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  1. How many types of plug wires are used in car?
  2. rating for fiesta

    I would rate fiesta 6 on 10. For me, it’s an average car. Good for beginners.
  3. Hyundai, Honda Or Kia?!!!

    Hyundai is the finest brand according to me. I have tried Honda, Kia and Hyundai, but the fun and satisfaction I get in driving a Hyundai car is amazing. Even the customer service provided by Hyundai is way quicker, accurate and promising.
  4. Hey People. I really like this website. Its really informative. ell there is one issue that i am facing.The key is broken inside the ignition switch in my car. It’s stuck! What to do?
  5. Hey People. I have CLK200. I lost my jack stand for the car during house moving. Can anyone tell me where can I buy new jacks for my car in Dubai.
  6. Why oil consumtion goes high?

    There is no one particular reason why oil consumption in a car increases. Sometimes it’s because of the driver’s fault and sometimes it happened as the time passes by. I can tell you some causes for oil consumption. How do you drive? Sometimes how people drive the car affects the oil consumption. I know many people who drive on highway with low fuel in the car. This affects the oil consumption badly. So it’s really necessary to maintain the fuel in the car. Also, speedy driving or bumpy driving also affects the oil consumption. Oil Viscosity: Some people put motor oil in their car which is not specified for their car model. So in order to save a little extra money, drivers play with the viscosity of the motor oil in their car which leads to higher oil consumption and oil leak in the engine. Engine auto parts condition: One need to scan the engine parts in the car for any kind of leak or worn. When there is any sealer worn or if there is coolant leak, the engine sucks up motor oil like anything. So take care of that. Car too heavy: When you have lot of passengers in your car or even too much luggage in your car, the engine takes more oil than normal to drive through. Tire Air pressure: When the air pressure in your tires is low, that also increases the oil consumption in your car. Regular Oil change: It’s a vital job to change the motor oil on regular interval of time in order to maintain the quality and viscosity of oil. If you skip the oil change, it becomes impure and increases the oil consumption. I am aware of these points. Please share if you know more.