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  1. Brake has very limited component to doubt on. First and foremost get the brake fluid changed 100% (not just top up). Do bleed the brake while flushing the brake fluid out. Google that "How to bleed brakes" and you will understand. That's a cheaper fix. Second one to doubt is brake pad, which i assume you are saying its new pad. Moderate expensive. Third and last one to doubt is the brake caliper or pistons, and if any of 4 caliper is weak then brake applying power will also reduce tremendously. You can ask mechanic to identify which one is weak and get that one changed and if mechanic is in don't then change the both front ones first as any car uses front brake first and then rear one, that's why front brake used 70% of time and wears out faster.
  2. You got to open the door inside panel and remove the power window assembly and see if motors is not working or the assembly mechanism having any issue which is making the glass stuck sideways.
  3. Check the steerng stabilizer is fine or not. It may be loose or have broken bushes.
  4. there is a round clip about half inch below the factory leather cover! sometime you can put oil on both headrest post... try sliding it up and down.. then start the headrest from the bottom and with the palm of your hand push the headrest up...quick and hard ... and most of the time the headrest post will slide so fast past the clip that it won't latch...... now if this don't work then go to the dealer and take a look at the seat diagram ... then you know how to take the back panel apart to release the clip .. good luck !
  5. my car's climate fan speeds not working i want to knw how do I access the locations of the resistors to the fan motor and check the wiring
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