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  1. Hi Gurav, in the hope of making an RSVP, is it possible to say roughly what time new drives get posted. Would be appreciated, Thanks, Andy
  2. Ah, so RSVPs are on Sundays, I thought they were Thursdays. Thanks, will check out on Sun.
  3. Hi Gurav it's 8.15 on Thurs. Is it possible to confirm RSVP or too late. Hoping joining the drive is possible. Have all required kit. Thanking in advance, Andy
  4. Mels, I notice your suspension has been modded also, what did you do there and how has it affected the Paj's general handling and performance? Thanks, Also, you did the fam mods or was it a workshop job?
  5. I've driven quite a few off road cars over years TROOPER, PRADO, XTERRA and PAJ Mk2 and 4, and I must say. I think in 4x hi or lo, the Pajero engine is really well tuned for dune driving. It may lack a few CC or raw power, but I do like the way the engine is tuned. Pls discuss.
  6. Hey Jas, thanKS for this it's really helpful. Yeah, my Paj is 2008 definitely. So I suppose that means Gen 4.the engine pics you sent are Gen 3 or Gen 4. I like the llook of the air intake cone filter. Does that have the advantage of specifically reducing the dust intake. I guess it so, boosts performance maybe.. With regards the relay, do you remove for desert driving only or have you removed permanently? I guess it just slots back in if you need. (sorry, not so technical I guess). But thanks again, I appreciate your advice. Can you recommend a workshop for the simple offroad mods?
  7. Hi Guys, have jus bought 2008 (gen 3) Paj. 3.8L and in really good shape. Engine, shocks, suspension etc. Already v capable off road. 4x4 hi and lo both good and rear diff. Read somewhere that traction control (or equivalent) can inhibit off road performance. Any truth here or should just get on and enjoy the driving. Also, in market for an elevated air intake, any suggestions? As with all Carnity queries, your expertise is appreciated. Mac
  8. Hey Sri, unbelievable, that method worked first time. Great tip! Dumb design, in fact dumbest design ever! Thanks a million. Saved me an unnecessary trip to w/s. Much appreciated. Mac
  9. I will attempt the method you mention tomor. 🤞. Thanks to both.
  10. Hi, looking for a recommendation for workshop in Dubai just for routine maintenance. For example, my row 2 seats are jammed and I guess they just need a quick fix rather than being told need to replace half a doz things. Can anyone recommend a reliable workshop for just basic fixing pls. Thanks
  11. okay, thats useful. And I'll remember high range. My bad. Do you do all your desert driving in high as a general rule?
  12. IS there a real/significant difference between 3.5 and 3.8L for a desert drive. Am weighing up both options. Can't imagine there's a huge amount in that point 3, but may be wrong . . . Thanks
  13. Any significant difference PAJ 3.5 vs 3.8 in the desert? Most time in low range anyway, right? Also, how come no-one ever mentions Ford Explorer/Exhibition, are they below commenting on..
  14. Seems like this whole thread started with NISSAN pathfinder upto 2004 being a very capable/reliable off road at a great price (sub 10k) is this a general consensus amongst experienced desert drivers?
  15. Any inherent concerns w Jap spec cars (NISSAN PATHFINDER 2004)? FSH but Jap spec. Surely is same base model car..
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