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  1. Hi @GauravSoni I need to cancel. Not feeling great tonight need some rest. Enjoy the ride
  2. It was indeed fascinating ride. It gave me a lot of energy! Thanks @Kailas@Gok Krish and @Karthik Raptor for the support!
  3. Thanks @Ale Vallecchi @Sunil Mathew and @TT_Dubai for the ride. It was lot of fun for me because popout is fun when you realize you gonna have one few moments before it happens and when you get stuck in a ridge because you shouldn't have gone there in the first place! So great lesson learn for me! I liked the ride, the speed, the changes in scenery and the group. Everybody so helpful and friendly. Looking to @Ale Vallecchi floating so naturally and gently over the dunes like an experience sailor it is always "spettacolare"
  4. @Rob S and @Looper you are always so patient and helpful with all of us. it is always a pleasure and a peace of mind know that you are in the convoy. I remember a triple popout with @Looper and the way he managed......so zen!
  5. @JeromeFJ unfortunately I cannot attend the ride. Leaving space for the WL. See you next time
  6. One of the best ride so far with Carnity. @Ale Vallecchi don't mind going too technical as at the beginning, let's do more! @JeromeFJ you were amazing in taking the lead. I love your car and I think I'll go for that one day! I also loved those 5 - 10 minutes we were driving without interruptions and without any comms only the engine noise. See you soon!
  7. I neet to correct you...there were 3 Frederic's. Very nice group indeed from start to end!
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