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  1. Srikumar I have done some off-roading but not in the desert yet. Looking forward to the drive. Details of my ride. 2017 Mutsubishi Montero Sport, Full 4WD with 2 front tow hooks a rear class 3 receiver on rear with D shackle. Still looking for the following equipment. One soft shackle-so far I have not been able to force myself to pay 150 for a piece of rope Base plate for jacking vehicle - A solid piece of wood - not sure where to get this. I already have the following Kinetic recovery rope Two Rated D shackle 2T trolley Jack. Tyre deflator - Shovel Spare tyre in good shape Air compressor - 130l/min Mechanical tools Fire extinguisher (Dry Powder) Flag pole including flag Communication device (Walkie-talkie) See y'all tomorrow. Seldon
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