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  1. Hey Guys, my apologies but i must withdraw. I am mid move, it was supposed to simple and completed yesterday, instead, it is kicking my ass. See you next time.
  2. I wanted to say thank you for this drive. It was a really good learning experience. Today I had intermittent steering wheel shake. I had to make the garage take the tire off (they had never seen this before) and see inside. Found about a kilo of sand!
  3. Thank you @Wrangeldfor stepping in. I am looking forward to this drive and its unique challenges, and new (to me) conditions. I hope that you are well @Chaitanya and I look forward to driving with you again in the future.
  4. Yes that was a very fun drive for me. I learned a lot! Thank you all for your time and attention. Also thank you for the pics and videos, they are great.
  5. My first newbie drive too! It will be great to see you again @Roy Armale I did not get to meet you on the absolute newbie drive @Brette I look forward to it this time.
  6. I am having trouble finding the airbag fuse. There does not seem to be a label for it in any of the schematics thst I can find How do other pajero owners disable it? Or do they? Am I just mussing something simple?
  7. Hello! I have a question or two about fuel. Do we need too fill up nearby before the meet? Or will just above 3/4 of a tank be enough? I assume last exit Al Qudra is the closest place to fuel up?
  8. Hello All I have a bit of off road experience, but very little in sand. So... my experience will probably work against me. My recovery points are in good condition.
  9. Unfortunately my car is still in the shop. I was just informed that I will not get it back in time for this drive. I will sign up for next week.
  10. Thanks @Emmanuel I have a fair bit of off road experience, but very little in sand. So...it will probably work against me. I cannot confirm the recovery points just yet as my vehicle is in the shop. It is a 2010 Pajero lwb.... so I assume it has. I will confirm tomorrow.
  11. Pleased to meet you all. Quick question. There seems to be conflicting messages regarding gear needed (I suspect in relation to Covid) Do I need my own radio and recovery gears? Or can I come bare for the first time?
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