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  1. Fantastic drive report @JeromeFJ ! I was looking for the right words to describe the terrain this morning but you brought me right back into the sand with your report ! No doubt you guys had fun and hats off for your leadership and skillset!!
  2. DRIVE REPORT Let's have our cake and eat it !! Driving all the way to Abu Dhabi to go and have a look at a dirty old yellow truck ? Of course !! We were blessed with a Newbie convoy that drove marvelously. My plan was to reach the Yellow truck around noon or shortly after, which would give us ample time for a lunch break. To my own surprise we hit the spot even before 11AM, thanks to the way you guys navigated and pushed your vehicles through the terrain like champs ! I kept the first part of this drive easy as we wanted to check off the visit to Yellow Truck first and get that out of the way. After lunch break and meeting up with the Fewbie Plus convoy, we headed further south which meant we had lots of steep crossings to make. Apart from a few stucks and refusals we kept pushing along and reached the exit track around 4PM. @Fabien Monleau your second lead was brilliant. You kept good distance which gave you the opportunity to fine-tune my track so the convoy could pass through easily. The successes we booked yesterday are the result of that ! Thank you ! I hope your family had a splendid weekend ! @rohit kumar I must admit I had some apprehensions as we hadn't seen you around in the club often, and you brought a mighty big ship to the drive (but a real powerful ship). You drove very well throughout the day and I hope to see your Raptor soon coming winter on our drives ! Well done ! @Nicholas Cox1 and the family, I hope you guys liked this day out ! Your Dodge roared through the massive dunes and you drove very well yesterday ! PS please tell your wife to bring that Pink Pajero to the next drive ! We will give it a Carnity blessing ! @Ahmad Nerat and co-pilot, you guys drove with a bright smile and can-do attitude the whole day ! The comfy but super capable Landcruiser was definitely at home in Liwa ! @Benjamin and @Gary F you both bring such a great spirit to our drives ! I hope one day my son or daughter can get her own 4x4 and we can crush the sands together ! Enjoy these precious moments ! @Ron.P might be the only Swedish guy in Abu-Dhabi, but you rocked that Landcruiser all day long. Splendid work and great meeting you ! @Glenn W you feel at home in this terrain and your fantastic Montero Sport is your trademark (or is it the beard ?). Fantastic driven buddy !! @premindra rajaram we drove a few times together already and i was glad you got your introduction to another kind of terrain. You drove great ! Trust me, the big slopes do look intimidating, but you kept your cool and navigated them super precise ! Hope your wife liked the day out too ! Never shy of a joke, we had our resident clown @imranaasghar81 in our convoy today to keep the spirits up and be the Raptor Rescuer. It was great seeing you again and I hope your son enjoyed it too ! @Dodi Syahdar was two weeks in a row my superb sweep. Always ready to help and radiating calmness. Thank you so much for joining and helping us out ! Last but not least, the center player (if only we had one like that in the World Cup Belgian Team) of the day was @Srikumar. Having a partner in crime like that gave me the feeling we can easily drive to Arada next time Check out the gallery for some photos: https://carnity.com/gallery/category/1579-newbie-liwa-yellow-truck-abu-dhabi-02-dec-2022/ And the Relive footage: https://www.relive.cc/view/vDqge2R99VO Thanks again for being a part of this, and for joining us on this adventure ! Many more to come !!
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