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  1. Sorry @Anish Si will not be able to attend the drive tomorrow as the car is in the garage. Have fun.
  2. Back home safe and sound. Thank you very much to @Ale Vallecchifor this wonderful drive in Al Qudra very well supported by @Hisham Masaad @Chris Wingand all the rest of the drivers, because today all have supported me incredibly. Thank you again, when things don’t go well you see even more you are surrounded by awesome people. See you on the dunes when my poor Jeep is in better shape 😉
  3. Yeahhh otherwise what do you do with the other hand?? one day we will let you know how we drive, shift gears and talk on the walkie at the same time 🤣
  4. Thank you very much @Anish S @Lorenzo Candelpergherand @Amir Amiri for another fantastic drive !!! I feel more and more comfortable driving in the desert mainly thanks to drives like this one, where I learn while feeling safe and fully supported. Thanks also to all drivers, well done guys !!! See you on the dunes !
  5. Thanks a lot @Foxtrot Oscarand the rest of the supporting team @Pacific @Gaurav Soni @Abdulrahmanand @Tbonefor an amazing experience driving at night!! I loved it!! Thanks also to the rest of the convoy, you did great guys. See you on the dunes !
  6. I have already the board and it is just great!!! Again thanks a lot to @Hisham Masaadfor this amazing altruistic initiative and @Abdul Rahman AKfor the distribution yesterday in our evening drive.
  7. Purchased 👍 200 Aed, I could not get it for less. I was about to buy that one, it looks good. In the end I have bought the JZX because it is the one most of the people here have, and it looks a bit more solid.
  8. There are lots of similar models, which is the one you all have? I see it is 2ton low profile for 230 aed,
  9. Thanks @Lawrence_Chehimido you recall the exact shop? to go straight to it, buy and get out, Dragon Mart overwhelms me.. it is so huge and with so many similar stores...
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