anything technical, they haven't got a clue.
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    It is a cheapest way, but make sure you do not raise the car more than 2 inches as when you increase the ride height you are playing with the center of gravity. Proper way would be to get a proper lift kit with springs and suspensions which suit the off-road, the springs should be stiff to give you better travel. Besides lift kit it would also be advisable to increase the size of your tire, but make sure you will not have any rubbing issues, plus get proper off-road tires like the Yokohama Geolander ATS.
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    There are small suspension shops scattered all around sharjah industrial area where you can get your vehicle raised just go to then and explain how much raised you want that way they will install harder springs so that will hold the car higher...
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    You can get it done at ajman near Cornish r/a there are radio shops and in sharjah also behind rotana r/a there is a market of shops there who deal in radio and related stuff just go there and inquire I am sure you will get what you want...
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    I would love to join this ride. Regards Godwin - 050 8048654
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    Hi waqas if you looking at only changing the sound of the exhaust why don't you try changing your air filter from stock to k&n or any other brand that will give you better sound and improve vehicle performance too.
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    Awesome pictures taken by everyone, still waiting to see Sri pics. Here is the video guys:
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    I was a passenger in our Superman's @Rahimdad car and had the opportunity to watch him behind the wheels and learn from him. Thanks, Rahim Bhai. The drive was very challenging with sharp medium and small dunes and lots of soft patches. But Rahim Bhai, with his years of experience and skills, was driving with ease through out the entire drive. Since we were the last car in the convoy, I was able to see Sree @skumar83 and Asif Bhai @Asif Hussain drive. Though they suffered a few pop-outs and struggled at a few places, they handled the drive very well. In addition to the Marshals, Basel's @baselsm83 driving was very impressive. The view of the sunrise in the desert was absolutely amazing. It felt like all the dunes were rising with the sunrise. Special thanks to Gaurav Bhai @Gaurav for fixing all the pop-outs. You have set a record by fixing 6 pop-outs in a single drive. Your record would have been much higher if I was driving. Overall, the drive was fantastic and it was a pleasure to be with you all.
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    Nice summary @Gaurav bhai and we missed you @shadow79 bhai. Here is my long and boring trip report to put everyone back to sleep, @Barry you might need a couple of Red Horse to take you this jibber jabber. Some mixed feelings of excitement and fear in this area as it is a very challenging terrain, and it did not disappoint us. We started of in the direction of the pyramids through a tall dune which didn't work out due to the soft nature of the sand in that area. Rightly @Gaurav bhai decided to take the track further down before entering the area which would gradually build up to what was supposed to be an awesome night out. We crossed some small dunes which were full of bushes which is a bit annoying for me, but what it led to were the most amazing medium to tall dunes on which you can play endlessly. Due to the challenging nature of the area the one thing you are bound to learn is the art of keeping your momentum which is very much different to revving the engine upto the point where you are trying to race through to the top. One learns that when you are on top it pays to slow down as in the desert the vehicle is bound to continue its path at a speed even if you are trying to turn. All it leads to is a pop-out or two and it that was the story of out night. We had a few pop-outs to contend with and we always had it in pairs. You got it right!!! We always got to fix 2 on every car, every time there was a pop-out. Which also reaffirms the importance of good tires for off-road. Due to the few stops to fix the pop-outs we were forced to stop just close to our target and lay the spread for the Suhoor. There were some lovely chicken sandwiches from Asif and family which were filling and tasty, some awesome potato rolls from Sreekumar and family, some packs of rice from Ahemed bhai and endless stuff from all which gave us a stomach full on a very well deserved Suhoor break. As dawn kicked in we started back on our way, dune by dune, to the top of Iftar Bowl. As @Gaurav and @baselsm83 made it to the top, I know what I had to do. I head on my normal way and completed 90% of the climb before I had to take the cheat route to reach the top, parked my car and headed down by foot. Sreekumar and his Pajero were my first target, after letting Sree take a couple of attempts I tried doing it myself and learned the challenge of the Pajero, the triptronic upshifts to 2nd and kills the power when you need it the most. But that did not discourage us to make one final try and with my little cheat route and a lot of perseverance we reached the top. Next was Asif Bhai's ride and I was headed down again by foot. Asif bhai's ride was much more behaved and I always appreciate the power of the beast when you floor it down. However the beast also made it with the cheat route and finally we were all up appreciating the nature when the sand started kicking up and the rise in mercury made us realize it was time to head home. \we all headed down and out and within no time we were at the Adnoc Petrol Station to fill up our next to empty tires with air for the road. All in all one of the most challenging drives, but the excitement of having flood lights on Gaurav Bhai's ride which stood tall and delivered through this very challenging terrain. Everyone managed fairly well and the smiles at the end are worth the million dollars you do not want to en-cash, just savor them and plan on the next outing which will give you some more smiles. My pics are also uploaded on to the Gallery. Enjoy!!!
