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    Wow, where do i start. Just when you think you have the pulse of what is happening, you are proved wrong. This trip was posted 10 days in advance to allow more people to be able to join along with friends. However, whether it was prior commitments, work, preference, or whatever the reason but with just 2 days to go and no sign-ups, @Gaurav bhai and myself had decided we would go alone if we had to, but the drive will be concluded. Come Thursday and things changed, we started receiving sign-ups even late in the night. Thank you @Asif Hussain for joining, it was our greatest pleasure to have met you. With @baselsm83 having car troubles on Friday afternoon, I was glad Gaurav Bhai made it to the afternoon session for the desert drive. All met on time and punctuality on this trip was crucial due to the fact that the second session had to start on time. We moved out an time and reached Muhafiz in no time. A quick deflation and a driver briefing we were headed towards Fossil Rocks. For the first time I had @skumar83 in second lead, so he was just behind me and he did a pretty good job at his newly found position. In a convoy the second lead plays a big role along side the lead and sweep team and Sreekumar nailed it. We went through some easy dunes with a single stuck which was easily recovered. Headed to the Fossil Rocks we came across an awesome dune which I could not pass for a side sloping, so my voice blared on the radio to have a 5 minutes play time with a voice in agreement. I was the first one to head out and had a fantastic run, so good that I decided to go at it again. This was followed by a somewhat good run from Sreekumar, however he had a second go at it and he blew the sand away on his second run. We reached the base of Fossil Rocks and another briefing was given out on how to handle the climb, this was managed well by all. Now the real thing on how to descend from Fossil Rocks which is a very steep grade. Everyone followed the instructions well and we were down and headed to the Adnoc Petrol Station for inflation. Sadly no body joined us for the mountain climb and the over night camping session, so Gaurav Bhai and myself headed out and were on top of the mountain within no time. As we headed up the weather had changed for the better, the breeze was cool and refreshing. With strong winds we lined up our cars in a way where we could put up a tent in between and secure it with our cars. We watched the sunset in awe and ogled over the sights by day time during sunset, we could only thank Almighty God for giving us such natural beauty and the chance to be up there to share this beautiful view. As the sun set and we settled in to our grandpa chairs to relax and have some Aloo Parathas that Gaurav Bhai's wife had so graciously made for us, there was a feeling of calm and relaxation which took over. We sat around chatting for a while until we started feeling hungry again. By this tiem the strong wind had changed in to a pleasant breeze, out came the grill and I started the BBQ while Gaurav Bhai experimented with the night photography with his DSLR. The chicken was done and we both sat down and enjoyed the meal while feeling the temperature had gone down feeling a chill. As we finished our meal Gaurav Bhai checked his all reliable watch to see the temperature had dropped to around 22 degrees and he graciously offered me his Jacket while he rapped up in his blanket to continue our chat. Slowly the jacket had passed on to him and the blanket made it my way and I was all rapped up to protect me from the cold. As we headed deeper into the night the temperatures dropped from a cool 22 degrees to 21, to 20 and final read of 19.9 Degrees. We settled into our tent and I believe we were knocked out as soon as we hit the mattress, however strangely each one of us heard the other snore and we could have sworn that neither one of us slept. The heat of the sun woke us up and we were quickly rapping up the tent and other gear as Gaurav Bhai was heating up the second batch of Aloo Parathas and after a quick bite we were headed down. To take a shortcut I took us through some nice easy and small dunes as we were inflated to 25 PSI. We had a stop at Adnoc near Mahafiz to inflate back to 35 PSI and one last stop at the cafeteria for a tea and we were headed home to catch some Zs on our beds. All in all a wonderful drive and experience with awesome people and food that still leaves a lingering taste in our mouth, I would like to thank all who participated and looking forward to seeing you all more often.
