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  1. @Ahab Shamaa, youre absolutely right about the wealth of knowledge that @Rahimdad and @Gaurav bring to this sport and are everwilling to share with us. It was certainly a great drive! 👌👌👌 I will be travelling for sometime; these drives may be the only reason I miss Dubai at this time, really adds a spark to my friday. Thank you again to Gaurav and Rahimdad See you all in the sand soon!!
  2. For manual gears, Vanessa was saying to keep in 2nd while side sloping. For automatic, its fine because your car will do that for you
  3. Thank you @Ale Vallecchi and @Vanessa8580 for todays great drive. Learnt a lot with the stucks and recoveries and also understood the purpose of the tow rope safety/ arrest. Had a great time and understood how just 2 hours of driving can heat and expand tire pressure by 3 to 4 psi. Thanks @Vanessa8580 for the tip on staying in 2nd gear while side sloping, it certainly made for more fun!!! See you guys soon!
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