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    First and foremost I would like to THANK the real Hero behind the scene, without whose support this drive wouldn't have been possible. On Thursday evening I went to get my car speaker wiring changed at Barry's workshop and finished work at 9:30 PM. After that we have spotted little fuel smell from my Pajero engine bay, and after further investigation we found that one of the injector is leaking fuel in the engine bay. With leaking fuel my car was in no state to make it for Sweihan drive. After day long shift and after extended hour barry still decided to fix my car so that Carnity Sweihan drive can go as per schedule. He fixed the car by midnight by endless tiring effort to support this intermediate level Sweihan ho-ha drive for which everyone was so excited. I really want to thank @Barry for his continuous support and love for this car community. God bless you man and I am very sorry to hold you for so long and spoiling your weekend. Trip Report: After lot of effort in sketching the newbie track through google earth, I thought we are well prepared to venture newbies in Sweihan but I have been proven wrong miserably with so many challenges that in end we all love the altered plan and drive route. Initially drive got really delayed as all new radios need to be set, which @Rahimdad has set all 3 radios with a big smile instead of seeing my frustrated face over loosing so much time......! As soon we are about to start, someone spotted that @Mujtaba Jeep's one of BFG tire has almost lost the tread chunks and wires are sprouting out, so we got to stay back more and change that to spare wheel. To my real wild surprise spare wheel was 9 years old and now we are sitting on a bigger risk to drive or not to drive in with his Jeep. After all this we decided to venture in and see what we can go through. All the points that I have marked gone for a toss as whole area now is fenced heavily that we literally have to waste 30 minutes to get inside by constantly trying to find an open spot. We deflated by 3 PM (2 hours delay) and started the drive and almost everyone kept a good pace in this first leg without any incidents or major stuck. We break for late lunch by 4 and had a quick bite with most yummiest food brought by everyone. Thanks @waqaszohair for bringing those amazing food choices including the awesome dessert. Thanks @Saadia waqas for planning that in advance in waqas absence. Soon after lunch we started the drive and heard the thumping noise from Jeep's tire, which was already almost deflated to 0 psi. Pumped it back and thought of exiting Mujtaba jeep to track so rest of us can continue, but unanimous decision said we all stick together and slowly exit and slowly drive near the track. Leading in front with Jeep with 3 tires as a second lead, gave me enough chills to find an exit strategy asap, coz still we have to cross the medium and long range dunes to get out to the pylon track and that was the toughest task to do to find the nearest exit because all area near that track was also fenced by multiple layers. Just before the sunset we were fully stuck inside the barbed wire maze where we cross one fence to get inside the another fenced area. After wasting an hour in the maze, we decided to back track to cleaner dunes to exit from other side and thankfully this idea worked and we all exited on road by close to 7:30 PM. Waqas as his second off-road drive started with lot of fear and unexpected feeling, but he ended up the drive as a seasoned off-roader who knows how to handle Sweihan level serious terrain. He showed totally amazing learning curve in few hours, keep it up. It was fun to see @skumar83 to joining back and his response to this terrain was terrific with zero stuck. @jason200 and his jeep Grand Cherokee are becoming better and better on every off-road drive, sorry to see the seat belt pretensioner stuck after little bumpy ride, I am sure dealer will fix it in warranty and also advise you how to reset such issue in future, after all it's a Jeep - whose made for off-road more than the road. Last but not least, thanks to @Rahimdad and his trusty pathy to keep an eagle eye on all lads at sweep and made sure everyone follows the convoy discipline that really resulted all of us to exit out safely. During so much challenges, this time I haven't clicked too many pics but my share is uploaded in Carnity's Gallery: https://carnity.com/gallery/category/9-sweihan-sand-mountains-10-march-2017/ Thanks Waqas for clicking great shots you truly understand how to contribute in a community. Waiting to see more pics from everyone now. Thanks @Rahimdad bhai, for all your support, guidance and patience. We all learn a lot from your experiences.
