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Found 2 results

  1. Dubai Police App For Traffic Accident Reporting Now get Instant Dubai Traffic Accident Report In 2 minutes on SMS Estimated read time: 5 minutes Dubai Police always surprises with the smartest ideas in the market but this one proves to be very intelligent and helpful for Dubai motorists. Dubai Police App (Android and IOS) features "Report Traffic Accident" tab in favorite section. Once you initiate the traffic accident reporting and follow super simple instruction on the screen, you will get an instant traffic accident report in less than 2 minutes. However you will still get your RTA Fines and Dubai Police Traffic Fines if it's applicable in your accident scenario. What a great way to save everyone's time and reduce the traffic congestion by clearing the accidental cars back on the road in no time. Download and open the app - "Dubai Police" Play Store link for Android Itunes link for IOS Apple In Favorite section - Slide to find "Report Traffic Accident" Icon Click on the icon and initiate report an accident anywhere within Dubai App will automatically pickup your location and also show you the nearest police station If any involved party is not agreeing to their fault - call the police If any party sustain any injury minor / major - call the police If there are no injuries and any one party admits their fault then you can report it through Dubai Police App In next step take the picture of your car damage and other car damage within the app Enter your and other car details, driver details, mobile number, email address and submit You will receive an instant SMS with a link to download your Green / Red accident report paper. Read here for more details on Dubai Police Fines for over-speeding and avoid expensive fines in Dubai.
  2. Saaed Accident Report I went to Abu dhabi and made a minor ding dang accident. I called police and car came in and made me guilty although I was not fully convinced, but accepted it as I was running late for the meeting. Coming back now I realize that how do I claim the insurance now, as here in Dubai we have to have a traffic police green/red paper for insurance approval, which is missing in my case and I only have Saaed Accident Report. Do I have to go back to Abu Dhabi and seek Saaed or Abu Dhabi police for red paper for my insurance? Please help. Thanks in advance.