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    I initially thought it was a battery issue. I've seen things like this happen before when terminals were loose or earth points were corroded. Even a battery of the wrong type and ampage can cause things like this. The vehicle recently had a new battery fitted so the first thing I had to do was rule it out. It turned out to be an fault in the brake light switch. The ECU, TCM etc were receiving intermittent data and were getting confused as to what the vehicle was actually doing. 110 dhs for a new switch and everything was as good as new. So many people tell me they hate modern cars because there are so many electrical systems all communicating through computers and it's too complicated. My answer is always, it's not complicated, you just don't understand it. With a little bit of time and logical thinking, it's easy to fault find in modern cars when you have some understanding of how the systems operate and how they can affect each other. Personally, I much prefer working on stuff with modern injection and electronic ignition systems. It's so much easier than stripping down carburetors and distributors etc to see what's going on.
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    There you go, pictures just after the paint and at 3M apex gulf after getting the paint protection. It's not the super best quality of job but for the price I have paid compared to Dubai its well worth it and shine nice from a distance. Could have been better with more attention to detail which I think was missing.
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    Totally agree with @Barry that @Rahimdad writing style is so awesome that it resembles a pro journalist that binds person interest in such a way that they mesmerize the moment as if they have been to that drive. +1 The only part where I felt scared was seeing @skumar83 doing a massive sidey for the first time and he pulled it off very nicely and that too times. We spent almost 8 hours talking on top of mountain, and I still feel its short. It was an amazing place to be in but just wind chill factor was a bit too much to turn 20 degrees feel like 15 degrees, secondly too much wind didn't let us sleep at all. Here are my pictures, looking forward to see pics from other cameras: https://carnity.com/gallery/category/15-tawi-khatimah-sand-and-mountain-21-22-april-2017/
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    Awesome. I always love your write ups @Rahimdad like a professional journalist.
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    It seems that since @Barry arrived here, nobody on the forum is having car trouble anymore. I knew he was good, but it seems he is working himself out of a job by being this good!
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    how i must start and how i must end, the words are not supporting me to do justice. lets just say, after all the strategic planning (some would understand, what I am saying here) I finally managed to join the party. it was first time to go to the fossil rocks, the terrain was simple for a newbie and fewbie. and the sand was different OMG red. so the convoy was sailing through it and reached the bottom of the fossil rock clim, where as always the gurus @Gaurav and @Rahimdad guided us to the right way to approach and descend the fossil rock. Every newbie had heart up their throat seeing the great descent but with the right approach and patience it was made easy. not to mention your 4x4 will wiggle wiggle for sure The sun was about to set and yet we have to find the ghost town, so eager to see the mystery place. so en-route that we found many desert mosquitos (aka desert buggies) no surprise it was Faya region. So we reached the ghost town but somehow urbanisation had changed the landscape a bit. still felt HAUNTED. The secret SILK route. This a secret route to heaven, and I can say that because I have experienced it. But as they say heaven does not come easy. That's why the route to heaven was challenging with all focused on the path of car ahead and all the prayers that we know. we reached inch by inch, breath by breath to a place where you have left behind the city light and stars are gazing at you. and moonlight kisses. yes no exaggeration its the most peaceful mountain table top that I have ever been. So we coupled it with some SUFI music, DESI snacks and CARNITY gossips. and did we know when it was morning NO IDEA MATE. From sailing, to thrill to tranquility, it will be a night to remember
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    I watched a video of the latest version of the moon buggy a while back. Nothing really special but I do remember it had a 90 degree steering lock. Going all keiici tesuchiya on the moon would be quite an experience. With the recent space x developments it won't be too long until the regular man like you or I can go to the moon but for the time being, unless your first name is sheikh it's not possible. Hopefully soon though.
