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  1. Super beautifull as if from another planet
  2. @Ahmad Nerat congratulations very well deserved brother !
  3. Drive report Thank you guys for the previous comments and the nice photos and clip . Nothing much left to say except to thank you all for being on time and adhering to the convoy discipline throughout the whole drive, hence we had an enjoyable safe drive . Also it was a pleasure meeting all these new fine faces as well as familiar ones .Noticeable were @Mostafa Nasef an absolutely first time in sand and @Dan S first time in a convoy after a masterclass . Truly I was impressed with both getting into the game very fast handling their own vehicles very nicely and recovering themselves from situations without the need to pull a rope from the trunk . Well done . Special thanks to @Rajiv Sam in the middle and @Joji varghese at the tail of the convoy whom they spared no effort guiding helping and watching on all of us . Same goes to @Issam Atra who played the second lead rule fantastically. Loved your communication and clarity on radio . remaining fellow drivers @S.Mahesh @Rafey Hashmi @Ali Al Moumar @Ishak @Abhilash Kottakkal @Sreenath G all of you did more than great. I did enjoy the drive along with my little copilot very much and I hope same you did . till we meet once more take care and drive safe 🙏 Seidam
  4. Trying to be crested 😂 eventually I did
  5. @Ali Al Moumar pleasure meeting you today. Very well done 👍
  6. @Sreenath G driving manual Xterra is unique . Sooner or later you will get the hang of it . Very well done 👍
  7. @Joji varghese excellent sweep as always
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