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  1. Please remove my name from the list. I have a personal matter to deal tomorrow, i won't have enough time to attend to this drive. sorry
  2. For those curious about what happened with the Subaru... Confirmed, I had a crack in the rear diff caused by me doing crazy stuff 3 days before the drive when i was camping. I got hit by a rock. Still waiting the metal squid plates to arrive from USA. A friend in Dubai had the spare parts of a old diff, he made a "Frankenstein" and replaced the cracked shell of my diff. My diff was almost dry and i was running basically in 2 wheel drive. See you next time 😂
  3. 2 days ago i hit a rock when i was camping. My rear diff was leaking and haven't notice it. I drove back home on 2 wheel drive. I was waiting the metal squid plates to arrive 😂😂 See you as soon I fix this. Sorry for making everybody loose time. 😕
  4. It was fun. New suspension Kit approved 😁 It was a great acquisition
  5. ironman 4x4, the Dubai's brand brought the kit from USA and assembled here on my car 😁. Time to test it. Almost 2 more inches of ground clearance, and the suspension is really really smooth on the road 👍
  6. The funny thing about the drive, after my refusal on that heavy climb, we have gone through 2 other similar climbs, almost identical to the first one, however on these, the car made it through with no issues. I'll wait the new suspension kit to arrive, it will give me almost 2 more inches of ground clearance and the new suspension has more efficient action on the off road terrain. The stock is too soft, any minor bumps makes the front bumper to hit the ground. Not to mention the road radial tyres 😁😁 Guys thank you all for the recoverys. It was a fun morning. 😁 It was the same plastic fender 😂😂 This time I will use metal clips to assemble it back in place 😁
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