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  1. Some pictures into motion bit long though @Chaitanya D,@Vaibhav, @Jaro Tuzinsky, @Bjoern, @Pascal,@varunmehndiratta, @ASAD., @Senthil Kumar,@Waqas Parvez, @Patrick van der Loo,@Richard Franks @Karthik Raptor Watch it on you tube for better quality please
  2. It was “unstoppable “ train indeed 😅 the team spirit was the real fuel that we didn’t even need to use our jerrycans🤣
  3. Eventually I got the chance to feel the dunes of the Empty quarter “ geographically “ and to look up in to the sky and just be in moments of a trance while all were asleep and the camping lights were totally off . It was a trip worth each Km I drove with my little copilot my companion who just loved every bit of it .from the beginning till the end it was one of an unforgettable time spent with all of you dear friends. Indeed , Thank you my friend @Chaitanya D for arranging and leading this successful drive and the lovely road trip together on the way to the meeting point and back.to Dubai🙏 it was fabulous and the kids enjoyed it very much too. Many thanks extends to the support team @Vaibhav @Waqas Parvez @ASAD. @Karthik Raptor and @varunmehndiratta as well as to the the rest of the convoy members @Benjamin @Pascal @Richard Franks @Senthil Kumar@Patrick van der Loo@Jaro Tuzinsky Also ti the camping friends from other convoys @Gok Krish and @Haitham Khattab ( lovely the kids met each others ) My son is asking me already when are we going for camping again 😅 Wish you all pleasant time and happy holidays 🙏 Cheers Seidam
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