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    Here is the most awesome drive video, especially for the people who missed it
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    With every carnity drive setting newbie level higher and higher, so this week demands bit more challenging and thrilling terrain of Murqquab to Lisalli. It's a combination of various set of dunes from small - med - large, where smaller takes the name of nasty technical dunes and big dunes demand good momentum to continue riding until you are through to a flat area. This time I plan to introduce ridge riding, slip face attack and side sloping. These all three are expert level skills, but we will start learning these in the intermediate terrain to give time to absorb and react. This area is very famous for Gazelle sighting so riding with your best long range camera is highly advisable. When: 17 March 2017 Meeting time: 12:30 PM Starting time: 01:00 PM (SHARP) soon after Friday prayer Where: Mosque inside the Marqquab area. GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/n3iAGB7m2KJ2 Level of drive: Intermediate Type of drive: Although it's not a typical family drive, but feel free to bring them if they like more of drive time Plan: Lunch and Learn advance sand off-road driving What to bring along: Ready lunch (no bbq), water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn Approximate finish time: 6 PM Safety advice: All vehicles should have proper tow hook in front and back Drive is open only for proper 4x4 vehicles, not for SUV's and Sedan's Vehicle should have minimum 10-12 inches of ground clearance Every vehicle should have proper shovel, tow rope, tire pressure gauge, deflator, inflator and two way radio List of participants: Gaurav Khanna - 050 5258706 Mujtaba - 055 2313829 Rajesh 0554564742 Srikumar 055-9567471 Waqas zohair 0561777392 Rahimdad Kadwani - 050 6749099
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    I'm looking out my window and I can only see one FJ and it's parked nicely. One Juke, the owner can't parallel park. The back of the car is in the space and the front is hanging out onto the road. Two land cruisers, both at jaunty angles with the front tyre pushed into the kerb. This is a pet hate of mine. People push their tyre into the kerb and leave it parked which damages the tyre then they wonder why the steering vibrates. Cayenne parked in two spaces, the white line running through the center of a car. My thoughts, if you're going to buy a big 4x4 which is wasted by only driving in the city and it's too big for you to park properly, at best, all you deserve is a Tiida.
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    Here is my attempt to capture the love of sand that we all share. Trust me the pictures dont do justice to what started at gas station with @Rahimdad being the techie to tune radios and ended up on a camel track. Being the newbie on the drive my heart came to throat and heartbeat was like a boom box. But the support from @Gaurav pushing me and trusting me to conquer the dunes. Also worth mentioning Rahimbhai effort to show me the car is much capable than what I thot of. All this changed my fear to adrenaline rush where in the end I was sailing the sand.
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    The only thing I like to add here is that vehicle built before 2005 has much better build quality than what afterwards. unfortunately today's built all vehicles are timed to fail soon after their warranty period so that car companies can make money and survive on parts (better) than selling new vehicles. With competitive auto market all across the world no car manufacturer has a choice to prefer the build quality and stay hungry and face company shut down. Many cars of the past has been discontinued due to the same factor that they bloody never fails and become loss for the mother company eventually.
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    Thanks @Mujtaba for your kind words. Thanks @Gaurav bhai for the short write up and some awesome pics which somehow gives me a feel that this route will be repeated again in near future, as being there is much more awesome than just having a feel of it through the photographs. Now I would like to thank all participants for being on time and allowing us that extra half an hour set up the camp and than head out to prayers, I think this is what allowed us to get the best spot in the area. As we started from the meeting point and headed to the Zakher area traffic was smooth and the weather was amazing. Since we reached the point where we were supposed to pray half an hour earlier than expected we decided to head out to the lake and settle in before heading back for prayers. As we arrived we saw one of the Gazebos free and set up camp there, by this time we had a couple of stucks but Mujtaba and myself left for our Friday prayers leaving Gaurav with the task of getting everyone to the spot. On returning from our Friday prayers we saw that Gaurav bhai had cleared all but one vehicle, this was our very own front wheel Ford Escape. Thankfully Govind had figured out how to disable the traction and we were able to deflate it to about 15 PSI and get it out of the sand, get it back in again and reach the Gazebo without much trouble. At this point I sighted my favorite Gazebo which seemed to be not occupied at that time, so Gaurav Bhai and myself headed out with the Ford Escape to see if we could get the front wheel drive to that point, this would also ensure that the rest of the vehicles would be able to make it. Thankfully the Escape was very torque friendly and helped us make our way to my favorite spots with zero stuck. The smiles on our faces was from ear to ear and as Gaurav Bhai headed back to the previous spot to fetch the rest, Govind was amazed at what his vehicle could do and we started a discussion as to how I was able to manage his