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    Im driving this car since 3 years now and I have saved quite a lot of money for long time to upograde my civic to 2 door accord - my dream car. Although it might not sound very fancy to the luxurious segment car owner but i belive for the common mass this is a top end car we can afford and having a coup is an added luxury. Price: 130,000 AED (when new in 2014) Bought for: 105,000 AED (In 2015) Pros - Awesome styling from wheels to the body - Great on road presence among its league - Very reliable and capable car overall - Responsive handling and comfortable ride - Top notch safety ratings and awesome cabin - 4.7 rating out of 279 reviews Cons - Back seat not good for 6 feet size adult - Honda parts are little expensive than others - Starter failure - known problem - Comes with pathetic tires, so change is needed - Lane watch should be on both sides - 3.5 is thirsty in city but on highway with ECON mode is very nice and reasonale Specifications Engine & Power Engine Capacity (liters) 3.5 Cylinders V6 Drive Type Front Wheel Fuel Tank Capacity (liters) 65 Fuel Economy (L/100 Km) 8.8 Fuel Type Petrol Horsepower (bhp) 276 hp Torque (Nm) 339 Transmission Automatic Top Speed (Km/h) 212 Seating Capacity 5 Seater Acceleration 0-100 Km/h 7.3 Sec Measurements Length (meters) 4.890 Width (meters) 1.850 Height (meters) 1.465 Wheelbase (meters) 2.775 Trunk Capacity (liters) 447 Although Honda Accord is a top choice for families, but many opting for serious upgrade from current entry level sedan chooses the Accord. It's 2 door coupe is among the most sportier option available from Honda with a very capable and responsive engine. I have never felt short of power when I really need to push this car for limits from zero stand still. For the great styling and road presence i can confidently say that it is the best looking japanese car in town. I hear that earlier than 2012 model gear was an issue, but this model so far has no issues on the cvt gearing and runs and drive perfect. I have completed almost 60,000 kms on this car and have not regretted this buy even for one day or one hour, it is the best thing I have done so far as im in love with this car, reliability, looks, performance, handling, boot space, fuel economy. ECO mode is good for highway to get good fuel mileage, if you use that in city car is less responsive and in case you hit throttle hard then car will jitter a bit to switch of econ and comes back to original 3.5 liter response. The electronic adjustments could be more user friendly. I'm not an electronics person and don't care otherwise, but the system can be quirky. Mechanically, no complaints so far, haven't been in for anything more than routine maintenance and a recall regarding the battery sensor. I will highly advise changing out the factory tires as soon as you can because you'll be replacing them by 30,000 kms anyway. Car is perfectly roomy for 5 adults...plenty of leg room in the rear seating. Trunk is roomy, but entry could be wider. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this vehicle to friends and family, and Hondas in general. Can't go wrong! Two of the best video reviews I searched to add more value for next buyer.
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    The review is written considering the fact that a 20 year old car is being driven in the year 2018 with its current main purpose being for offroading Pros - Old School Driving - Bullet proof Inline 4.0 Engine - Light Weight Unibody Construction - Extremely Capable Offroader - Easy to Modify Cons - Basic Features - Famous for Death Wobble - Reliability is a concern - Tends to overheat unless modification is done A car that was initially launched in 1984 as a compact utility vehicle, the Cherokee XJ has grown to be one of the originators and the precursor to the current day SUVs. Its design has been noted as one of the greatest of all time. Popular Mechanics listed the XJ as one of "the 25 greatest boxy cars of all time". It is built on a unibody construction which offers it a light weight body Vehicle Specs - 6 cylinder inline 4.0 engine - Power 190 hp @ 4300 rpm - Torque 305 N.m @ 3000 rpm - Gross Weight of approx 1400 kg - Transmissions are 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic. In the UAE market, the XJ is available in GCC, American (most common) and Japanese specs. One should be careful while buying the American Spec or rather the American import cars as many of them have been in some sort of accident with some of them having serious damage. Traditionally Cherokee XJs do run hot due to their limited size of the radiator, and hence the GCC Spec is the most preferred version. Cherokee XJs come with solid front and rear axles. Though an outdated technology in comparison to Independent Suspension, it follows the principal of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Hence a very rugged design which is useful when one takes this car offroad. Further, modifications in terms of lift kit and installation of bigger tyres is relatively easier compared to an Independent Suspension vehicle. However, saying that, the vehicle in stock condition runs a finely balanced suspension, and any alteration such as a lift can trigger the famous death wobble especially with worn out busing and joints. In current times, most buyers of this vehicle are mainly offroad enthusiasts, who appreciate the the high power to weight ratio (135 hp per ton). However, in offroad the manual version does overshine the automatic version purely because in the automatic version the lowest possible gear that can be selected is a 1-2, and the vehicle does tend to upshift after reaching a speed of 40 km/h which kills