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    what a trip...thanks to @Rahimdad and @Gaurav and other participants in the trip. it was a perfect build up...nice sail through the sand to fossil rock...then scary crossing to the other side then the steep descent / free-fall....OOFFF..then again smooth ride to so called Ghost town only to find ghosts have relocated already,,, @Rahimdad tried to find them but came empty handed and really felt bad about that. then came the hill climb…now I think @Rahimdad purposefully delayed the ascent till dark so that we don’t see the path ahead. he pulled first and disappeared in the first bend….after few seconds he walkied there are signs that there was path and now he is finding it…and little later he said come carefully…that mud path was nothing but two goat walking path with 3 feet deep gap in between and on all sides..rain god played its part weeks back it looks like….basically you have to place the car tyres on them and hope it holds…now there is no way back as going back reverse is not an option….we successfully climbed to top and what a view.. it's worth a view..million [email protected] and @Gaurav @Kavin entertained with food and stories….and we reluctantly descended down…wow …the downhill trip made the climb looked nothing..real silk route very silky..everything in the mouth till reaching the plains….special thanks to @Gaurav who was behind me providing lighting and pushing me forward….next time @Rahimdad and @Gaurav name any trip, as poetic as silk route …beware… hope to see the videos as well thanks to all
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    With the recent rain there is no doubt that some people will have had their cars flooded but what should you do? Here are some simple things you can do to lessen the consequences The most important thing is not to start the car. Water may have contaminated the engine and transmission oil and fuel and if you start the engine, this water will be circulated around and cause all sorts of damage. Another possible consequence of starting a flooded engine is hydrolocking. This is when the cylinders fill with water. Water doesn't compress like air so when you turn the engine, the water can't compress so the extra strain goes on the connecting rods which can bend or snap and in turn punch a hole in the block. This is why a mechanic will first remove the spark plugs and turn the engine by hand to see what is going on. If possible, remove the positive battery lead. Touch the lead to the negative terminal on the battery. This will discharge all the capacitors and help to minimise damage to electronic components. The next step is to get the car out of the water and start the drying process as soon as possible. If you can, open a window while waiting for recovery and put some towels or old blankets or sheets on the floor. Once the car gets wet, mouldy starts to set in immediately so this is why you need to get the car dried quickly. Not only does mould smell bad but it is very bad for your lungs. There are many ways to dry your car including dehumidifiers but the best is to get the seats, carpets and sound deadening out and into the sun to dry. Flood water is nasty stuff, not just because it's wet but because it contains mud and silt which can get into components and grind away at them. It is important to ensure that not only has the car been dried but that mud has been washed from underside components like suspension, bushings, driveshafts, cv joints etc. Despite what many people say, all flood damage is repairable but sometimes it comes down to the repair costs costing much more than the car is worth. This is something your insurance will advise you on. Finally, prevention is better than the cure. If you know from the weather forecast that it is going to rain heavily, park your car on high ground or a well drained area so the water won't get to it.
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    Thanks @Rahimdad, it looks exciting. Please add me in. Kavin +971566442684
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    Dear Rahim Bhai, Your are a true explorer, I must say.👍 I would like to join this amazing, exciting journey but unfortunately i have a Sedan car only and can only join On-Road levels. 😕 I'm trying if i can arrange a 4X4 to join you guyz.. Dear Gaurav Bhai, I will confirm my availability by tomorrow evening max.
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    If car is GCC specification, then you are fine with hot weather as they come prepared for 50+ degree heat. I had Cayenne turbo and VW each for 2 years and they worked perfectly fine in Dubai heat. If car is non-gcc, like EU or US specs then don't get tempted even on half price as they will make you pay double during the heat. I burnt my finger once in Jeep Grand Cherokee US specs, that has been always overheating and in end sold as-is on recovery truck.
