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  1. Hi Ale, apologies for late reply, have had a busy day. I see I am not included in the convoy, that's fine, I would have problems getting up to RAK tomorrow. Thanks for the thought tho, as always. Enjoy your drive guys
  2. Has anyone ever seen a Pajero Evo in Dubai. Produced (1997-1999). I only just found out about them today. They look pretty cool.
  3. Any advice, Mitz website recommends light blue, but I've never seen this anywhere. Any color/brand that can be recommended. Thanks as always,
  4. Needing to replace battery. Is there a Mitz recommendation or does anything go? Model 2008 GLS. Thanks 👍
  5. Vanessa, thank you for leading, Tomas and Muhammad, thank you for your support. A lovely drive, definitely a new sub Carnity category, f'newbie. Not too many stucks or refusals, so things all moved nicely along. Following on from the briefing chat, I drove half in H and half in Hlc, didn't notice too much difference, but I think Hlc just edged it as far vehicle responsiveness was concerned, although, the sand did change quite a bit from start to finish. Thanks again to all, and great to meet some new faces. 👍
  6. Hi All, if anyone selling an XK8 in decent driving and cosmetic condition. Pls contact, am interested to buy. Thanks, Andy 0504658200
  7. Hey Ale and all others, love the sound of the drive, but I must withdraw as will be out of country on a last minute getaway. Have fun and I will definitely check the debrief to see where you desertnuts end up. Have fun 👍 and drive safe-ish.
  8. Ale, thanks for the drive, really enjoyed. Was wondering, but during the drive you drove into a pocket that surprised you, ie you didn't expect it. I've also seen the same in other drives with different leads. Was wondering tho, what advice do you give, if you drive into a 'surprise' pocket, do you quickly accelerate out or stop to evaluate. I guess it depends on the pocket's size, but is there a best option. I would just panic, I think, which would be useless.
  9. Rahimdad, pls offer my wait list place to another driver. I have gout and can't really drive so comfortably. Sorry to be a drop out, hoping the place will be filled soon, sure it will. Rgds & safe driving to all, Andy
  10. Took longer to navigate out of Qudra Lakes than we did on the drive. 🤪 Super drive route. Really started getting a good feel for the Pajero and its capabilities on a more demanding drive. Thanks Lorenzo and all.
  11. Hi Chaitanya, pls be so kind as to offer my drive spot to a wait listed member. I messed up and did the Lasalli drive this morning with Lorenzo and Richard, I didn't double check the dates. So sorry for any inconvenience, but I am sure that somebody will take the slot. My Paj can't manage two back to back drives I think. Needs a little tarmac time. Look forward to next time, Andy
  12. Super drive, thanks to all. Great biryani banter. Thanks to Rahimbhai and all senior drivers. Some pics: When the general is stuck, everybody digs (unless of course you have a bad back)
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