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    The guys clarified things above already about the explorer, but I want to add a few thoughts: - if serious about off-roading, get a dedicated truck for that, I do, @Rahimdad also mentioned above the same! - if only one car is your choice, then decide which category you want, 7 "real" seaters? Then Patrol, Armada & Land cruiser can serve you, .. smaller you can go with Prado, Pajero and the classic pathfinder (not the new shape) - if 2 rows are enough & you won't go very advanced & luxury is your target, Grand Cherokee is suitable.. Pajero is als capable but less luxury - if a dual purpose with no luxury is ok with you, then Xterra, FJ, Fortuner V6 & Classic Pathfinder are suitable options - if you want a cool look, don't mind the noise on road & rough ride, Jeep Wrangler can be a choice.. the choice is yours
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    Yes I should agree the ride is bit high as b4 I could easily take curves at high speed almost like a small car but this time while coming back from sharjah I had to lower the speed to 120 ,130 when at curves. In the oncoming drives we will test out the upgrades which have been done that way we will know that if its a reliable ride and maybe rise in ranks of drive difficulty later on...
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    I would recommend the Toyota Prado. It can act as a family SUV as also serve the purpose for off roading trips.
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    Rahim Bhai I am almost finishing have done more then half the work have lifted it rear side 4 and front side 3 and put a 4mm aluminum shield right in front of the void which was inviting trouble and will fix 2 spot lights but even then if the decision has been made then I should be respectful...
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    Sunny's lately have drive by wire system and usually its either the accelerator paddle or the throttle body and dearly there is a relay for the throttle body that gets shot it would be better to get the vehicle scanned for DTCs that way you can tackle the problem very easily and remember after this work you have to get it calibrated so the rpms stay stable.....
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    All I read was the bold and underlined stuff I guess I have to make some moves and b4 the next Thursday 😀😀😀😀😀
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    Hi Will be there along with my sister. Regards Srikumar 0559567471
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    Good Morning All, count me in please Thanks B
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    Leave it as it. You were struggling because you were carrying a lot more weight. Decreasing pressure is not a good idea. You'll be a lot more prone to a pop out. Infact back in the day when I would load a 1 ton generator in the back of the bushanab I would deflate to only 20psi but with the weight of the generator the footprint at 20 was that of a 15 deflated tyre. When when on safari with full load of 6pax plus drivee never took it below 15. Another reason is. Its summer time now and the sand is a lot more softer too.
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    Hi Guys, Im new in this forum, i need to contribute my experience based on this topic. What i feel as a starter its better to go for Auto than Manual. In Offroad Manual gear need expertise which develops on driving experience where and when to put which gear. Whereas in Auto you just simply drive and enjoy.
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    Out of your list, I have owned BMW and Mercedes. BMW 318, 2 M3s, Mercedes C180, C220CDI and 190E. I didn't buy them new, I could never afford to, I'm a mechanic. I bought them when they were older and depreciation kicked in. To me, the BMWs were nothing special, they felt cheap and just had that badge that everyone seems to list after. The M3s were fast. Properly fast. Around 300 bhp, rwd and lsd. Good fun to lift the handbrake at 70-80 mph and do big slides but in terms of engineering, very basic. The Mercedes were in a completely different league when it comes to engineering and comfort. You don't really drive a Mercedes, you gently waft along in it. With regards to engineering, I was forever noticing little things that must have taken hours to design like the way the heater linkages were so over engineered when something simple would have worked or the way half the dashboard had to come out to change the radio. I've never owned Porsche or Maserati but I have driven them. The 911 was probably one of the worst driving cars I've driven. I'll never understand why they thought it was a good idea to hang the engine out over the back wheels. Very prone to snap oversteer. One wrong move and you're sliding backwards. The Maserati is a wired one. It's like a Ferrari but it's not like a Ferrari. Half the engineering is there but it feels like they got lazy come lunch time and wanted to come home so they started cutting corners. When it comes to expensive cars versus really expensive cars, I think 90% of it is just showing off and saying I have more money than you because most of the time there is a cheaper car that will easily outperform it.
