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  1. Gaurav

    US specs CARS

    Only two words - "STAY AWAY" OMG, that's really disgusting.
  2. Gaurav

    What do you listen to when driving?

    Good sense of humor Barry, I do get lifetime ban now, lololol, as the way I listen to Radio is always hopping channels to dodge the talk and commercials to find a good music of any language. I even sometimes listen to Iranian Arabic and Russian music as they do play nice numbers sometimes. My last resort is my flash drive that has tons of songs which I have already listen million times.
  3. Gaurav

    Peugeot E-legend

    So finally you are giving up on petrol for just 456 hp.....! eeeewwww Barry Jokes apart, this looks like a Camaro and Mustang mashup.
  4. Gaurav

    Women in Motorsport

    Wow, she was really nice with handling and cornering to the perfection.
  5. If you meant for getting it checked before buying from Jeep experts, totally agree for pre-buying inspection. If you meant for buying a used jeep from these garages, then I don't think it as a good idea and one should always aim for the individual seller than any used car dealer/middlemen to be 100% sure of not buying an enamel coated junk box.
  6. Gaurav

    Cars you've never seen before

    Dartz Prombron - not your daily auto magazine car
  7. This is the same point auto experts in the last automechanika were discussing and realizing that aftermarket auto industry and auto servicing workshops should need to take adequate steps to keep pace with growing EV in the market
  8. Well not really, maybe your date of birth is already sold. I checked and its available for many of imp dates if I wish to buy if I prefer 5 digits.......!
  9. Gaurav


    Also worth changing the radiator cap first (low-cost fix), as I think treks mentioned before because if the cap is no longer holding certain pressure to open and close then this borderline heating is probable cause. Then go with the thermostat change / checking Then go with radiator check / cleaning / change And last should be water pump change as it's inside the engine and most expensive repair.
  10. Gaurav

    No More Carpooling in UAE

    You should better call RTA or Dubai Police to seek an advice, which seems quite legit in your case but better to check than assume. Read this today's GN article on same news:
  11. Yes, I upgraded to better quality Standox German paint and hard wearing lacquer by paying a couple of hundred extra. So far Im happy after almost 2 years now, but the guy who painted become a non-friendly guy as per Rahim bhai experience last year. So yes, checking the previous work, paint booth setup, and type of paints they use always get you better results. Going to OP, German car uses different ways of painting the new vehicle like dipping the whole car in the paint couple of times than spraying that gives them a solid feel - that's what I heard. More technical savvy guys can add more reasoning to your question.
  12. Gaurav

    5 reasons to not use SUV's for off-road

    Your Pathfinder can qualify for wadi drive if it's 4x4 version but with a caution as new Pathy height and approach and departure, angles are a bit sensitive, as compared to the older model.