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  1. Means Rav is shy to cross tall dune Crest, no matter whichever angle or speed you attempt...! I think we have seen same in shwuaib also.
  2. Congratulations @Rahimdad for not opening the engine head. Well done @shadow79 for using the drill bit to unscrew the stuck plug. Here are the 9 Nissan used part scrap yards that you can call to get that faulty part - couldn't get its name correctly https://carnity.com/search?&q=nissan&type=cms_records5&nodes=86&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy
  3. Thanks @desertdude for icarsoft recommendation. I am actually looking for something like this Bluetooth device that can hook up with smartphone software for code reading and clearing + live data feed of fluid and exhaust related temperature for offroad use. https://www.icarsoft.com/Product/s-294-icarsoft_bluetooth_multi_scan_tool_i620.html @Frederic can you check when you are free if this Bluetooth dongle will work on our Pajero's MUT protocol? @shadow79 existing one didn't worked on my Pajero but I love his torque dashboard for live readings.
  4. Excellent search and suggestion of this new area by @Emmanuel Thanks @Srikumar for Impeccable planning of 2 diff routes, waypoints, fence, exit strategy resulting in perfect drive even after few nasty recoveries we were able to play in those amazing dunes. Keep it up. Just the last bit was killing to inflate at 49 degrees under the sun and 44 under the shade (watch).
  5. Congratulations @Adel Muradov for reaching the fewbie level with Carnity Offroad club. Based on your last (first) newbie drive you have demonstrated skills required deserving this new offroad rank. Looking forward to seeing you growing further and helping others to learn the art of offroading in a safe environment. Fewbie: Number of drives 10 (16 regular drives) Level of drives Willingness to learn + Enthusiasm + Basic dune reading Off-road gear Flag, deflator, tire gauge, shovel, fire extinguisher, medical kit, radio, compressor (recommended) Drive teamwork Observe recovery from a safe distance and offer help when needed Drive posting/joining Join newbie and fewbie level of drives only Forum participation Active participation on forum. Share drive experience + feedback on forum and pictures in gallery Social media sharing & inviting friends & family to join an offroad club is highly recommended for faster upgrades at all levels.
  6. Sorry for thread jacking, I need my model Mitsubishi cable or adapter that can talk to plugin OBD tools.
  7. Gaurav


    No one, I quit social media long ago. If you have enough time to waste, then go ahead for 1% useful stuff vs 99% mindless scroll.
  8. Very rare to see mechanic using torque wrench here. This is super rare.
  9. I def need one, save one for me please and ill arrange to pick it up. Thnx
  10. I think you are talking about 2001 Pathfinder, which is good 18 years old now. Ford F150 in above video is also 2001 model and Jeep in second video looks TJ (97-06). Still there is no harm in trying than opening an engine head for multiplying hassle, cost and labor.
  11. Time to buy this extractor @shadow79 In video it looks damn easy and doable with using appropriate "penetrating" oil than opening the head. Another example by using the drill bit to extract the broken spark plug, very intelligent.
  12. Every offroader who is regularly driving offroad and involved in recovery by pulling or tugging should inspect there tow points and tow hook regularly. At least once every month or after every extreme recovery to make sure they are safe to use. Thanks to @shadow79 and @Jalil bhai for spotting my front tow hook is cracked and even the chassis mounts are cracked. Thanks to @Barry for wonderful contact of Mathias in Car Pro garage - a seasoned welder to take up this job during Eid holidays and doing a wonderful work. Sadly Car Pro garage is closing or closed down, so if any of you need quick welding job from expert welder you can contact Mathias on ‎052 926 6714. And he is very reasonable in pricing. He charged me 200 Dhs for all 3 joints ARC welding.
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