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  1. Semi Anline leather seats creases

    Thanks both of you for your advice
  2. Hi, my rx 350 is exactly one year old now. The driver seat bottom has developed random crease lines on the outer side edge though no cracks, yet looks very ugly and worn. Any help how to restore Will try posting a picture.
  3. Expensive branded tyres versus Korean brands

    Same happened to me with car battery. After the OEM battery went dead on my VW tiguan, I went for OEM replacement at Nabooda, costing AED 625 for a new battery. Sadly that too lasted only 13 months, since than I am using a cheap AED 275 Hankook battery which lasted 20 months, replaced with another from same brand. Oem parts and service is a rip off here, avoid as far as possible.
  4. How safe or otherwise is buying or importing a US or Japanese Spec cars in UAE. Apart from warranty, is it true that the cars are not suited for harsh gulf summers. Some say texas is as hot as UAE and there is no difference. Others say the cooling and a/c system are different for different markets. Any expert advice