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  1. You will see that on most Eid and Ramadan "specials" they boost up the price with 30% a few weeks beforehand, and then showcase a 30% discount
  2. It's baffling to see because all this could have fitted on 1 single purpose-built signboard. Now it's a real mismash...
  3. Sorry to see you leaving @Pascal! Wishing you all the best in future adventures ! Your 4Runner is an amazing 4x4. We had some really good drives together !
  4. Congrats to the new owner @Premjit Vappala! I hope you enjoy the Silver Whale as much as I did ! See you soon on one of our drives !
  5. Head over to Dragon Mart. They sell the hoses separately. Will be around 40-60 AED
  6. With too many cars in the driveway, and the plans to eventually start saving up to buy some property (unless i live in my car), we decided to sell our trusty Nissan Patrol Safari. I purchased it only last year, from a colleague who had it for 7 months and never took it off-roading. The owner before him was registered as a commercial owner and had it for 8 months only, this commercial owner sold it to Al Futtaim Auto Mall and that's where my colleague bought it from. Until i purchased it, it had zero off-roading history. The people who know me, know that i am very particular about my cars and how i maintain them. This car got all the needed maintenance from independent 4x4 garages in Dubai who know what they are doing. Only last week i completed the 80,000km as well. All invoices are available. I kept the car mostly stock and removed the front off-road lights and cold air intake to sell the car like i got it from my colleague. Here are the details: 79,500 km (80,000km service completed) Michelin LTX AT Tyres 2023 Upgraded stereo (Super Safari Head Unit with reverse camera and steering controls). Front bash plate 10mm Underbody rustproofed and front axle reinforced Upgraded Steering damper (Icon). Fully serviced and accident free European expat owned, not abused or modified. Viewings possible in Damac Hills 2- Dubai Vehicle Status report in attachment. ASKING PRICE: 140,000AED, slightly negotiable for the person who makes an effort to come a have a look at it. CONTACT DETAILS: 056 504 26 32 - Send me a Whatsapp Vehicle-Status-Report.pdf
  7. Have a look at RiyadhRovers on Instagram. Not sure how big they are or they are still posting drives.
  8. Fantastic TJ, and the new owner will definitely enjoy it !
  9. At least there is more information now but it seems Habtoor is gonna use the bazooka to kill a mosquito 😜 More info here: https://www.pajeroforum.com.au/forum/vehicles/generation-4-3-pajero/64897-my-turn-for-centre-difflock-flashing-orange/page2
  10. Just trying to get few more details: - Did you have a Check Engine light? Or only the blinking center diff light ? - Did you shift from 4LLC back to 4H in one go, or did you put the gear in neutral first ? - Did the orange light keep blinking in 2H on the way home ? Did it ever stop blinking even after restarting the vehicle ? Or does it only start blinking after about 20mins of driving ?
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