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  1. @Rahimdad @desertdude @Barry @Gaurav thank you all for insights and advices, will digest very will and make my mind. I was thinking that lifting it with 2 inches will not greatly affect its dynamics since there is other trims from the same model with air suspension and they lift, may be I don’t have all details but this is why I appreciate talking with you all guys 👍
  2. Hello everyone, Does anyone have an idea where to find lift kit similar to the one below with decent price in Dubai or near to? I want it for VW Touareg
  3. @Gaurav you mean something like this, right? https://www.forgemotorsportoverland.com/products/vw-touareg-porsche-cayenne-lift-kit?fbclid=IwAR20YAmNle1gsvHV2WJRo2FAfabwmLw3-48Omz9gLH8GteUT9MHldLJIbgE I like the idea but not sure where to find in Dubai and a trusted place to install them. Thanks for the advice
  4. Thank you @Wrangeld for this fantastic report, I appreciated your company too and would love to join again and again. I am already spending a good time exploring the internet looking for the available lift kit options for the Touareg 🧐
  5. Although I couldn’t talk in person with each one of you but it was great driving with you all. i enjoyed a lot the desert and the dunes. big thanks @Gaurav for arranging the route to accommodate me in the first half, for leading the convoy successfully And for your sincere advices. @E.C. TAN It was very good to try it’s off road capability, may be if lifted up with 2 inches will give more confidence on the dunes but in general it took them smoothly.
  6. @Gaurav Very happy to be able to join and learn, see you tomorrow. is the gathering location shared?
  7. @Gaurav good to mention that I drove on dunes before but with a different car.
  8. @Gaurav it has the front and rear tow screw and yes I drove it in the sand but not no dunes as my experience is a beginner level. regarding modifications, No I didn’t do any. And I don’t think it has removable parts. from the internet I see videos for it being capable of going sand work but also trust your advice if all the group are on high level and will go through tough dunes then let me join a more less leveled one. Appreciate your advise
  9. Sorry man, definitely it is not 19 inch ground clearance 😂😂 it’s a mistake, I meant it is 9 inches and most probably it is 8-9 and yes it has a switch to off road mode similar to the one in the photo attached (photo from the internet) Off road switch
  10. hi, @Gaurav I got the required stuff my vehicle is Touareg 16 with 4 wheel drive and ground clearance is 19 inches
  11. @Gaurav thanks dear, I would love to join however I was planning to visit Dragon Mart on the weekend to get the Flag, the shovel and the Radio. Is it ok if I confirm to you Thursday evening?
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