the entire torque which is the most critical aspect of steep uphill climbs. While this issue can be overcome by selecting 4 low in the transfer case it does put a lot of strain on the engine as its revving at 5000+ rpms. I strongly recommend to go for a GCC spec manual transmission as that gives one the liberty to choose the right gear for the moment which is especially useful in long steep hill climbs as shown in the below videos: Location : Sweihan Location : Faya (from the right side) Reliability is a definite concern with the Cherokee XJ, and hence I advise those who are interested in this vehicle to get the vehicle properly inspected before doing a purchase. Further, it is advisable to get all the wearable parts replaced with original MOPAR parts instead of cheap after market parts before venturing into the desert. I have been driving this vehicle for the past year both as a daily driver as well as my weekend drives and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The vehicle I drive is almost stock except for the following modifications: 1. Replaced the existing radiator with a 4 core aluminium radiator 2. Added extra fans infront of the radiator to improve the cooling under offroad driving conditions 3. 3" inch lift by installing harder suspensions Major expenses in terms of maintenance has been replacement of clutch and flywheel, along with replacements of the track bar and some bushings. Conclusion : Would I recommend this vehicle to others? Would definitely recommend a manual transmission Cherokee XJ if you are able to get a good clean vehicle (which can be quite rare and difficult to find) as its a lot of fun to drive this vehicle. It would also help to have a good mechanic as your friend to help you with the fixes from time to time. I bought the vehicle for AED 11,000 (slightly above the market price), plus I spent an additional AED 5000 to get it to current condition, but I have not yet regretted my decision. P.S. If you like this review, don't forget to hit the 'Like' Button
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    With a long time off from the one thing I am passionate about, it was the perfect time out. Thank you to Gaurav bhai, Sreekumar bhai, Shafeeq bhai for providing the excellent company. A very important decision was to be made even before starting the drive and an educated decision meant I had Shafeeq bhai as my companion and co-driver. He took it very sportingly. The terrain is amazing and challenging at the same time. With a very able bunch we were able to manage the terrain with no stucks. After finishing the expected route with everybodies consent we continued towards the Qudra Lakes. Half way through we stopped for some snacks and some cold refreshments. During the break we had some very interesting discussions which engaged us and opened pur eyes to new possibilities. After a very good session we continued to Qudra Lakes, exited, inflated and back to our humble abodes. But not before 1 major stuck to make sure nobody complained about the drive being a boring one. Until next time stay safe and enjoy every moment in life.
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    Amazing off-road terrain from Murquab to Lisalli to Qudra Lake in Dubai that offers an amazing mix of medium - tall dunes along with the surprise of small technical dunes. Plenty of opportunities to play and have good dune bashing or dune driving along these set of lovely white sand dunes. Advisable for seasoned lead driver along with fewbies and intermediate drivers only. This area is not suitable for newbies or absolute newbies off-roaders. Minimum cars: 3 capable proper 4x4 cars with recovery points. Sharing the track of exact drive and terrain we followed. Staring: Marquab Waypoint: 24.820579º N - 55.572085º E Finished: Qudra lake Waypoint: 24.849747º N - 55.345336º E Complete route track in GPX and KMZ file attached below - Enjoy. Murquab Lisalli Qudra .gpx Murquab Lisalli Qudra .kmz
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    If you want a land rover you’ll have to pay for my visa because you’ll need a full time mechanic.
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    I just love cars. Gave up on social media a long time ago. If you need to find a bit of information it’ll be stored on a forum somewhere. When it’s posted on Facebook it’s gone in a few days and impossible to find. Met a lot of good people through carnity. Met a few retards too but the good people outweigh them. The retards tend to stick to Facebook.
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    Welcoming @Rami Hanna - 1999 Pajero 3.5 - Proud owner I just met near my office and stopped him on the busy street to say hi (too bad), as you hardly see these beasts in pristine condition and still running with full pride and honor. Looking forward to seeing you Rami more often on drives or near our offices.
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    But what if you’re engine is designed to run on something like 5w30 and you try running it on 10w40, even for a short while? You’ll have awesome oil pressure but the oil will be too thick to circulate properly and will wear out the bearings, cam lobes etc in a shorter time. You need to stick to the oil grade recommended for your engine. This is why I cringe every time I hear a “mechanic” saying it’s old, just put 50 in it. In actual reality it’s doing more harm than good even if it is stopping a rattling noise.
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    Offroad is anything off the trmac road - beach, kacha, gravel, gauge track, wadi, mountain, desert, dunes etc. , dune bashing is bashing the sand dunes at low or high speed. wht is the prize for winner?