vehicle to that point. This in my opinion was the best move we made, as not only we got my favorite spot, but it was away from the crowd and we were hardly bothered by the noise and the dust being thrown around by people pulling stunts in the distance. The lake was looking as amazing as ever and the weather just took a turn for the better with cloud cover that made the stay more pleasant. Out came the food and drinks and we were all starving by than, which made the food all that more delicious. I narrated the story of the lake as to how it came about as we had our lunch and everybody was in further appreciation of the lake. With many unverified stories flying around on the internet about the lake, some very nervous well-wishers had inquired about the safety of the venue. Rest assured it was all fun and there was nothing to worry about, however that could have been one of the reasons why people after 8 years have kept away from this place. As soon as we had finished our lunch the announcement was made as to who would join us for the off-road part. Knowing the terrain and the amount of experience required to drive through such dune formations, warning was given. This resulted in us having 3 cars and a lot of space for the interested parties. As Gaurav, bhai, Mujtaba and myself got our vehicles ready to hit the dunes, the passengers looked around to see which ride they would prefer to experience this amazing part of our trip. With cars loaded we took off with me in the lead and Gaurav Bhai at the sweep, which meant that Mujtaba was nestled right in between 20 years of off-road experience. I must admit that Mujtaba did well and having seen him on almost every drive, this was the widest smile I had ever seen. Mujtaba had requested me time and again to increase the level of the drive, he had finally got what he was looking for. The area was so challenging that we hardly had time to stop and we just kept flying from one dune to the next and tried almost every trick in the book to have uninterrupted fun. After about an hour of flying across the dunes we headed back and reached safely, at this point the passengers had enjoyed thoroughly not knowing that the drivers had their hearts in their mouths at some point. With the experience of the team we had managed to fly through some really technical area without any injury to self, vehicles or confidence. At this point Mujtaba had to head back and Gaurav Bhai and myself had to head back in with a much younger crowd, the children on the trip. Second, round was just as thrilling as the first and we took a slightly different route which took us across a camel farm. As we completed the track, the children had a lot of fun, but wanted to go back to the camels before we headed back out. This was an excellent idea, as soon as we stopped one camel after the other started approaching us and before we knew there were a dozen camels breathing down our necks. We stayed for a while and let the children and adults enjoy these moments with the Ship of the Desert. As we returned to our base, Gaurav bhai felt the camels had come close to us due to the fact that they were hungry and we would have some food for them, than a brilliant idea from him to take the left-overs and feed the camels. So in with the food and the children and off we went to the camels again. As soon as we reached the camels and started laying down the feast for them, they started to eat which means Gaurav bhai had hit the nail on the head, he had got it right, they were hungry. We had some awesome time and some funny moments as the camels who ate the chicken tikka masala or the butter chicken came up looking like they had applied lipstick, while the one having the yogurt reminded us of little kids having yogurt and came up looking like the had a white mustache. Back to base and time to head out, Gaurav Bhai drove out the VW Tiguan and on return I drove out the Escape and we were all able to head back out to the road and the closest pump to fill in our tires as we said our never ending good byes and headed on our way back home. What an amazing trip, with some awesome people and pleasant weather. I would like to thank each and every participant for making this trip a wonderful one to remember for a long time to come.
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    It's time to call another newbie level family adventure desert drive ending with bbq, chit-chat and jokes. Especially for the folks who missed this last month, here is the chance to recap. Secondly for many of you waiting desperately for newbie desert drive to get the sand bug, this will be the perfect drive for all who wants to enjoy nice day drive in moderately easy desert terrain. The beauty of this area, the wide open dunes, and with the occasional sighting of wildlife like gazelles and oryx are all reasons to set your pulses racing. The plan would be to meet up at 2:00 pm as per the below link and then head out to have some awesome fun through terrain that will leave you wanting more, and we will end it with a good spot to sit around and have a BBQ session with chats about the drive, general talk and share some jokes. Our last drive video in same area: When: 24 March 2017 at 2:00 pm Where: First Emarat Petrol station on Dubai - Al Ain Road after Outlet Mall. GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/KD4Lath3cB42 Level of drive: Newbie - Fewbie Plan: Drive followed by BBQ What to bring along: Stuff for BBQ like grill, charcoal, lighter fluid and BBQ meat or chicken, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 9 pm List of participants: Rahimdad Kadwani - 050 6749099 Srikumar - 055 9567471 Deepak - 050 6026688 Manum - 0566511649 Joseph & Shilpa - 055 1207383 Jamshad - Basel - 050 1090183 Gaurav Khanna - 050 5258706
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    Maybe this might help decide the dates for everyone.. Friday is most preferable i think.
