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Summer Off-road Adventures

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  1. I’m not able to make it because I didn’t realise sweihan was in Abu Dhabi and I got turned around at the checkpoint 😞
  2. Thanks for the interesting description @Srikumar, I'm excited! Looking forward to the drive
  3. Hey Srikumar this sounds like an interesting drive! Deciding between this and the Margham night drive on Fri. Perhaps you could share more about the area? This is only my second off-road drive and will be my first night drive!
  4. Really enjoyable and will be back for more! Thanks for showing us the ropes @Wrangeldand @Shamil 🙏
  5. Hi everyone, I've got a Wrangler Sahara 2015. I've only done a trail up Jebel Yanas (not sure if you would count that as off road) and just once to the bbq site near Al Qudra. I almost got stuck there even though I didn't go far so hope to learn how to do this properly the next time! Definitely hoping to explore more trails for camping, bbq's, and also rock climbing which is my main sport.
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