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  1. Could you please confirm whether I can join the drive? I am waiting for a positive response.
  2. I am interested to join sweihan drive 23 rd oct 2020. Missed 16th oct drive in al khatim due to abs failure on previous day. Have experience of 7 drives , 5 with Oasis . Please approve me to join. Own a Pajero 2011 3.5 , lifted 1.5 inch with skid plates and off-road shocks, radio , flag and recovery rope.
  3. There is an issue with brakes , abs , sorry to update you on last minute, I won’t be able to make it for the drive tomorrow. Car is with mechanic now
  4. I need help to set up frequency in my crony DT 8188 radio. Tried my level best to configure but failed. Seems to be very tough to learn.
  5. I am Srijith Gangadharan, registered for the al Khatim newbie drive on 16th oct 2020. Had few drives with oasis and other groups. Have a Pajero 2011 and necessary Offroad kits like inflator, flag, radio etc.
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