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    Over consumption of fuel and dark smoke

    Thank you Mr. Brandan and Mr. Adil for your valuable inputs. Eventhough there was an over heating episode few months back and got rectified (the coolineg system was serviced including the fan), this much overconsumpution was not noted till recent days. The coolant is not reducing in qty. The oil is not giving any abnormal changes noted in the earlier days after changing it. About the return pipe, I am not sure, but technicians were discussing something about that also, which I have no idea what they meant. Kindly comment further if you find some thing more based on the above info above. Thanks
  2. Recently my Galant car started consuming more fuel and appears black smoke on giving raise. Tried changing the air filter, spark plugs cleaned and also injector cleaning liquid applied through fuel tank. Air Flow sensor replaced recently (with a used one) making disappearing the engine check sign and disappearing MAF complaint appearing in computer test. There is fall in rpm on switching on the A/c and has started low pulling occasionally while accelerating from lower speed. Kindly advise if there is someone who can guide me. Thanks