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    What started as a simple mountain drive, ended up with a big birthday surprise for our darling superman @Rahimdad and that was truly a priceless feeling to see his expressions and reaction. As we all have seen his endless support in all the carnity drive's and forum, so this was the time to return a fraction of his love. We were planning this surprise since two weeks on secret whatsapp group: To cut his bday cake on highest point in the UAE. Everyone came up with great ideas and suggestion to make his bday as memorable as possible. Everyone shared the responsibilities and help making the perfect ambiance for his 45th birthday cake on top of Jabal Jais at 1700 m (recorded). Great teamwork. We all met at ADNOC station near tasjeel Village and started as planned with 6 cars: 2 sedan's and 4 4x4. By the time we reached the tip of Jabal Jais weather was getting hotter and hotter closer to 35 degrees. Thankfully in the morning time on Friday there were no traffic at all, so we had a clean access to this beautiful and most scenic mountain surrounding drive. As we drove up and up, we literally witnessed temperature dropping a degree every 500m or so. We stopped in between at a viewpoint that offered the world's best photography opportunity by showing the snaky road at the backdrop below and twisty mountain on the both sides. After bit of family and fun poses, we continue driving to the top. By 11 am we reached the top of Jabal jais till tramac area as after that it was closed due to ongoing roadworks. We decided to park in an area to setup our birthday bash. As decided and agreed among all of us, by the time we are on top I will take Rahim bhai away so that everyone else can prepare the setup, to my surprise Rahim bhai came to me and told that instead of setting up here, why can't we go little bit down and drive offroad for much better scenic spot. I used this as an excuse and definitely spotted a great spot. Spend 15 minutes there and by the time we came back @jason200, @waqaszohair, @Saadia waqas, @sohini, @Kavin, @Abdul Basit Khan made an awesome arrangement by sticking all Rahim bhai pictures on the car, sticking ballon on the car side view mirror, wrapped a table in white cloth to have the superman cake waiting for Rahim bhai. We cut the cake their and enjoyed the celebration with Rahim bhai favorite Ferrero cake. Afterward, we move to another spot for much breezy access in 30+ degree heat. In that area heat real feel was like 20 degree due to ongoing mountain breeze. In this awesome scenic spot, we enjoyed the lunch and chit chat for an hour. Then people who want to leave for Friday prayer, went down and came back up to spend some more time in sitting on top of 1700 meter tall peak with friends and family. We even ventured our 4x4 to mountain climbing contest and soon couple of folks around us came to ask permission if they can click their pictures with our car, lol. Thanks everyone for bringing enough and amazing food, fruits and drinks to cherish those great moments. It was super nice to see Rahim bhai mom and Kavin's mom and dad on this adventurous drive. Hope the elderly people also had a good time and hopefully we made sure that everyone from 2 years old - 60 years old went back with a smile. Thanks Rahim bhai for such sweet return gift for all the kids and mommies, you are a true superman. By 3 pm, we all decided to pack our cars and head down and at this time we witnessed 100's of car going up and waiting to make this mountain as a fish market. After coming down, we stopped near one of the water pond (not lake) and waiting for some jeepers to turn out for the mud playing, like I and Rahim witnessed few years back and then that guy cried for cleaning up later on. Overall it was yet another awesome day spent together and made a brilliant celebration (as planned) for the birthday boy oops old man
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    There is not a single day in my life when I don't thank Allah SWT for keeping me blessed with the best of family and friends. They help me, encourage me, praise me and criticize me so that I can be the best person possible. Today is my birthday and from my daughter Sadia Kadwani who stayed awake till midnight to wish me. My wife who woke up early on her off day to greet me and be with me and my mother who besides all her pains woke up early to be with me on my birthday on an adventurous trip. My friends particularly one who with his family went beyond his means to make me feel like I was really important, he made me feel like Superman. His planning is immaculate and one cannot guess that he has such a big plan while we try to scout an area. Coming back to where we left everyone, I was awe stuck, have no words. I was made to feel like a celebrity, balloons, banners and my posters in hundreds all stuck on everybodies car. Wanted to cry with joy, but my smile was so wide it did not allow any tears. Time to cut the cake, and a mystery on what a chocolate cake looks like. Wow, it is the symbol of Superman, it matches my T Shirt. With cameras around clicking numerous photos I was flying any high and for the first time my feet couldn't touch the ground. What a moment. For those few minutes I truly felt like Superman. Above all the pride in my others eyes to see so many people so in love with me was priceless. She did raise me well. The day has come to an end, but the love, respect and the moment will live on for ever. I would like to thank all my family and friends and continue to pray for their health, wealth and happiness. Special thanks to my best friend who made it possible.... Gaurav Khanna and Sohini. The first gift I received was from my brother Karam Kadwani, the best perfume in the entire universe. Gaurav bhai than added with LED for my Pathy along with remote for keyless entry. Jason with some sweet indulgences and a sweeter birthday card, Waqas bhai a perfume which smells and looks amazing. Millions of birthday wishes and prayers to make this day the best ever.