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    Thanks @waqaszohair @Rahimdad and @Mujtaba for uploading your pictures, every effort counts. I am still waiting and hoping to see some drive pictures from @skumar83 and @jason200 Here is the drive video:
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    Dubai police are in a different league from any police I've encountered on my travels in different countries and deserve a lot of respect for what the job they do.
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    This fault code, as almost any other fault is more likely to involve wiring issues than a defective sensor. Just replacing the sensor without checking and repairing issues like bad connections, high resistances, or intermittent loss of contact in the sensor's control system is like taking candy for a migraine headache. You need to take the car back to the mechanic who replaced the sensor, and demand that he perform continuity, resistance, reference voltage (if applicable), and ground connectivity checks on all the wiring that is associated with the crank position sensor. You will likely find that the issue was not a defective sensor, but a problem in the wiring. Or, as Gaurav suggested, take the car to Barry, who is a competent, professional mechanic who will find, and fix the REAL problem.
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    It's a perfect time for enjoying some wadi excursion now after few sand off-road and on-road trips. Next on the card is picturesque landscape of wadi shawka in RAK. This will be soon next green tourist destination of RAK. Thanks to the Shawka dam that holds 275,000 cubic meter of rain water to slowly disperse evenly to protect farms and enhance the greenery of this beautiful wadi and preserve wildlife. It is ideal location for family recreational and picnic get together with bbq. Plan is to enjoy the Shawka dam surroundings and find a good spot for lunch and bbq like always. After the lunch we will explore the wadi track more deeper inside and hoping to exit from the back side of the shawka if condition permits or else return to entrance for safer exit. What to expect: Mountain track, Shawka Dam, Water ponds, greenery, birds, hiking trek & great company. Date: 03 March, Friday, 2017 Meeting time: 12:30 PM Meeting point: Last ADNOC at sharjah - kalba road GPS Coordinate: https://goo.gl/maps/sr2UeSoppzt Level of drive: Slightly challenging after lunch, hence only 4x4 's with reasonable ground clearance are preferable What to bring along: Stuff for BBQ or lunch with a little extra to share with all, grill, charcoal, lighter fluid and BBQ meat or chicken, water, liquids, smiles, stories, enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Approximate finish time: 6 - 7 PM List of participants: Gaurav Khanna - 050 5258706 Waqas Zohair - 056 1777392 Habeeb - 056 9761559 Kavin - 056 6442684 Mujtaba - 050 8100074 Srikumar - 055 9567471 Girish - 050 7446740 Rahul Rahimdad Kadwani - 050 6749099
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    Absolutely loved this trip! @Rahimdad and @Gaurav were so welcoming and enthusiastic having myself and my 1 year old daughter along. I have the utmost respect for them. Listening to their advice along the trip, it made me realise that although they have loads of experience, they still respect the desert, and aimed to keep us safe while keeping it fun. I did manage to get a couple of photos, especially of a very distant one of @Gaurav chasing the gazelles. The video is amazing too! What a lovely memory keepsake. Thank you so much, and I look forward to another family-friendly drive. Pier x
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    If you are looking for numbers like 10 years lifespan on road = 5 years if off-road, then it won't be a good idea to compare. This is what everyone here trying to make you understand that you can ruin the 10 year lifespan car in first year in offroad if you drive like a maniac, whereas you might get 8-10 year lifespan from same vehicle if you know when and how much to push with gentle heart and sane approach (-) minus EGO. I have seen people destroying their brand new cars in first year thinking it's a tank, king of offroad or indestructible off-road ride and soon after cursing that model / brand. Engines, Gearbox and Transmission are generally speaking built very very tough to serve at least 200k - 300k kms easily. How people use / abuse is entirely up to them. If you don't change engine oil, any engine will be cooked after 15-20k kms. Same for gearbox and transmission oil change as per their schedule interval it must to keep car in healthy state. As far as you are following all car manufacturer instructions for servicing each and every part on time and replacing the worn out or broken parts with OEM or equivalent quality, then car can run for years and years. I once ruined the Land Crusier differential, which was in pristine condition and I was new in off-road and I listen to someone advise but with half instruction. Totally my bad and nothing to do with Land cruiser or Toyota build quality, it was just based on driver's stupidity. I also like to mention that don't measure any car lifespan in terms of years but instead of odometer reading, as everything in car wears off with the number of kms it is driven and not only from the number of years of age. I do drive 1999 MItsubishi Pajero model with 188,000 Kms and still drive like a charm on off-road and on-road. And I am so much in love with that, that I ditch my 2012 Mustang GT for office on few days to spent more time with my Pajero.
