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  1. Thank you @Frederic for all the hard work and constantly reminders and advises it’s much appreciated also great to know about the carful setup with amazing leaders. We are also ready and done with spare tire, Jerrycan, servicing the car and the Covid test so hopefully will get the result soon and God willing will be on our way tomorrow. See you 🔜 in Liwa.
  2. You’re most welcome @Chaitanya D that’s understandable & your hard work is much appreciated. See you 🔜 on sand.
  3. Dear @Chaitanya D the drive says (Intermediate and Above (No Newbies and Fewbies) Is it mistaken or I’m on the wrong drive?
  4. Yes I learned a lot today and enjoyed the drive, teamwork and patience showing from everybody. Thank you @Wrangeld, @Jeepie and everyone. will see you 🔜 on Sand. enjoy the rest of your weekends now.
  5. Yes this is it Dr @Mohamed Seidam Thank you. All we can do is to try our best with positive anergy and lots of patient. Liwa would be a good unforgettable first experience hopefully. It would be pleasure seeing you there.
  6. Thank you @Wrangeld I am highly confident with driving through small technical dunes but this doesn’t mean I may not get stock 😂 as this is the only way to practice, progress and learn so I like new challenges and would appreciated.
  7. Dear @Chaitanya D I removed myself as I just got a place in another drive on Friday so I will save Saturday for family times. Thank you and I’m sure everyone will have a great drive with you.
  8. Thank you for the reminder @Chaitanya D yes We already checked with mechanic. They didn’t find any physical issues, I explained that we could hear the noise while stuck on the sand specially when turning left and right. I also told them that after the noise I checked the steering oil level which was low and I toped up till “Hot Max” so maybe that could have solve the issue.
  9. Thank you @Chaitanya D for great fun drive. I appreciate your feedback @Shaaz Sha, enjoy the rest of your weekends everyone. See you soon
  10. Welcome and it’s great to have you @Aus Alzubaidi.
  11. 1- The driver keeps fighting gravity. 2- The driver seems very unexperienced to the sand. 4- The driver might have some ego there. in conclusion: it’s a Wrangler 😂 (Wrongly Angled)
  12. Good to hear this good news a massive congratulations @Tamas Hoffmann.
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