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  1. Hi @Kailas thanks a lot for the great drive. Today was my first tugging experience and it was NICEEEEEEE. Well supported by Gautam (CF) & @Osama M (SW)
  2. @Harshal Congrats........love the roar of your BEAST.
  3. @Vanessa8580 🙂 soooooooo many enthusiast for one drive.........great 👍. Looking forward to another great drive with you.
  4. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. And thanks to @Ale Vallecchi (leading to great technical dunes) @Nathan (pushing the large convoy) & @Russ (Pulling the people around) and making the last drive of 2021 a great one. Looking forward to many more in 2022.
  5. Hi Guys....... I have lost my flag but pole is intact as it is. I am trying to search all over the internet to get only the flag (not the pole) but unable to get it any where. Suggestions please..........
  6. Good Afternoon All Just a quick introduction........... I drive - Jeep Wrangler JL 2021 - White and have past experience of off-roading with friends (no formal course). My jeep is equipped with front & rear tow points and I have necessary pressure gauge, deflator and air compressor.
  7. @Frederic I have done absolute newbies 3 month back in my earlier car - Renault Koleos (2018) with earlier subscription (which got expired) Now I have upgraded to Jeep Sahara 2021 - 4 door with stage 2 modification, but would like to start from the basics again and like to join this drive. I have done RSVP for the drive but please confirm would I be able to join the same.
  8. Hi….Good Day to all. I drive 2018 Renault Koleos which is having front tow hook and rear tow hitch, I hope that’s ok. Yeah vehicle is having 8+inch ground clearance. Prior Experience : Been to Maleiha, Margam and few more places for camping but didn’t had much experience of driving on dunes. Also want to confirm @Brette, have you taken Koleos earlier for the same.
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