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  1. Suneer

    Radiator fan always on

    ok, i will leave it as it is for the time being. Thanks man.
  2. Suneer

    Radiator fan always on

    No, it has never over heated. If its normal than i would leave it as it is. I am not sure why dealer recommended it. I gave them for a minor service which includes inspection of other items as well. Any how, thanks a lot man.
  3. Suneer

    Radiator fan always on

    yes..that gushing noise is there as and when i turn the AC on. and its alwasy stays until i turn off the AC.
  4. Suneer

    Radiator fan always on

    Hi Gaurav, yes, there are two fan connected each other. There are no grinding noise as such. its just than fan is always spinning as and when i start the engine. i am not sure whether it is supposed to be that way.. But the agency is recommending for a change. yes..i will take it to couple of mechanics outside agency and lets see what they say.
  5. Suneer

    Radiator fan always on

    Thanks Umar, i think fan should turn on only when engine is getting hot. Like for example in the morning when engine is cold fan shouldnot turn on.
  6. Hi, Radiator fan is always on position on my infiniti fx50. dealer said need to replace entire unit cost 3000 plus labour. Is it ok if i leave it as it is or is it repairable?
  7. Suneer

    AC Grinding noise-FX50

    Hi All, Many thanks for all yours quick responses. Does any one know good garage in Abu Dhabi or Dubai?
  8. Suneer

    AC Grinding noise-FX50

    Hi. Thanks. Yes, AC is working and cooling fine. Just that it makes a grinding noise and feels like car wants to move when i am at signal or on brakes. Feels like engine is having extra load to move.
  9. Hi All, I am new to this form. I have FX50s 2009 Model. The problem is when i am at signal or at stop i can hear AC making a grinding noise and makes extra load on the engine. While driving i don't notice much. Any one had similar experience? Thanks.