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    Grinding Noise Help :(

    Hi thanks for the reply. After a series of checkups and consultaion, just yesterday it has finally been spotted. The culprit was the belt tensioner. The screw holding the roller is totally damaged and lost its thread. Maybe a little longer it could have flown away from the assembly. Thank God! The vibration is gone but few more problems were spotted again like the axle boots and lower arm bushing, and 1 of the engine mounts needs replacement. Kinda disappointed cause my Mazda 3 before did not give me any problems like these until the time I sold it at 117K. Don't misunderstand me, I'm also a nissan fan. Thanks so much for your suggestion Mr. Mayur. I believe your suggestion would be one thing to look at in the future. And I hope my case would help other owners pin point theirs too if ever this occurs. Have a nice day and Happy New Year!!
  2. edelrosario

    Grinding Noise Help :(

    Hello to everyone! I recently joined this forum upon finding it while searching for a solution or opinion regarding my xtrail problem. I hope I'm welcome here. Thanks! Mine is a 2009 xtrail got it as used car since April. Everything is well but just recently I"ve been hearing a grinding sound just when taking off slowly and stopping.I can also feel the vibration from the stearing wheel and shifter. Its like coming from under my seat but its not too loud. I can also hear it at a stop when hitting accellerator briefly. But its more heard when reversing slowly and wether the engine is cold or hot. Its always there. My wife is starting to worry that it might be dangerous when driving continiously without having it checked. Just want some opinion from anyone here who could have the same experience with this problem before some garage would make me spend a lot but keep guessing on the problem. Aside from this everything is working great. Best regards