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  1. Changing Power Steering FLuid

    When the steering becomes too stiff, thats the time when you need to change or refill the steering fluid.
  2. TPS

    TPS stands for throttle position sensor which basically keeps a note on the throttle position of the car.
  3. Gas Saving Gadgets

    Interesting. I think i have to try them. Thanks Bro!
  4. Hey people. Long time. He is everyone. I have a question regarding the exhaust system. I am keen to learn about the exhaust these days. I wanna know the purpose of exhaust gas recirculation?
  5. Which car is better: Hybrid or electric car and why?
  6. Gas Saving Gadgets

    And what are those gadgets?
  7. Back Gate is Locked!

    The left back gate of my Nissan Maxima is locked. It doesn't open at all. What's wrong?
  8. Why does one need high output alternator in a car?
  9. Is there something called gas saving gadgets for cars?
  10. Stereo in the Car

    I want to replace the stereo system in my car. Where can i buy a new one. Phrase suggest me a good one who can install it for me and also comes with a warranty.
  11. Ford Focus, 2009 model

    Hey people. Is anybody selling Ford Focus 2009 model? I need to buy Frd Figo, used one for my cousin? Please reply if someone is selling For Figo. Thank you in advance.
  12. Hole in exhaust pipe

    Well a small hole in the exhaust can be covered with a hard foil and a sealer smoke on top of it.
  13. How will I know if there is no compression in my car?
  14. Hey people. I have noticed that failure in a cooling system leads to break down of the car. Can anyone suggest how to maintain the cooling system in a car?
  15. My favorite moment was with my parents. I gifted Lexus to my father on his 55th b'day/ He was really happy to see his new car. he is so much addicted to this car now, that he doesnt come out of it.