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  1. I am bringing lots of wood for tomorrow. So will have plenty of time to listen to your adventures of Day 1
  2. Me and Fredy are planning to be there by 6 pm. There are a few others who would also be joining. As of now the plan is to camp on the right side of the meeting point. It's a flat surface, but you would have to deflate a bit else you would get stuck. Dropped pin https://maps.app.goo.gl/2ha5yLUm5FmYh5aEA It's a pretty big area so we can easily spread out, and also would help if you wish to make an early morning dash to ADNOC. Regarding bringing kids, hope they would be comfortable on a day long drive. As Fred mentioned, once we enter the only way out is from the other side.
  3. Now, I understand how you made such a daring bet. Belgium - 0 Morocco - 2
  4. I would be camping the night of the 1st. Will be bringing my 8 year old son as well...
  5. Even after doing the 1000 km, jumping straight into an IM drive is highly unadvisable.
  6. Great. Some of us who are driving on the 2nd would be camping close to the starting point.
  7. @Frederic looks like we have got a full house. This is going to be super fun. I am planning to camp close to the meeting point on 1st Dec
  8. Hi, the WWD is not considered as a NB drive. So you will need to complete one more NB drive before making the promotion request
  9. Thanks @Gaurav for arranging a fantastic evening and a brilliant company recollecting all our desert stories and jokes. Just because someone was getting late for an early morning Dubai Run we had to cut short our evening. Hope to continue the stories and laughter again in YT Liwa.
  10. That doesn't applies to Jeeps and especially XJs..
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