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    I've never looked at any vehicle as having a useable lifespan. A car will keep going as long as you keep putting parts on it when they become worn or broke. Of course, this eventually leads to the triggers broom scenario. There is no doubt that driving off road will cause parts to wear out faster but any numbers or percentages put on it would just be completely made up numbers. It depends on different factors, the drivers personal driving style, mechanical sympathy, terrain i.e. mainly flat ground or small dunes or attempting huge hill climbs. The weather is also a factor. If you're off-roading in summer compared to winter, the extra heat will put more stress on rubber parts and oil filled parts such as suspension, engine, gearbox and diffs. Again, which parts wear out first will also down to the above factors. If you're driving on level ground, the engine, drivetrain, suspension etc will not be taking much abuse. If you're doing a lot of small dunes the suspension and 4x4 system will be working a lot harder, if you're doing hill climbs the engine will be taking more abuse. Im sorry there isn't a more definitive answer to your question but how long is a piece of string?
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    @derik Very hard question to answer. I have had brilliant luck and my 4x4s have never died on me before. I guess a lot would depend on your driving style and how well you take care of your vehicle. I have previously driven a Land Rover Discovery 1 which was a 1998 model from 2010 - 2015 with very little trouble and a lot of fun,sold it with still quite a bit of kick left in it, the mileage when I sold it was showing over 400K Kms. I now have a Nissan Pathfinder for the past year or so with 220K kms on the clock and it is running smooth for a 2001 model and Gaurav Bhai with his trusty 1999 Pajero has done his fair share also. My experience is as long as you take good care of your vehicles, they will take god care of you in turn. Part availability depends on the number of those vehicles in use and as long as scrap yards in Sharjah these 4x4s will always keep running. i have seen some 1992 Jeep Wranglers (YJs) and some Land Criuiser and Nissan patrol from the same era still running on the roads and still looking in good condition. I remember a couple of years back Nissan had asked owners of Nissan Patrol who had purchased their vehicles from AWR and driven it for 25 years or more for a celebration and there were quite a few and most of them were on the off-road scene as well. In conclusion a careful driver, who maintains his ride well and as long as parts are available, these machines never give up.
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    Very well put thoughts from @ayman_khateeb this is truly the same thing we have witnessed in offroad clubs in UAE since 2006. Just FYI, person who rolled here has an Oman Insurance and only paid 200 dhs excess without any fuss, also AXA and RSA are very good in honoring the offroad claims. Just in Jan one of the off-road club member rolled in Liwa and his insurance made endless drama to honor his claim and ask for pics and video to show the place. In my understanding if you have good company off-road insurance then whether you take / share pics or video it doesn't matter. Whereas in shady insurance it's always gonna be tough to get the claim passed so again whether you take / share pics or video it doesn't matter. Secondly as per my understanding all rolls/flips are unique as there are so many factors (drive style, center of gravity, weather, accidents, bad luck, lack of experience, mechanical failure) affecting it so the more we analyse and share, more awareness we will make for fellow off-roaders and make this sport safe for everyone. Off course we don't encourage name and shame even, but as a process if person car and name goes public, this serves another secondary reason for everyone to be more careful and sensible. I personally know a Marshal in one club who rolled 4 times in last season and if his name or incident gone public, he would have trimmed his aggressive drive style or correct his vehicle center of gravity than showing the sideys on top of risky dunes. Sometimes little fear of failure is good in such adventure sports. In my honest opinion club branding should get better by reducing the number of flips/rolls than hiding it, by giving new off-roaders confidence that nothing is brushed under the carpet and they are in absolutely safe and seasoned atmosphere.
