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  1. arshad

    Stalled camaro :s

    Shabir wrote: > My strongest advise is, go to the car again and try jump starting with your > friend's car or some other car and see if it starts after 5 minutes of > attaching the leads. Many times battery dies without any prior indication > and looks good all way long. > > If car still not starting, then get the car to trustworthy mechanic as > ashish mentioned. > > If car is not cranking at all with jump leads even, then your starter motor > (self) is dead. Change that simply. > > OR > > If car is cranking but not starting then one should look on below points in > their priority sequence. > > 1) Battery isnt weak and not supplying enough cranking amp. > 2) Loos battery terminal connection, move them slightly and if they swivel, > then remove them clean them and refix it tightly. > 3) Check all spark plugs wires are properly inserted and fixed firmly. > 4) Check all spark plugs are fine and not jet black (burnt) > 5) Check all spark plugs wires (HT lead) supplying enough current > 6) Check fuel pump is sending fuel to the engine. To check this turn > ignition key half and if you hear on eprime in engine bay for 10 - 30 > seconds and then it stops that mean fuel pump is fine and sending and > building enough fuel pressure to start the car. You can check the fuel > pressure from engine bay fuel line, have small schrader valve that should > show around 25 psi of fuel pressure, you can check that with any tire > pressure gauge. > 7) Suspect the ignition coil. > > Hope this helps. Good luck. Very helpful thanks
  2. arshad

    Whistling Epica

    hi bashir. usually there are these rubber borders around the doors that is stuck with glue. this glue comes off and this will make a whistle sound on high speed. get them checked.
  3. arshad

    rust on my break pads

    If you call the part shop with the chassis number they will give the correct price.
  4. arshad

    which battery is good for me?

    your or your cars didnt you have any guarantee on the battery?
  5. arshad

    rust on my break pads

    got it done long back but thanks man anyways.
  6. arshad

    rust on my break pads

    thanks have a nice day
  7. the breaks have got a bit of rust on them as the car was standing for months now do i have to change them or can i get the rust removed