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  1. Yes, I wondered about that; the difference is 3PSI after just 30 minutes of driving. I often adjust the pressure so that the cold tyre pressure is 2 PSI below the recommended one.
  2. My Edge Sport 2016 came with 265/40R21 tyres. While it does look nice, I would prefer not to feel every imperfection on the road. I don't make sharp turns at high speeds and so I don't need the better handling capability of the huge wheels. I chose the sport model over the titanium one for the EB engine and its straight line pickup. I had a Murano earlier and its 235/65R18 tyres were so much more comfortable. This URL tells me that the below tyres (and appropriate rims) are also compatible with this model. 235/60R18 245/60R18 245/55R19 245/50R20 The owner's manual confirms that 235/60R18 is indeed the 'winter' tyre size. My 2 questions: 1. Has anyone downsized their tyres and found that the ride comfort is better? 2. Recommendations for good wheel and tyre shops as I can't find any this combination on any of the online sites? Thanks to all in advance.
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