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    Here is the video guys for our last Friday drive:
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    Thank God, somebody really understand the true meaning of car community here. VERY nice to meet you @Rahimdad
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    I would love to continue to post any drives and trip here on the website, as I have seen many a times that due to the convenience of having a whats-app or Facebook group the website just fizzles out and becomes lifeless. As I understand Carnity is a car enthusiast group and not a club promoting drives and trips. There are a lot of informative posts and everyday we get to learn and share our knowledge more and more. I would continue to post any drives and trips on the Carnity website and expect anyone who wants to join to post their replies and discussions here.
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    I would love to come but @jason200 is away until Saturday. Have a great day! Pier
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    Sorry cannot make for tommorow as some urgent work has come sorry guys next time for sure
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    @Jeh thank you for your kind words and the absolute full-proof idea for a best selling book by an author based in the UAE. Now I think I need to set aside loyalty for you once this book hits the shelves.
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    Thank you @Barry and @Gaurav bhai for your kind words. I am a story teller and not everybody likes that trait in me, a lot of people get annoyed that I get a lot of time to get to the point. Lovely pics @Gaurav bhai and truly the night seemed short as we chatted away and didn't realize how quickly the time passed us by. It was chilly, but thanks to your warmth and your jacket and blanket, the cold was no match for us.
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    It all depends on the car looks and how nasty brand image it has. Like Nissan Patrol making too much doof doof will caught every cop attn, on other side Pajero will get away peacefully. I have removed that resonator 3 years back and apart from free flow and little low rev drone, I didnt feel much difference but noise on highway at 3k RPM was deafening. So stick the resonator back, upgrade the whole pipes from 1.5 - 2.5 inches and got magnaflow (quieter) exhaust in end and now it breathes freely and perform same but with less noise and highway drone. I have got my Pajero passed from 2012-2015 without resonator and no cop ever stopped me or my wife as it was her road car and my desert car.
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    It was an absolute beautiful night with great company. The movie was much awaited and loved the action scenes. Thanks to all who made it, was a night out to remember.
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    What an amazing night we had watching the much awaited Fast and Furious 8 at Reel Cinema, Dubai Mall. Almost everyone reached on time unlike drives, so I assumed that everyone was also equally excited. The only thing I didn't like about Reel cinemas unlike Vox that no much posters and branding done for this awesome movie. We found only one good poster in the alley that has no much distance to take focussed pictures, check the blurred memories here: https://carnity.com/gallery/category/14-movie-night-fast-and-furious-8-14-apr-2017/
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    Rolling resistance means for how long the tires can freely rotate once you leave the gas pedal. Smoother straight line highway thread have least rolling resistance and roll the car for long once you lift off the foot from gas pedal. Chunky, beefy thread offroad and m/s thread will have too much resistance as car slows down instantly as soon as you lift foot off the gas pedal. This rolling resistance play very important rolde in fuel efficiency and there is a good 10%-15% difference in fuel mileage for best and worst rolling resistance tires. There is no Z class, but i belive there is class A - G and it's the combination of three things that matter while choosing your tire Fuel mileage + Wet grip + Noise. Higher the fuel mileage rating will have worst of wet grip. Higher the wet grip will have worst the fuel mileage + too much road noise. Ideal tire selection range for normal road usage in UAE heat: Fuel mileage: B-D Wet grip: A-C Noise: 60-80 db
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    @Rahimdad I read on one of the uk forums that there is a new dodge coming out that is a step up from the hellcat. I can't remember what it's called though.
