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  1. rehan727

    Navigation system

    besides the map, which obviously can be updated, is there any way to update the navigation system's firmware? Something that would be nice to get better would be. - POI search results to be sorted nearest first, instead of alphabetical This does not need new maps rather a better navigation software.
  2. rehan727

    Kia Cadenza 2012 - Pathetic.

    Used my Cadenza for a year now. Apart from minor issues here and there the car is doing well. So am satisfied so far.
  3. Had issues with Ras al Khor service center on two occasions when they did regular service. I go to Shk. Zayed service center now. RAk center didn't fill windshield washer fluid. Not even water. Didn't reset service alarms. On complaint they disabled the alarms to avoid having to reset them. Shk zayed branch enabled them Can never get as good As service as i did from al futtaim for my toyota. I do pay less though.
  4. rehan727

    Service centres Dubai

    I am evaluating purchase of a brand new 2012 Kia Optima or sportage from Al Majid in Dubai. I wanted to factor in the maintenance costs. Would be interested in knowing about the experience of others specifically. a. Is the official KIA service experience good (Professional care without exorbitant cost) at Al Majid group. b. What are the major out of warranty costs that you have encountered.