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    Thanks everyone for joining with such great enthusiasm and community spirit. We had yet another fantastic carnity drive to explore the hidden gem - Zakher Lake inside the desert of Al Ain. Thanks @Rahimdad for showing such great place and supporting every bit of the drive from leading a short adrenaline filled dune bashing to pushing a 2WD drive in deep sands. Overall we had 7 cars - Nissan Pathfinder, Volkswagen Tiguan, Toyota Prado, Ford Escape, Jeep Wrangler and 2 Mitsubishi Pajero's. All cars with little push and pull made it to slightly deeper spot for better view of dunes and lake. We had lovely barbecue and late lunch filled with multi-cuisine dishes. We all enjoyed the awesome weather in super awesome place with amazing company of easy and fun-loving members. Here are the pictures from my camera, hope to see other's pictures soon:
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    Wonderfull report @Rahimdad and wonderful photos @Gaurav. It was truly an Ultimate family adventre ! I was a little bit nervous at first due to the family in the back but with the expert guidance of @Rahimdad and @Gaurav my confidence grew and we completed the trip with ease and enjoyed some refreshments at the Quadra lakes. Thanks to the @Carnity team again and I hope there will be another trip soon ! My wife will post some more photos.
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    Wow @Gaurav bhai, Really an amazing day out with some awesome people.The pics are just out of this world and show how we were able to manage some nice open spaces to drive among some very challenging small dunes which would have been very technical to handle. Well done everyone, and cannot wait for the video of this drive. It was a brilliant idea and thanks to the support from @Gaurav bhai on Thursday after work to head out a s we faced one challenge after another. So here goes the trip report including the vents on Thursday for the Scouting of the area which helped us navigate everyone safely through some awesome terrain. As Gaurav bhai and I set out on Thursday after work we had an accident on the way which slowed down our progress to reach the deflation point in Lisali. We made it around 5:30 pm which meant we had very little time to navigate through this tough terrain. Secondly, my GPS was missing the waypoints which meant I did not have a very good picture of which way we were supposed to head. Thanks to Gaurav Bhai's Motion X on Iphone, he managed to find the waypoints and with him in the lead we were on our way. We entered from the Lisali Fort and headed right into some awesome looking white dunes, but soon we realized that this was not going to be a simple task. Small, white, difficult to read, very technical and small dunes with soft patches and lots of pockets made it difficult to continue that way. Finally Gaurav Bhai took a hit to the nose of his bumper which soon made us realize that we had to look for an alternate route. At this time it was already 5:50 pm and this is when our efforts took a change for the better. Gaurav Bhai was able to find a nice track on wide open dunes which lead us to the power lines, we literally flew through the terrain where at one point Gaurav Bhai's Pajero had all 4 tires in the air. At one point we came to the end of the track and had to follow the road to Qudra Lakes as part of the area was sealed of for an event. We made it in 1 hours and were glad that we had found gold in terms of a track where everybody could manage. We found a couple of Gazelles on the way out, but they were quick to run away in to the wilderness in a flash. We inflated and headed home with a satisfaction of finding the perfect route. Day 2, and the day was on us to manage a group who was out with us for 2 - 3 drives only, including this one. The on-time meet-up was perfect, as we gathered and I decided to give an early drivers briefing, after which we were on our way. Joseph was on for the third time out of 3 and was really looking forward to what this area had for offer. Jason along with his wife Pierre and his daughter April was nervously excited, he wanted to do this with the family and wanted it to be safe at the same time. As we deflated and headed out to the tracks and surely reached the power cables shortly and safely. The idea was to stay close to the cable lines as there was a gauge track which was just in case anyone was unable to handle the terrain or we fall short of time, we could use the track. Besides the only stuck throughout the trip, Jason was able to handle the terrain very well and grew in confidence with every rolling dune. The surprise for all of us was still in wraps as we headed from one dune to the next, and even our youngest adventurer at just 1 year of age, April, was able to enjoy how his dad was negotiating dune after dune. Finally the surprise was out of the wraps and we were treated to about a dozen Gazaelles which just races away in front of us in to the dunes ahead. We took a stop and some photographs and as the Gazelles disappeared into the dunes we set off for the rest of our adventure. As we drove of I explained to Joseph that I had never seen so many