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  1. Amazing trip report Rahim bhai, you actually made me feel as if I have attended the drive. Too sad to hear another issue with Saleem's RAV4 and this time even more bad to see it going back on top of recovery truck after the drive. Really long learning curve. I fully support Rahim bhai decision as SAFETY is paramount in any of our drives and slight negligence or disobedience can cause major threat to other cars and drivers, let alone the inconvenience and delays. It was so amazing and proud feeling that all of Carnity senior driver's have now graduated to support the drive independently. Big round of applause for Srikumar, Basel and Asif bhai for all the wonderful support and effort - well deserve. It was good to see Malav joining back after long time with two of his friends and also nice to hear that Mr. GMC climbed the faya from front - good achievement.
  2. Individual experience and feedback is always welcome, just that self promotion is not.
  3. Congrats buddy, drive safe
  4. Waqas knowing you spend some time in Saudi, so I dont blame you searching and luring for such crapotastic mod ever. This is complete no-no from first 1 min I watch the video for first few of the reason barry stated already. What @Ren13 mentioned is the very first basic and safest step to enter into mod your stock car. I have done the same and adding K&N drop-in filter and felt the good note and free throttle response. Don't fall for K&N from local market as they all bump price by triple and waste lot of time in searching here and there (I have done same). Go to K&N US site and order exact fit in dirt cheap price with international shipping that delivers within 2-3 days. Second step is to play with exhaust and you have two options there and I have done both. Just for improved noise to sound different - remove the resonator with straight pipe. For sound and performance - Upgrade all pipes to 2.5 inch and add magnaflow low noise catback I done both in my Pajero at different phases of its life and enjoyed more on second option that made some genuinely noticeable difference in performance without adding too much doof - doof so that it get passed on RTA without any problem. I got these exhaust from Al Khwaneej in Shj, known for this exhaust mod since 30 years and referred to me by my close local friend who used them on many of his cars exhaust job done with them. Saleem: if you go with second option without cancelling the resonator and catalytic converter and add low noise catback - any RTA in UAE will pass it. Im running similar setup in my Mustang too and it passes every year without any wasta and I do visit Sharjah multiple times without any issue. One must be stupid to floor the accelerator for no reason in residential area to attract cops attention. If you drive decently then no one will ever bother you.
  5. Looks like full house drive guys, I am gonna miss seeing so many new faces. Please RSVP on the calendar as well.
  6. I would second with Rahimdad advise than Shadow79, just because you need a specialize masters degree in dealing with those small suspension shops in sharjah, as 99% of the time they will sell you something lemon proving that you are a moron. If you want a proper job, find what fits best on your model of fortuner and change the all 4 sides with proper upgraded version. Check with known brands like: Ranchos, Tough dog, Rough country, Old man EMU, Kings, etc. These proper upgrade might cost you more but be rest assure that you will not topple or get broken suspension in desert when you needed them most. I fixed broken suspension once in desert and spend 4-5 hours in heat and later realize that owner has got one of those used suspension from shj shops and it was misfit as per vehicle weight and that's why it broke in second minor jump.
  7. Also you can check endless options in Deira Naif area opp. old Hyatt (near shindaga tunnel). There is a whole car accessory market specialise in these type of systems.
  8. I'm travelling for two weeks otherwise I wouldn't miss any drive. Be sure to have one exciting drive as soon I'm back. Till then prove your rav4 metal to raise the bar of confidence.
  9. Have a great drive guys, enjoy and be safe. I'll miss you all. Show me some action pics of the drive.
  10. Awesome pictures taken by everyone, still waiting to see Sri pics. Here is the video guys:
  11. Do you have a central diff lock in your Pajero? If yes, then use that while extreme long hill climb and it will help A LOT in those last few meters by crawling all the way up. Read the owners manual about the manual overriding the tiptronic fully, it must have some useful info.
  12. Bring this guy to Dubai and show "NONE" of the car involve in roll-over ever exploded. Wrong perception to defend Richard or Rimac..
  13. Very nice pic, thanks for sharing
  14. Very nice pic, thanks for sharing