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  1. Maher looks busy.....! Well 265 - 285 isnt big of deal and i dont think you need to cut, weld or mold anything. Daystar is good and also King coil and springs lift kit is also good (but slightly expensive). Im sure after 2 inch lift you will have better stance for offroad and stop loosing mudflap, still get the rubber flexible mudflap like Land Rover defender has they are much better for offroad, as in many dunes when you reverse on dune then mudflap really gets squished, so flexible rubber ones are better hanging dangling like curtain all the times.
  2. I think huss, asking cabin noise on high speed. That can be improved by changing the door liner if any of them is torn or hard enough to insulate the wind noise. Getmujku: This may be engine technical issue, if you can explain what type of noise you are getting like knocking, jerky, judder, screeching etc.
  3. Check the dynatrade to change that gear solenoid. Are you sure its 85 usd, i think its around 500 aed and above. Buy original part and get changed with any mechanic in rashidiya, mite charge u 100 - 200 dhs.
  4. getting from any spare parts is not a big deal. but make sure before you buy it test it under sunlight.
  5. susan is the AC good to go or you still have problems ?
  6. i went to satwaa for tint job and did see a guy fixing some other guys car the rubber fixing i mean
  7. Are you guys serious in making case against scrap guys...... ROFTL. You really cant do that, with any parts dealer and forget about the scrap guys. You would pay atleast 1000 doors price to get 1 door back.........! (that too in a remotest possibility). You guys are very funny.
  8. Why dont you show it to dealer again????? My best guess is air need to be bleed out of the cooling system if you have recently changed the radiator. Surprising enough, dealer supposed to know that and should have already bleed the air out when fixing the new radiator. I bet when you go and tell them they will bleed the air out in 10 mins. Just open the radiator cap and switch the car on and keep circulating the coolant with radiator cap open until all the bubbles settle, then switch off car and top up coolant. Do this steps two to three times and all the air will pass. Better you let dealer do this exercise as it need an experience eye to judge when to close radiator cap finally.
  9. the sensor itself may not be working and it should be changed.
  10. tyre rotation is a good practice but after that balancing is very important.
  11. It is a very difficult procedure and will effect some of the other warning sounds. A good workshop can helo you.
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