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    The last drive was an amazing one but full of challenges, and with Gaurav Bhai not being around I would be more comfortable with an area we have done a few time to be sure we face a little inconvenience as possible. Moreover, I would like to dedicate this drive to @shadow79 since he had to miss the last one out of respect to all and the toughness of the area. The plan would be to start easy and slowly work on the toughness bit to make sure the learning curve does not stop. When: 22 June 2017 Meeting time: 11 PM, convoy will move sharp at 11:15 PM Where: Adnoc Petrol Station Maleha Road GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/mzb26kxzte72 Level of drive: Absolute Newbie - Newbie - Fewbie - Expert - Advance - All are welcome Type of Car: Besides the Rav4 Any proper 4x4 with front and back tow hooks and 10 inches of ground clearance Plan: Night drive from Muhafiz to Faya, Suhoor on top of Faya. What to bring along: Evening snacks, food for Suhoor, plenty of water - whatever you like with little extra to share, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 3:30 am List your name and mobile number in this drive thread and RSVP the below calendar: List of participants: Rahimdad Kadwani - 050 6749099 Saleem - 055 7979626 Srikumar - 055 9567471 Godwin - 050 8048654 Basel - 050 1090183 Asif - 050 6990411 (Tentative) Malav - 056 4515999 (Land Cruiser) Adnan - 055 1055386 (GMC Sierra) Murtuza - 055 4984470 (Land Cruiser)
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    I wouldnt go near off road zone with the kathara jeeps they rent out at exorbitant prices. Put in a little more money and get your own. With the economic downturn and gas prices creeping up and it being summer its a buyers market out there for cars, specially 4x4s. Cars selling for crap prices. Personally I would stay away from sheeps but thats my eternal hate for sheeps speaking.
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    Thanks mate, I will surely do so, i totally appreciate bcoz without the knowledge it is not possible to ensure the safety of the passengers or the vehicle, thank a lot.
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    @Gaurav in the HLc mode also the vehicle is upshifting automatically. I have noticed this happens at 50km/h. Have not tried the Llc mode though. @ayman_khateeb it's strange that Mitsubishi committed such a blunder and then rectified it post 2012. But I will take your advise of trying to maintain the speed below 50 km/h during the climb. @shadow79 I am unable to downshift till the speed drops beyond a certain point. Will try to find if there any other way around this.
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    OK brothers i have completely finished the work so I have attached the picture of my work now if you think that it has a chance to pull through then do let me know.....
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    Did you happen to refuel it? When petrol sits for a long period of time it loses its potency. I've had cars that sat in a shed for 4-5 years that wouldn't start. Added fresh petrol and they went like new.
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    When i saw that hollow space under the bumper exposing the condenser and radiator I had it in back of my mind that something is bound to happen if something hit it there and 2 days later the nose dive gave it what it needed you see rav4 is a urban runner so many drives with a stock one is building my confidence as this is not my daily driver and driving awd vs a 4x4 is very different you don't have lows and highs here it has its own tricks😀 which I m experiencing all this while and while being on this particular drive I saw many people attempted to reach the top of iftar bowl in those 3 to 5 hours I saw 5 successful attempts 1 was gaurav Bhai whose car is stock and 3 were from a strocker Nissan coupe and 1 from station capsule as all others usually came from left and right and rav4 climbing to the top from the side gives it a star 😀😁from me and I saw many ideas floating around and I have something on my mind not all together but slowly slowly I m gonna make some custom modifications 😀😁😀😁 and above all thanks Rahim Bhai and shri bhai and gaurav bhai for that lovely and filling yummy food and everybody for having patience and bearing with me....
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    Call below spare part guys who deals in Jeep and give you car VIN number and they can arrange the same in probably half of the price: https://carnity.com/search/?&q=jeep&type=cms_records5&nodes=83&sortby=relevancy
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    US and Japanese car batteries are different, and as you mentioned bad terminal then i'll definitely suspect them to be the main cause here. Just change the battery to exact same spec of motorcraft stock mustang battery and see.
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    Go with above advise as it is. You can only deflate further while you struggle if you have good condition off-road tires (All terrain or M/S). Then you can deflate to 10-12 psi otherwise for road tires (HT tread) 14-15 is ideal. If you deflate further while having extra load then be careful to avoid sharp turn and go straight up and down than side-ways which will pop-out tire more easily due to extra load under low tire pressure.
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    Thank you for joining @baselsm83 Suhoor wouldn't be fun without you.