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    May be the compressor has a bad bearing also.
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    It must be coming while driving too, but with road and engine noise you might not be hearing it. Slight extra AC load on engine due to low rev while idle is normal for all cars especially in summer months, as AC work harder and frequent but what grinding noise you get, can you attach an audio file here.
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    Service centres are scammers. Here is a thread on the issue, Much better to find an independent garage who knows what they're doing and knows how to follow manufacturers service schedules. If someone tells you an oil is good for 3k or 6k or whatever they're full of shit and most likely putting in the wrong oil which will decrease your engines life. In the U.K. I was doing standard oil changes on some cars at 10,000 miles which is 16,000 kilometres and had no issues. Some brands such as VW and BMW spec oil at twice those distances. Do your research, know what oil your car needs and when it needs changed. Don't trust these capitalist monkeys.
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    I am a simple man with simple dreams. Are you Dodge has got big on me. I have driven a 5.7 Hemi on a Jeep Commander, and test driven the same on a Ram 1500. I would now like to add the Dodge Charger Hellcat on Road, and the Dodge Durrango Crew version off-road.
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    Looking forward to hear a lot of stories from you @tamils_siva, your stories are much more interesting, specially the way you use words.
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    Jazak Allah khair @Abdul Basit Khan bhai, You have a keen eye in seeing the adventurer in me, but as I keep repeating that I am a people person and love to meet new people and make friends. I post drive on Carnity to give people a chance to join, learn, enjoy and see new places. For me without participants like you, there would be no motivation to continue. If you can arrange for a 4x4 it would be an awesome experience to learn a new art, but I would suggest you can still meet us at the meeting point and hop in with one of us. We can drop you on the way back from the trip. Would love to meet you on Friday. @Kavin welcome aboard pal. Now this drive is looking great with so many fun people. I have a feeling that this is going to be the best trip ever.
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    @tamils_siva thank you for your kind effort and gesture. Your name has been added to the main thread and I am looking forward to meeting you on Friday.
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    best is to call previous owner/dealer and ask how he got it passed last year, use same paid wasta will be quicker and cheaper.
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    All car dealer have big wasta here and pay enough bribe to get their car pass for first time and then second time onward RTA dont make much noise as it's in there system. Where as RTA has very high standard for you and me when we stick one sticker behind our car, they fail our car but let go the repair chasis for few hundred dhs.....!
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    Thank you Abdul Basit, I really enjoyed your company and it was a great pleasure to meet you too. Thanks Barry, free service for the birthday boy, valid for 1 month from the date of issue. hahahaha. Thanks Trek, you guys are awesome.
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    Happy birthday Rahim bhai and I hope you have many more.
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    I would want to change it every 80k or 3 years, whichever comes sooner. The mitsubishi timing belts are perfectly fine. When it comes to spurious belts, gates is the only brand I trust. Chinese belts may be fine, they may not but usually you get what you pay for. An extra 50 dhs for a quality belt is nothing compared to maybe 1500 dhs for head rebuild if a cheap unknown brand fails. Cost just depends on which garage you choose but again, you get the quality of work you pay for. A more expensive garage is more likely to clean things and put them back together properly whereas a cheap garage is more likely to just stick silicon on everything to hold it together.
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    Try to get maximum footage from rear mounted camera, it looks awesome. ! Camera on the dashboard showing the rear side of the car is no fun to watch. Also hope to see some drone shots too soon.. Gaurav bhai.
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    Awesome video Gaurav Bhai, you just seem to be getting better every week.
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