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  1. I see you drive a 2009 SWB, so do I. 2009’s 200Hp 3.8L engine is renowned to be under-powered. It’s the reason they switched to a 285Hp 3.6L post 2012. Nevertheless, with the same 3.8L, I have been able to scale Iftar Bowl, Super Bowl and several other mighty hill climbs. But I was able to do so only after failing countless times. It took time for me to learn my car, and I believe it’s exactly what you have to do to overcome your issue, Learn your car. Through trial & error, learn the sweet points of your car, such as the tire pressure etc. Here’s what I do that allows me to scale such tall dunes: 1, Tire pressure: 8 Psi rear, 9 Psi front. I have Geolanders (a bit lighter than BFG) 2, Remove the J6 fuse to completely switch off Traction control and ABS (Now I got a Kill Switch, easier) 3, I drive in 4H, in D. Switch to 2, when I see an oncoming climb, switch to 1 several seconds into the climb. Since it’s under-powered, it needs a run up to get that torque to kick in. That’s why, keep ample distance from the car in front and keep a lookout what’s coming ahead. When approaching a climb, 50-70 Meters prior to it, switch to 2 and press throttle to the floor (Safely ofc, watch out for Bumps!!). This is done to get those RPMs up high (I usually go 4.5k+). Once you get onto the climb and your car faces the sky, and the RPMs start to drop, shift to 1 (Timings should be precise, make sure RPMs don’t drop too low, I shift at around 3.5k, you can only master this through practice). It’s the 1st gear that keeps you going throughout the climb. Wiggling the steering wheel also helps a bit with traction. And thats pretty much it, after mastering the techniques, you won’t face any such hill climb issues. Oh and switch off AC compressor before the hill climb for some extra Push 😂
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