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  1. Hello. I have only just started driving in the desert but after some advice last week I found 2nd and 3rd gear most fitting and 1 for a slow start hill climb. I was driving in 1st a lot but found that when driving in second I could pick up a lot more momentum going into the climb so wouldn’t actually need to use first for a lot of it. I drive a Wranlger.
  2. Hello. Can anyone recommend which walkie talkie to get? Is there any particular model or brand required? Thank you. And does anyone have any recommendations on where to get a flag? Have seen one in ACE so far.
  3. Good evening. I will have the fill equipment listed but only did my first drive in Qudra last Friday morning. Will this be a suitable level? Thank you.
  4. Hello. It was mentioned that the whatsapp group for sharing drives was going to be posted on this website but I can not find it. Can someone add me into it please? My number is +971585927725. Thank you.
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