Gazelles at one place and if we did not spot anything else for the day, my trip was made with this sighting. As we headed close to the track and closed in on the other side of the road where the Qudra Lakes were, I decided to take one final plunge in to the dunes to reach this beautiful sight. My radio blared with Gaurav bhai's voice warning me of the danger of facing all slip faces and with our young explorer we would have to be very vigilant. Just a 4 Kilometers road took us approximately 11 Kilometers to finish, that is the extent of care we put into the remaining journey. We drove past the slip faces to find an opening to the other side and again travelled some distance before we found an opening to the next. On the way we found someone with a pop-out and decided to help him although he had assured us he could handle it himself. Within no time we had his tire fixed and we were on our way. Just as we homed in to our target spot we spotted around 20 Gazelles very close to us and taking of, Gaurav Bhai gave them a chase, as the chase was coming to a close he realized he did not capture the moment on his GoPro, devastated and heading back he spotted just the one resting behind a dune and on went the GoPro and chase on again. As his chase came to an end, we headed across the last few dunes to see the water in the middle of the desert right in front of our eyes. What a sight for soar eyes. So we reached the lake and took a round to decide where we would settle, as we found a suitable place and no sooner had we stopped, the tables, chairs BBQ was all out and we were one hungry bunch. Gaurav Bhai and Pierre with their cameras headed out to capture some moments in the dying light, while Jason and myself setup the BBQ. I would like to thank Jason, Pierre and April for some awesome meat, Gaurav Bhai for some awesome snacks, drinks, biryani, daal and chiken tikka and last but not the least Joseph and Shilpa for some awesome sweet dish. These were all enjoyed by us with a nice chat reflecting the drive, the improved techniques of Jason's driving, the awesome weather, the bright moon and many more topics. Time just meted through those moments and we finally decided to pack up and go. As we headed out towards the bike shop for inflation, we discovered that I had lost my compressor hose which meant we had only one inflator which Gaurav Bhai had. We inflated Jason and sent him on his way as our young explorer was all wound out. No sooner had we started inflating Gaurav Bhai's car, we received a gentleman who needed the inflator for his vehicle which had lost all air near the lakes. We headed out with him to help the family and headed back out to inflate my Pathy and head to Joseph's trusty Mazda 6. We said our final goodbyes and headed home with a flavour of the best trip in all the 3 drives we have had so far. In conclusion we have had 3 drives so far, all with a different flavor, the first was in the Kalba area which was a morning drive with breakfast with some play time, all managed well and enjoyed the trip thoroughly. Second was the drive in the Pink Rocks area in the morning also with breakfast, which started of as a chilly but wonderful morning and half way through the trip the weather took the change for the worse, although the sand was dampened but the spirits were still high. The third was the Lisali area with a finish on the Qudra Lakes and ended with BBQ. I enjoyed all these trips with you and thank each and everyone who participated and showed interest, with a special thank you to Gaurav Bhai to support the drives not only through encouraging words, but equally with never ending support with his actions.
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    New set of RTA fines for all UAE emirates gonna be implemented soon and they seem to be very strict this time with heavy monetary fines, impounding vehicles and black points. All passengers seat belt is mandatory or fine for 400 dhs - VERY NICE Drunk driving - license bye bye for 1 year - AMAZING Best is reckless driving now 3000 dhs fine with 23 black points and 60 days vehicle impounding. WOW EXCELLENT I can see some great and really thoughtful thinking in authorities head before coming up with such nice penalties for road users here. It's really much needed considering the everyday traffic madness. Good job RTA and Police
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    Sad gaurav Bhai the party starts at 7:30 pm so no chance but no worries we will join in the NXT family drive. Inshallah.
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    Thanks everyone for sharing the pictures and videos, very good community spirit shown. Just like the drive, video turn out to be equally amazing with all team effort. Enjoy.
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    http://blackflag.jalopnik.com/pink-floyd-s-drummer-crashed-his-mclaren-f1-gtr-1793420790 I love Pink Floyd. Drummer Nick Mason is a massive petrolhead and owns all sorts of machinery. Sadly, he has crashed his F1 but thankfully, he is ok.
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    Toyota Century, the thinking mans Rolls Royce. The only Toyota V12 mass produced car. Favorite of Yakuza gangsters.
