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  1. Hackers remotely kill Jeep Cherokee

    Seriously guys.....! Hackers don't have anything else left in the world to hack other than a car. How they gonna ask for ransom (if it's hijack) if car is killed.....! Damn technology possibility of Bull Shit is growing way too much now.
  2. Silence of audio system is unbearable

    Thanks guy, I will try that and update here. BTW what's AMP fuse...?
  3. My 08 Mazda 3 complete audio system is not responding intermittently. It looks like a ghost inside my car who want's me to listen to him and not to catboy and geordiebird (now alisa). However sometime when I start the car and play music it works fine and after little drive it dies on me. Display on audio system is on as clock is still alive it just that it doesnt play anything no fm, no cd nothing. Any help in right direction is awesome guys. Thank you.
  4. How to touch up the scratches by touch up paint?
  5. The coolant level in my car is low. What does that mean?
  6. Windows Tint

    I have Gtez, 2012 model and i want to tint my windows. Can anyone guide me on where to get my car windows tinted?
  7. What is the role of a voltage regulator in a charging system of car?
  8. Hey guys. My car is acting really weird these days. The headlights of my car is fine dim and the engine cranking is really slow. What can be the possible reason behind it?
  9. AC not working

    Ok. will check that. Thanks!
  10. AC not working

    Suddenly the AC in my car is not working. I checked the coolant level, it is fine but still AC not working. Can anyone tell me why?
  11. Tires Dimension

    Its simple! Its mentioed o your car. There is a sequence of no.s mentioned on your car. \ For example: P225/70R16 91S here P is the initial by the tire compay. 225 is the width of the tire, 70 is the aspect ratio, R stands for radial construction, 16 is for the RIM diameter, 91 is the load index and the last letter S symbolize the spped ratio of the tyre.
  12. I'm Lovin it

    Yo Man! I dont own Coomander, but i mu friend has it. And i just love driving that baby! Its really powerful dude.Now thats what you call power!
  13. high transmission fluid

    Phew!!! Seems to be a big issue with the high level of transmission fluid.
  14. Steering really hard

    And how can I check the fluid level of power steering?
  15. high transmission fluid

    Just one question. What happens when there is high transmission fluid in my Mazda-6, 2007 model?