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  1. Carnity turns 11 today! We started this beautiful journey on 10.10.2010, with endless love, support and passion from each one of you. We are always grateful to all our members, moderators, offroaders, and staff for all their kind support and love. We hope to live up to your expectations in the future and continue to grow this awesome car and off-road community.
  2. Following legal opinion and to protect the rights of any concerned, we regret that no further comment can be made on this topic at this time.
  3. Carnity management will be closing down additional comments on this drive after this post. We appreciate and acknowledge that the drivers now fully understand that individual behavior demonstrated could have been better, and fell outside the published COVID19 precautions. These rules, which have been agreed by all drivers, make it clear that there is an individual responsibility to comply and it appears that in this case, a number of drivers acknowledge they may well have lack to fully comply. There are no provisions in the published Carnity COVID19 precautions for the drive lead to assume responsibility for the behavior of individual drivers. Currently, no one has been banned, including Rahimdad. We do feel, however, that based on the above, drivers are now on notice that further infractions of the COVID19 precautions rules will result in an "individual ban" from future drives.
  4. As per recent developments where recommendations turned out to be a hidden brand promotion and duly benefited for spreading wrong ideas, modifications and incompetent businesses we have restricted this lately. Unfortunately this idea of genuine recommendation and helping others has been abused heavily in suggesting the name of businesses in every help seeking post, rather than focusing on solving problem. We being an unbiased car community want to understand the process rather than brand naming. Once you understand your vehicle better and how to manage what you're looking for then you can approach any car business near you.
  5. Thanks for your feedback. We have added these 4 feed selection options on the homepage for your convenience.
  6. COVID19 and the current economic conditions has brought enormous challenges. Carnity has always been about building a community of people, sharing knowledge, and helping each-other in times of need. If you are personally affected by the unstable economic condition, and are providing services or items that might be interesting for other Carnity members, please share them in this topic. We will not use it as a promoting tool for businesses, but more as a communication portal so you can tell us which business you are in, how you are affected, and how your services might be of use for other Carnity members. We will moderate the content and remove posts which are not in line with above vision. Example: You own a shop that makes curtains and were heavily affected: Post a small message to introduce us to your shop, location, and what you can offer. Carnity members that might have been driving in the same convoy probably even never knew that you had a curtain shop and might start making inquiries to help and support each other. Lets just share our expertise and services and try to help each other, even more in these extraordinary times!
  7. 50 Points awarded to @Per A for detail DIY post.
  8. 100 Points awarded to @Asif Hussain for creating and sharing beautiful Drive Video.
  9. 100 Points awarded to @Shamil for creating and sharing beautiful Drive Video.
  10. 100 Points awarded to @adildbx for creating and sharing beautiful Drive Video.
  11. 100 Points awarded to @Mikhail Lukichev for sharing the "Amazing Drone Video". 100 Points awarded to @adildbx for sharing the "Full Drive Video".
  12. 100 Points awarded to @Shamil for sharing the "Full Drive Video".
  13. 100 Points awarded to @Frederic for sharing the "Full Drive Video".
  14. Thanks @Xaf for raising this request. We have very simple and easy to follow guideline: Adhere to the logo aspect ratio, do not scale up/down the width (alone) or height (alone). Use the logo in same color and styling, without any filter, tone or gradients. Always use the logo along with the icon in wide or square format. Hashtags #carnity #offroadwithcarnity We appreciate our valued members taking time to use Carnity branding to help us develop consistent social content. Wide logo - Transparent Wide logo - White Background Square logo - Transparent Square logo - White Background
  15. Thank You Khaleej Times, For sharing Carnity's vision with millions of car owners and enthusiasts. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/car-owners-bank-on-portals-to-make-informed-decisions-says-carnity
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