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    Total route from Murqquab to Lisalli Best driver prize Exhaust onsite repair by teamwork Chilling with SUPERMAN
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    Wow @Gaurav bhai. What an idea sirjee. This is one of the most amazing tracks that I can remember. I first did this track behind you @desertdude and we ended up in Lisali where we had sand formations. I hope we can touch that area again with the sand formations. Insha Allah I am in with full support. Just one suggestion Gaurav Bhai. Can we please have the meet up at the mosque in Marquab instead of the petrol station, so that we can deflate and head in straight away? https://goo.gl/maps/n3iAGB7m2KJ2
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    Hahahaha, this post is more than 6 years old.
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    @Gaurav @Rahimdad you are both very welcome. Much love. Isn't it funny how these things seem to get fixed much quicker late at night? @jason200 and anyone else who is having problems with seatbelt tensioners firing on rough terrain, you can remove the SRS fuse before going off road which will disable the system. Although be aware, you will have no airbags if anything happens which may or may not be a good thing but it will save you from having to replace a lot of things if you have a little bump. Sadly, the belt tensioners are a single use only thing that cannot be repaired, once they have fired, they need replaced.
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    I would have loved this too, but as our little one is a bit too young, and I'm a bit of a scaredy cat, I'll wait until the next family-friendly drive. I really enjoyed the Lisaili-Al Qudra lake drive, especially meeting you all. See you soon! Pier x
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    I am still waiting for the pictures from rest of the 5 people out of 9. Like I said before everyone has to contribute to the community and post pictures here after the drive. It doesn't matter if its mobile or SLR, it doesn't matter if its 2 or 20, please start posting pictures to share good moments. P.S. If you have not clicked any, then start taking few for your contribution from next drive. Here is the beautiful video to summarize our precious moments.
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    all famous brands and manufactures following high standard in car built most of replies was accurate in not given specific figures by years or mileage it is depend on you and the damn genius mechanic!!!
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    Thanks @Amar for being so appreciative. Like minds think alike, my wife has the Pajero 2014 model, and I too was thinking of getting plastic surgery for the front face with the new 2016 model onward grill with the day night running lamps. This is so cool. I saw a few in Sharjah near Sahara Center and I am sure you will find one for your amazing Kia. From what I have heard Satwa is also pretty good with such accessories. I wish you all the best and do let us know where you get it from and how much it cost you. Please do not forget to bargain as they do tend to over price their stuff.
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    Hi Rahim, Wow that was a quick response and thanks a lot for the same. I am looking out to replace my headlights (the full assembly) with the 2014/2015 assembly with 2 projector lamps which comes with day night running LED lights as my model of 2012 has one projector lamp and no d/n led lights.
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    Guys I am in. But bit confused about taking family along considering the previous posts in this topic and you guys are aware of the ages of my children. Your advice will help me make up my mind @[email protected]
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    Thanks guys for the amazing trip. Here are a few pics that we clicked.
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    Wish you all the best Greg, hopefully case will be resolved in your favor with you not loosing any major bucks.
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    Hi @Gaurav, please add me in as well. Look forward to another exciting trip with you guys. Kavin 0566442684
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    hi guys what a wonderful trip this was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to all the guys in the group for making this one so happening. Looking forward to an other one like this. It was most enjoyable drive I have had yet. Truly amazing
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    @Danny, please note @Gaurav had started a thread which I think has been forgotten, please follow the below link.
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    @Gaurav, amazing video bhai, really takes me back to the moments that made this trip such a wonderful experience. You chasing the Gazelle looks like a game on a high definition console. Adrenaline still pumping through my veins after watching this video.
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    The first thing you'll need to do is remove the intake manifold and anything that is attached to it. Then remove the plugs from the coils. Next remove the 10mm bolts holding the coils and take the coils off and put them somewhere safe. Next remove the spark plugs with a deep 16mm socket. As the old Haynes manuals used to say, refitting is the reverse of removal. In the older models, it's possible to change the plugs without removing the manifold, it's just awkward. They changed the design in 2006 or 2007 and made it a pain in the ass. It's not overly difficult, just time consuming.
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    I really doubt buddy, as what you are expecting has to have a capability to run native support of android. It's not a problem, but its a design that Ford has made, and you really can't do much about it. BTW, which GT you meant that has native android support?