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  1. When and how to replace the heater core?
  2. Can anyone tell me which cars are on the recall list of airbags danger?
  3. Somebody hit my car from the back and ran away. Now I don't really know what to do. Even if I call police, I don't know who hit my car. This is so annoying.
  4. Do you think drive on car ramps are good when performing any tire or under the car repair or replacement? Somebody told me its risky, but can anyone tell me how?
  5. Does all the VW cars have a transmission shifting problem in the cars?Please tell me frankly. Most of my friends who has VW face this problem of transmission and they have spent a lot money behind it. I dont want to do the same thing. So please guys, suggest me.
  6. What are the common causes of transmission slipping in a car?
  7. Are there different types of oil pumps for a car? How many types are there?
  8. How can I replace the catalytic converter?
  9. Inspecting the suspension

    Very good topic to cover, I must say. The reason why I am saying this is because the suspension is one thing in car which helps in functioning lot of things in car: braking system, steering handling, system handling and tire alignment. So it’s really important to keep a keen eye on the suspension of the car. To make sure that nothing goes wrong with the suspension, always check following things in your car: Tires: Whenever you are doing any tire work, always check for the perfect alignment of tires. Other than that, check if there is any tire wearing or tearing out. If yes, then replace it immediately. Check for cupping in the tires also. Steering: It’s really important to maintain the steering linkage to avoid any break down because of the suspension failure. Leaks: If there is any leak in the hoses of power steering your car is one urge to break down. You will surely get a suspension issue in the car. Also, the steering gears, they should never leak in order to maintain the smoothness of steering. Shocks and Struts: Sometimes the car starts to wobble too much and the tire seems to be misaligned. That can be because of the loose shocks and struts in your car. So take care of that well. Wheel Bearings: Wheel bearing needs to be checked regularly in order to avoid any kind of roughness in the drive. Bushings: When your car vibrates too much and you are not able to handle the steering straight, sometimes it’s because of the suspension bushings. So check for that also, front and rear both. CV Joint boots: The damaged or leaking CV joints are dangerous for the suspension of the car. CV joints needs to be replaced immediately when damaged or leaking. Umm, ya. I know these points. So you can inspect the suspension by taking care of these things.
  10. gear shifting, but not moving

    Air bubble generally is formed in antifreeze or transmission fluid sometimes. Because of the air bubble, the air gets trapped under the transmission causing troubles in the performance. Thought the gear will shift but because the air is clogged, the vehicle won’t move. Its pretty sensitive.
  11. gear shifting, but not moving

    I think air bubble is a possibility.
  12. Hey guys. I have Toyota Yaris, 2006 model. The windshield wiper of my car is broken. I want to know if I can fix it or it is really necessary to replace it!
  13. Tyre

    Hye people I want to share an incident that happened to me lately. I own toyota Fortuner from 3 years now. I just love my monster car. Few days back i was parking my car in Meena Bazaar and sudden;y the tyre burst out. It was a shock for me as Toyota Fortuner is something that doesnt ditch you. But the tyre made me think twice of my choice. I sent an email to the dealer and guess what! no reply. Now, it makes me think twice of my choice whether it was correct or not. First, the quality of tyre and second, the quality of customer care.
  14. Hey guys. I would like to discuss a fraud that happened to my Friend who lives in India. Once he went to the fuel pump to fill the petrol and rather the guy at the service filled diesel instead. My friend didn't pay attention at the pump and left after paying him money. He realized this fraud after one hour when his Toyota Yaris started jerking and stopped suddenly in the middle of the road. He has to tow his car to the dealer. The dealer then informed that the engine was running on diesel and not petrol. They had to pull out the complete oil from the engine and may be they will replace the whole engine. So guys! Be aware of such people and always pay attention at the fuel pump so that nobody can take an advantage of your absence of mind.
  15. Hey guys. I want to know if Toyota Camry has excessive oil consumption issues. One of my friend owns a Camry and he always complain about the same. Is it really true? and Is if yes, then is it a common problem in Camry?