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  1. How to avoid fouling in Spark plugs. There is fouling in my Magna as told by my mechanic. So how to avoid it?
  2. Al Futtaim Showroom

    I got it anyways. Went there almost a week back. Thanks anyways
  3. Checking Oil Pump

    I want to check the oil pump in my car for any kind of worn or torn. Can someone tell me how to do that?
  4. Toyota V/s VW V/s Nissan

    It has to be Toyota, without any doubt. Look at anything: looks, specifications, capacity, mileage, everything. Toyota is best of all.
  5. Can anyone tell me where is Al futtaim Toyota showroom nearby Rashidiya?
  6. Car Claim

    Pink means fault was yours and it depend on what insurance you have. If you have full comprehensive insurance then you just have to pay insurance excess of 300-500 AED and your insurance will fix it. If you have third party insurance then you have to get your dent repaired at your own cost. If you have comprehensive insurance, just call your insurance company and ask for procedure to submit claim. You need to take the car once for survey and then later drop car for fixing once insurance charges get insurance approval (their internal process). If you have third party then also you need this pink paper to show to any garage who supposed to fix the dent, as its a law of Dubai as no car bodyshop workshop going to touch accidental car without police paper (green/pink) just to be sure its not a hit and run case.....!
  7. Car Claim

    Hey dude. Dont be so confused. Can you tell me what color paper you got from dubai police?
  8. Oh ya. I have seen such people on Shk. Zayed road. I would just suggest to such people that dont act oversmart, just driver properly. Some poeple just liek to do that because they like to tease other driver's on the road or may be trying to impress a lady. But its not really safe guys. Its a highway, and you never know what can happen if you drive on the fast lane and never giving way to drivers who are driving faster than you.
  9. Tempreature warning light

    Thanks brother, i did what you said. My car is in garage now. They said the coolant was leaking. I am just hoping that its a not big disaster. Fingers Crossed!
  10. The temperature warning light is switch on in my car. Don’t really know what to do? Is it okay if I continue driving my car?
  11. Brake fluid recomemnded

    OEM brake fluid is recomended for Honda cars which should be change after every 36 months.
  12. How to check for internal coolant leak in the cooling system? And is the internal coolant leak really bad for the car?
  13. Too many issues!

    Change your car man, if you are facing lot of troubles. I mean whats the use of having such a car which is giving you lot of troubles. .
  14. What is DDE engine control module in cars?
  15. Which year CC is best?

    Thanks for the sugestion dude. Someone is offering me CC, 2008 model. DO you think its a good choiceto go for? And also, the car never had any accident.