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  1. Finally the "Most Awesome" video has been released. Many thanks to @vivian because of his second camera angle this video turn out to be an absolutely amazing. Around the UAE in one day - 7 Emirates in 7 minutes..... Enjoy guys, and thanks for making this success.
  2. Then I will also speared his drive video.... sorry bhai.
  3. Let's plan a muscle car meet up and drive around Dubai or to some neighboring emirates or landmark.
  4. No its not plastidip I meant, as it will be expensive for bigger surface area. Spoke to my car accessories friend and they call it "protection for travel" and comes in different colours and cost only 10 dhs.
  5. Introduce yourself

    Welcome Mohd, looking forward to drive with you.
  6. Many car accessories shop and Ace hardware sells a can of spray-on rubber protectant, that you can just spray on car nose, quarter of bonnet and side view mirrors. Once you are done, just peel off that rubbery film by hand. Sorry I don't remember the exact name, but if you describe this to any half way decent car accessory shop, they will know it.
  7. Buying a USED Muscle car?

    Dealer check is easy, call the dealer and give the VIN number and be nice to ask 2 questions: Does vehicle have full service history? And is this vehicle ever involved in any accident? Remember anything you force or act strong is "Not allowed" sir, so be really nice and seeking help with humble tone. Al tayer is very strange dealer here to not to tell the service history details to it's owner itself (I have been told this on my first service on SZR branch after buying), so you won't get any details just by VIN number anyways, but you will get an answer: if car is "regularly" maintained or not. Then call couple of good insurance and ask for quote with the VIN number, as now since few years insurance is centrally connected so any major accident or totalled history will flash in "most" of the good insurance company. If service agent refuse to offer insurance, then ask them the reason and they will disclose if car was total loss in the past or not.
  8. Buying a USED Muscle car?

    Now to your questions: Buying a muscle car is an experience that I guess every car owner should experience once in its life, not only from the looks and performance perspective but from overall driver feel and responsiveness you get once you ride a real muscle car. Nothing comes close to its feel when riding something that is totally connected to your mind and heart. There is a very good article written by carnity member in advise section that I would highly advise you and your cousin to read For maintenance cost, if you get a good and clean car driven with normal human and not street pilot you almost spend nothing extra than the regular servicing. I have my Mustang since 2 years and 3 months and only got the regular service done from Al Tayer and haven't spend an extra dime yet. The major thing you need to look for muscle car is very thorough check on accident history by doing comprehensive check and if possible through insurance or dealer check. I was about to buy another Mustang and luckily spotted in insurance that it was totalled six months back.
  9. Cats eyes to be renamed

    I actually never knew it's called cats eyes in first place. Road studs or lane reflector studs sounds more self-explanatory.