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  1. I think we’ll like this new level Nabil! A short video to commemorate this. IMG_6229.MOV
  2. Thank you for all the kind words! You got me really excited about this level. Looking forward to getting out there with all of you soon.
  3. Thanks Rahimdad. I managed to make it to the fewbie plus trip. Please remove me from the wait list. Thanks again and see you soon.
  4. Can you please add Nabil Bishara to the wait list as well? He is having trouble navigating the website.
  5. Hi Fredric, I will miss tomorrow's drive as want to join a friend on his drive. please remove me from this RSVP. thanks.
  6. Hello All- so i was driving on the highway last week, and had a tire puncture. i then tried to replace my tire using the Toyota stock tire change equipment, and as i unscrewed each lug nut, each of them broke. i was down to the last 2 when i decided to call a tow truck. any idea why this happened? have changed many tires in the past, so am sure I didn't mess this part up. curious to hear if there is a possible explanation, so as to avoid a similar situation in the future. thanks
  7. Great news! Much appreciated Gaurav and Carnity team! I look forward to learning more and progressing within the club.
  8. Thanks Heisem. yes I was taught that 5 second traction control button trick early on, and it makes a huge difference. but i want to take it to the next level and switch off the ABS. ABS keeps kicking in on my drives, and was told either to remove the fuse for it (which was not recommended) or put a kill switch in (which is what i am asking about here).
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