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  1. Hi, have just been to view a 1999 Super Safari. 4.5L, auto. The car seems to have been very well maintained and there were no obvious issues, exhaust smoke or rattly engine. The engine was smooth, transmission seemed v smooth, 4x4 engaging was slick. The km is hi, 355,000. Assuming the car has been well looked after should milage be a huge concern. From experience, Pajero go bad around 250k as did my Trooper. Is the Super Safari engine good to run forever, or have owners found there is a magic number where problems become too frequent. Thanking in advance, Any/all advice hugely appreciated. The seller doesn't mind if I take a mechanic to check the engine before buying, which seems like a good sign.
  2. Must be in good working order 4x4, a/c etc. Cash buyer, immediate sale. Brit expat.
  3. Greetings all, if you don't want to read full post, *basically looking for absolute cheapest LR repair workshop someone can even just half recommend to repair/replace air suspension, anywhere in UAE okay*. I just bought my first LR (2009 LR3) three weeks ago. Unfortunately, the air suspension has just completely packed in, car flat as a pancake and 30kph limit etc etc. AAA suggest maybe all for 'cushions' also maybe compressor too. Obvs, the price they quoted for repair almost made me smile, it was more than I paid for the car. I know AAA do a good job, their forecourt is testiment, so definitely not dogging them in any way, but I can't justify it, specially as I was just really starting to see if I really 'liked' the car or not. So, anyone able to recommend a w/s might fix up suspension for 3-4k at this point, I don't really care if it's an A+ job or a C+ job, just want it done cheaply. Thanking in advance
  4. V cool, love that sort of stuff. Better than looking at a phone screen all d... Ah..
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