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  1. To make an alcohol fuel you need the approval from the government of UAE. But as per my knowledge, its not allowed in this part of the world. Even if you try to put the application, it will be rejected.
  2. How to trade your used cars? Please give some tips.
  3. You are absolutely right. And the one top I would like to give them is regarding the music volume. It's alright to listen to music but without disturbing someone else. Especially at night, i have noticed that generally my weekends goes on hearing loss music in cars driven by teenagers. I am now against music, but you don't have to make other people listen to your music, others are happy in their type of music.
  4. I need to replace the spark plugs in my car. What things do I need to take care of?
  5. Just for the knowledge i wanna know about gaskets. When does the gasket goes bad in the car. IS there any specific period of time that it lasts for or cause of any damage?
  6. Can anyone tell me the fuel capacity in Nissan Tiida sedan, 2012 model?
  7. Is it possible to exchange my old Nissan tiida with a new one from a dealer only? I don't really know if there is an after sale value genuine by dealer or not. Is there anyone who exchanged his old car to a new one but by the dealer itself and if you were OK with their deal.
  8. Ya. Pressure testing helps in finding the coolant leak. You can use a pressure tester to check the pressure in the cooling system. Attach the pressure tester tool to the radiator. If the radiator cap says 11 pounds, then pressurize the radiator to 11 lbs. If the coolant is leaking, then radiator won’t be able to handle the pressure for more than 10-15 min. Check for leaks on the radiator. If you cannot see the leak, then maybe there is internal leaking in the coolant.
  9. Compressor is working completely fine. It is something else for sure.
  10. I recently got my Ac recharged, but suddenly it stopped blowing cool air. Why is this happening?
  11. My car is 2011 model and i think it will look really good in my car. And its not only about improving the interiors but dahscam is really helpful specially while parking the car.
  12. Well brake disc and brake drums, they both are located at the same position, i.e., with the wheels. Brake disc is a disc shaped rotor which can be seen spinning with the wheel when you are driving the car. So when one applies brake, the brake pads are forced to squeeze against the disc that helps in slowing down the motion of the car. Brake drums on the other hand looks like a drum shaped rotor which is generally found open at the back. When you apply the brakes, the brake shoes which are under the brake drums are pushed and they are rubbed against the drum from inside. This is the main
  13. To know if the power brake booster is leaking, you will realize that your brake pedal is firm and they have no power of braking left. When your brake’s stopping power is not sufficient, it means that the power brake booster is leaking from the vacuum hose.
  14. Actually there are many ways to look up for vacuum leak, but the easiest way is to use the smoke machine. You can find the smoke machine in any workshop. You can buy it or rent it. Spray the smoke on the intake manifold, hoses and gaskets. You will notice smoke seeping out for the leak. Use the UV light to see the leak and you will get it.
  15. Hey guys. I am thinking to install the dash cam in my Nissan Altima. Do you think it’s a good choice to do that?
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