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    First of all there is no fast lane, its the overtaking lane, meant only for overtaking, once you have done that, go back. https://www.thenational.ae/uae/transport/experts-explain-importance-of-using-overtaking-lanes-correctly-to-uae-drivers-1.643737
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    Offroading is a general term which can be even a drive through the wadi, jungle or the desert. Whereas dune bashing is specifically pertaining to offroading in the desert. Also, I think dune bashing is more pertaining to a high speed drive through the desert while offroading in sand is like going at a relatively slower pace through some technical dunes
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    Use Google Satelite, it's crispy clear on 16 x zoom level. In some area, it has an overlap of images and discolors from one tiled image to another but still, dunes formation is fully readable. If you can't read dunes now, then I am sure after few drives and comparing the phone screen to real life dunes in front you, you will pick up that art very soon.
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    If you have Motion X then you don't need anything else, just import the track in motion X, go to the place and it will constantly show you that track and also it can record your track if record track is switched on. Motion X is one the BESTEST application I have tried for offline GPS that supports the topography maps to show you the dunes formation even. That's how I first drove in this area in 2017, by avoiding the small technical dunes and going over the medium and big dunes. Of course, you need mobile internet for constant topography update, but in UAE Etisalat coverage is awesome unless you are deep inside Liwa. Btw, @Rahimdad has recently used one of the Motion X track by intelligently importing in some Android App, so will wait to hear from him and see how he did it and how good was that.
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    A real workhorse and sole survivor in Indian Car market for almost 2 decades.
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    Your welcome, but don't go less than 3 cars as this area is quite tricky and filled with soft sand and pockets. That's the whole idea to share the trail and let others explore the world the same way we see it. I will be doing this for my other 70+ tracks soon.
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    Welcome along Rami! That’s a pretty rare Pajero you have there with the 3.5. Looks like a beauty too!
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    Last day to like for your winner - Post your car review The tough battle is going on between Jeep Cherokee and Honda Accord review, choose your side now: Jeep Cherokee - 40 likes Honda Accord - 39 likes
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    @malek is almost correct and then second comes @skumar83 and @Frederic Nuyttens Only slight correction that dune bashing is not always you bash the dunes likes of Faya or big red, but traverse through the dunes means it can be slow or fast but through the dunes. Choosing tracks to drive in the middle of dunes is not dune bashing but offroading, that's the point I wanted to make here. A lot of newbie joins on a drive with tons of offroad experience and get crested on the first dune they cross as either they been to track with other clubs or been to beach sand or roadside sand with inflated tires. @desertdude correctly mentioned that desert safari guys stick to desert driving than dune bashing and just touch a couple of side slope to tilt the car and make tourist scream. Totally different world in that line of business when you have to please the tourist in 30 mins - 60 mins drive and make them jump on sunset point for selfies.
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    If an engine has been serviced on schedule and high quality oil has been used it should never need flushed. Remember these guys selling engine flush have sales targets and make commission. Look inside the oil cap. It should be silver or light brown is ok. Black or lumpy bits is bad. If you can see gunk like this in one I done before it's probably too late and you'll need to take the engine apart to clean it.
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    More than posting, I love reading and I have found so many problems solutions without even asking. Really helpful and knowledgeable people around here that I haven't met or seen but hold a great wisdom for car concern.
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    Excellent one. Great thread. Heating is the major issue in old American made cars. U did great research and explained In well constructed statements for the resolution. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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    I started very early as I couldn't sleep for long, so decided to reach at the meeting point by 3 AM and went on top of big red and enjoyed a nice breeze for an hour. Emanuel joined on time and we were just two cars in this convoy. Probably the shortest convoy I had in a very long time. As it was just two of us, so pace was quite fast and nimble. Played around the big red in the dark and then took a 15-20 mins break for the daylight to come so that we can continue through the dunes instead of the track - all the way to Pink rock. And it was the best decision, to wait and enjoy the scenery of this terrain and how we can connect Big Red to Pink Rock all through tall - medium size dunes. We drove for 1 good hour and scaled all the dunes and kept continuing towards the pink rock - I must say that it was the best 1-hour drive with a quality than with a quantity. We wasted a bit of time when I got sucked down in a soft sand pocket where all my 4 tires were free and the car was hanging on front and back bumper only. With a bit of shoveling, we cleared the winch hook and Xterra pulled me out without an effort. We reached Pink rock by 6 and played there for 30 minutes and recorded few videos and then decided to head towards Tawi exit. By 7ish we were out and completed 25 km offroad in less than 2 hours (excluding break and stuck). It was very nice, short and sweet drive to remember for a long time. Thanks, Emanuel for wonderful second lead and sweep.

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