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  1. Wow! Fantastic news Hisham and thoroughly well deserved! Ive just been back to count my number of drives with you as lead . . . . We have done 9 together! Thanks for all your support so far, from helping climb my first bowl in fewbie to my first fewbie plus drive, midweek in badayer! a Fewbie plus or Intermediate “Hisham badayer” drive is often fully booked before 19:01! This speaks for itself. look forward to many more drives with you, and heres a photo ive dragged back out the album! Yalla, Push!
  2. Great to see all the regulars returning after summer holidays! Well done @DP1011 , Deepak wrangler on your first IM in badayer area! @Amir Amiri hope the fix is a simple one and your back out in the dunes soon. @Alexanderrr top job in SL, @waqas good sweeping today, and as always, thanks @Hisham Masaad for leading us safely through the sands and finding some awesome dunes to have fun in!
  3. Confirmed! . . . . Alarm set, clothes laid out, radio on charge, boxes strapped down in the car, GPS pre-set, . . . . All I need to do is wake up!
  4. Great morning in the sands! thanks @GauravSoni for leading us through the sands. Well done to @Jaro Tuzinskyin SL and @Tareck for sweeping us at the back! Thanks also to @Pacific with the shoveling as support team! Getting the right balance between Gas and momentum take some time, and changes vehicle to vehicle but plenty of practice today! We managed to recover most vehicles today with some good shoveling and digging "V" channels from the front and rear of the car allowing gravity to help us shift the sand from under the vehicle bellys! I didnt see much of the guys at the back today, but was watching in my mirrors for @jad, Well driven today for your first Fewbie, only one stuck that was resolved without a rope! In front was @Zulfikhar Naiyar, well driven today buddy, and good shoveling from your passenger! Make sure you balance the gap to the car in front with leaving room for stopping, but also close enough to watch the car in front to better judge the terrain and allow you to adjust accordingly. See you all again soon!
  5. The famous photographer @Gertjan captured in action!
  6. 19:01 and there are still spaces left! Amazing! 19:04 and All gone! Convoy full of the usual suspects . . . . . Looking forward to Sunday already! Assume @Simon Dawood must have internet connectivity issues
  7. Congrats mr @Sam K! Another Toyota climbing the ranks! look forward to driving with you soon!
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