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  1. Thanks Heisem. yes I was taught that 5 second traction control button trick early on, and it makes a huge difference. but i want to take it to the next level and switch off the ABS. ABS keeps kicking in on my drives, and was told either to remove the fuse for it (which was not recommended) or put a kill switch in (which is what i am asking about here).
  2. ok Gaurav, i can shift to pink rock. but can my friend who is a first timer join that trip? it says its for all levels...
  3. Hi Fred, i never did my absolute Newbie trip with you guys in the past. I also just asked a friend to join the club and we wanted to go together. would it be possible to join this time?
  4. Hi All- I'm relatively new to the club but taking a shine to all the excellent trip leaders and members so far. During my drives, and when on 4H on my 2014 FJ cruiser, my ABS is not off. I was told i can install a switch to turn it off; any recommendations of trust worthy workshops that know what their doing to help with that? i live in Dubai, Down Town Area, so somewhere close would be ideal (but not necessary). Thanks in advance.
  5. Done. The link is not working properly so you need to click on the replies link and then add your smiley.
  6. Hi Rahimdad! nice to meet everyone. I drive an FJ Cruiser. Been out on some 7 - 8 trips in the last couple of years with other clubs. i wouldn't say i'm a newbie, but will watch the video either way. looking forward to meeting all.
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