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  1. Dream on guys, its going to get worst in coming few years as and when Dubai grows exponentially and still nobody want to move to outskirts developments. It's more of a economic issue than good or bad driver issues.
  2. Get from dealer or search on torrent, one of my colleague updated thru torrent. It depends on availability and your good luck, but its worth trying for free first.
  3. Since few weeks i am hearing some strange squeak when i press the brake and car is about to come to halt and when i leave the brake car squeak as if some car braking springs is crying. Its not a brake pad squeak as it comes while braking and this coming when i leave the brakes. Any good advise is highly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  4. Thinking of buying GTR but i wish to have second opinions please.
  5. both are good. if you are looking for a good offroad car then go for Nissan Patrol not xterra or Pathfinder.
  6. nissan is a beast in desert and you are so right that its the best off road car in Dubai.
  7. nissan sunny 2013 looks very beautiful. i will go for Sunny any day.
  8. The reason you didnt get your answer yet is because you didnot create you own separate post.
  9. Defiiinetly Nissan Sunny Is best!!! you must check out the latest models they are to die for ( not literally )
  10. even the nissan altima 2011 is a good car very good for big families and full option is the best.
  11. nissan is not very famous for AC issues
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