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  1. Sure brother @Hisham Masaad. What I mean here is that when a drive such as @Lorenzo Candelpergher’s drive today. There should be an special requirement for JOINING For example say: “This Drive is Only for intermediate drivers WHO had at least (…No of drive…) previous Intermediate drive. The opposite example is if an unexperienced intermediate driver joins say it’s his first one he might be struggling and causing the whole convoy be effected. I hope this helps 😆.
  2. As usual @Lorenzo Candelperghergreat drive full of fun but to be honest for intermediate drive the performance were poor and disappointing specially at the beginning with too many refusals and simply keeping the convoy in order. Just a friendly suggestion for such drive there should be a “Minimum Intermediate Drive”requirements. Have good weekend friends. Will see you 🔜 on the Sands.
  3. Thank you so much Dr. @M.Seidamfor the advise yes I would be nice to know more about it but exactly as you said it’s gone very easily.
  4. Hi @Wrangeldi tried to join you with pleasure but the schedule for this weekend has been more busier then I thought so I has to leave and see you hopefully soon. Take care and we’ll catch up 🔜 on the sands.
  5. Dear @Srikumar it was indeed nice to catch up with you and as always it’s my pleasure being part of your convoy. From the start I felt the fun and thought to be a thrilling drive but unfortunately the problems started. Anyhow for some odd reason as soon as we head the road he came to live and all was normal but for sure no more off roading for him lesson learned 😂. I would like to Thank you @Srikumar , @Mario Cornejoand everyone for your patience, support and help. Will see you 🔜 on the sand. Take care for now.
  6. Thank you @Islam Solimanand everybody for the drive. I had quiet a challenging day today. The problem is my beast is not like any other light 4x4 trust me when controlling 3+tone specially when its stuck in the sand it’s a big challenge to get it out, The 35” tires when buried refuses to turn left or right, sometimes I feel as am controlling or maneuvering a ship in the desert despite how easy it might seen from outside lol 😂 but with all these in return what more can you ask than discovering an “anchor man” in the middle of desert when your beast is letting you down.....Yes spacial Thanks t
  7. Indeed unforgettable drive by @Lorenzo Candelpergher Thank you as always pleasure to be part of your convoy. Thanks everyone See you soon guys on the sand.
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